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Olli Alatalo | Game Developer at 10tons Ltd.

Tampere Area, Finland |

Henri Reunanen | Level designer

Tampere Area, Finland |

Jaakko Maaniemi | PR Coordinator, Game Designer

Tampere Area, Finland |

Petteri Mutanen | Game Developer

Tampere Area, Finland |

Reviews 2,894

  1. sparkle unleashed
    Aaron Nawojski
    I am a fan of games like Luxor those are fun and Sparkle 1&2 this game is so much better and fun and challenging and power up's are also cool
  2. Very Average
    Kevin Chan
    As an owner of Sparkle & Sparkle 2 who had completed both, I have to say Sparkle Unleashed is the least enjoyable of them all. It borrowed concepts from Match-3 games such as Stone & Locked Orbs which brings no real excitement; just something new for the sake of being new. The design of SU is also quite poor - one row of orbs covering another most of the time, powerups often at inaccessible places, both shootable orbs of the same colour but no accessible targets with that colour, etc. And WTH with that despicable IAP crap!? Just stick to a free & a paid version FFS! This is a game worth only 99¢ up front!
  3. The Bomb
    Allison Campbell
    I love this game! It is extremely addictive. I find myself playing it all the time unless I am stuck on a level for a few days or so. It is challenging and a great way to kill time.
  4. Stopped working suddenly
    Luciano Tonolli
    I had been playing this game nonstop since I first downloaded it. Today, the game crashes before even leaving the home screen. I already tried many times and I cleared cache and data. In the application manager, the game doesn't show the regular icon. Instead, it shows an Android with and SD on the lower right corner.
  5. Overpriced 4 D U L L
    Jerome Larson
    The game is too elementary with zero challenge compared to Sparkle, which is great because you can love a level, get frustrated, and try over and over again. Unleashed, I can play the whole game without losing a life. Boring and overpriced.
  6. -⭐
    Tina Welsh
    Gave you bad rating because you should say free for first few levels! And then you have to pay $5.99 for full game!! You $uck!!!
  7. Ave Salom
    Worst of trilogy. Linear and boring. Sparkle-2 was a great promise, Sparkle-3 is a total dissapointment
  8. traci haney
    it's ok ,original Sparkle games much better.also disappointed only lets u play few levels then wants money.was done w FREE levels in half hr UNINSTALLING waste o time n data
  9. Cathy Sohl
    One of my favorite marble shooter match 3 games. This is the 3rd spare game I have purchased and I will buy new ones in the future. Ke stop them coming
  10. Liked Sparkle 2 better
    Andrew Wootten
    I have bought all three Sparkle games now. A bit disappointed with 3. Game play has changed, and not as many options as 2. Also, no special last game or mission. Just a regular game and it was over. No challenges to play in this game as you could in 2. Survival only. You do not get to choose your power ups either. Random. They went backwards making this one. It won't be as much fun to replay again and again as I do with 1 and 2.
  11. Nice game
    The Waka Vore Fan
    I'm not the biggest fan of slider levels and games but man this game is amazing. Only giving it four stars because the chained orbs are very annoying
  12. Nancy Bella
    This game is so great in every way. It flows easy, it's challenging gradually, has power ups according to stages, the graphics are fantastic.You just don't want to stop playing. It is a definite plus five scale game.
  13. Tony Edwards
    tony edwards
    Warning, this game is habit-forming. A great game for killing time on the Metro.
  14. Fun.. a lot like Atlantis
    Kristine Wells
    Similar concept to Atlantis but better. Great game to have in my pocket so I can play anytime like the doctors waiting room. Loved Sparkle 2 as well.
  15. Trial
    Alisha Dowling
    Love the game! Not the fact they deceive you into downloading, then in the last level they "allow" you to play, tell you, you're playing a free trial, and to continue, you must purchase full game. I understand they need to make money, but put the adds in like the first Sparkle! I refuse to pay for a game that doesn't tell you before you download it, that its just a trial! Uninstalling!!!!!!!!
  16. Fanrastic
    Roselyn Lua
    You really get in to the game you don't want to stop playing it because you are so interested and you have to play it to find out
  17. App is awesome
    Jeremy Danforth
    App is addicting. Have on my phone and tablet. For some reason after I bought it shows unlocked on one device but the other device (one I actually bought it on) shows Trial Version again....hmm...
  18. Love this game
    Violet Petersen
    This game is more than worth the price with days worth of levels. The only thing I would suggest is to be able to turn off some of the specials. Otherwise the game is phenomenal.
  19. Best Game Galaxy Note 4
    Esca Fox
    I have played and beat Sparkle 1 and 2 many times. This is the 3rd one in the series. It is somewhat different in the regards that the ball launcher doesn't rotate 360 degrees, rather just straight up and down similar to traditional Luxor games. However, it is still incredibly fun, and has much more challenging, added, and interesting context. In my opinion, this is the most unique, I just wish you could change the launcher, but it doesn't take away from the game. Sparkle 1 will always be the hardest!
  20. Not as good as Sparkle 1 & 2
    Dan Coapstick
    Thoroughly addicted to the first two. Don't feel this lives up to the first two.


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