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  1. Good but could be better
    Charles Goddard
    S4 mini, app does not size to screen. Secondly, give it a landscape format for tablets. Third, edit the code to make it less cpu hungry, therfore faster and less laggy. Thanks
  2. We have the real cubes
    Michal Kaska
    so we thought this will be fun as well, but its design is unfortunately irritating. It is difficult to rotate cube (it could be done automatically), when you move them to the order of story sometimes it gets rotated or rotate some other cubes - the rotation should be lockable. So please let us just change the order with lock, rotate automatically to the head-up position. E.g. after turning some "story telling" mode - we could just select first,second... cube and it could move it to some story line automatically. Than 5*.
  3. A Creative Writer's Dream
    Jamie O'Neill
    Fantastically simple idea (aren't they always the best ideas), perfectly implemented on Android and my new favourite thing. Gives the opportunity to write a silly story every day and how could that ever be a bad thing. Thank you Rory and Friends :-) Update: Just noticed some people asking about different number of dice? All you need to do is drag the one's you don't want off the bottom of the screen and voila. Genius design!
  4. Perfect
    Désirée Nordlund
    Simple to use, good looking, and you can save the setup. Only drawback is that if a die ends up on top of another, you cannot lift it down without flipping it.
  5. Great tool but needs tweaking
    Brian Pivik
    I enjoy using the cubes to break through writer's block but would like to be able to better tweak the number of cubes and add/remove different sets of cubes. Other than that, great tool!
  6. Missing features...
    Isaiah Kraus
    Needs interface improvements. As other posters mention,, you are unable to roll custom numbers of or sets of dice (its always 9 dice with a random mix of sets), and you are unable to remove dice from the board after the roll in order to shape your story. Also the dice will often roll/change their picture when you drag them around the screen or they hit other dice...very very annoying. I'm holding out for an update that addresses these issues because otherwise I love the concept.
  7. Great app version but could be better with some tweaks
    Paul Sewell
    I love the physical version, playing with my kids. This makes it so much easier to use on the run. But thought it could be even better with two additional extras: 1. Snap to grid: making it easier to turn to fit into The grid rather than having to fine tune the turning (maybe turn on/off this function) 2. Choose how many dice you want to use: when my son and I pay and make up stories we limit ourselves to five dice or sometimes only three. Being able to select in the settings how many to display would be great 3. One simple button to randomize again.rather than having to go back a step and choose a new combination.I know you can toss them again in one step but then they're all over the place...maybe another on/off option... Thanks again, brilliant app
  8. Error
    Eugenius Genta Pradana
    Love the idea, love the game it self. I gave 3 stars because it won't open on my Phone (Samsung Galaxy Chat). It would start with the first screen then close down before I manage to do anything. Please fix it.
  9. Elouise Devon
    I paid for this app and it wont work on my sansung at all ! How do i get a refund please. Sad, cos the dice i have at home are ace. Wanted to improve my story tellingHow do i get refund? This app wont load.. so cant use it. So disappointed :-(
  10. Lost in-app purchase?
    Gary McCammon
    I just installed this on my new tablet, and apparently have lost the "Journeys" die set I purchased! Otherwise I love the app.
  11. Stocking present for my son this Christmas! 2nd
    Dobby TheHouseElf
    Just brought the game for my son for his stocking this Christmas so downloaded this to practise :-) Need to know how to play etc before we show him :-)
  12. Not managed to start it yet
    Sven Hannemann
    Story cubes are awesome but the app keeps crashing on me. Either back to home screen or even restarts the phone. Pretty sure it will we sorted soon. Keep going!
  13. great, but needs more
    Bedazzle Bedazzle
    1. needs more settings - sound on/off, number of cubes to play, different colors for table, etc... 2. more cubes (there are medic, prehistoric, clue, etc... available as real cubes, but not in app) 3. custom cubes with user defined pictures
  14. The Best!
    Levente Turóczi
    A legjobb, a fiam 4 éves és hosszú történeteket fűz össze vele... persze eddig az asztali változattal, de most már ezzel is.
  15. Awesome and useful.
    Greg Parnell
    Been using it for over a year, very useful for writers and D&D players. Will give 5 stars when the expansion sets are finally available.
  16. Can't even install
    David Lovely
    I tried buying this app after becoming curious about the Story Cubes, and I can't even install it! Any attempt to install the app on my Moto X Phone crashes the entire device, and needs a hard reset.
  17. Genial
    Ignacio Tomas Crespo
    Simple y creativo, para jugar en familia. De lo mejorcito que hay en google play.
  18. Sweet app, but..
    Jess Gulbranson
    Super fun. Totally worth it. Minor problems: would be nice to control number of dice. Have to recheck and add the Actions expansion every time. Finally, where are the other expansions? Been waiting for them quite a while.
  19. Great potential, but...
    Andrés Alvarado
    Crashes on my HTC Sensation and Galaxy Tab 3. On the HTC the cube menu is cropped. I would like to see these two features: lock should allow me to move the dice but avoid accidental re-roll...and the ability to reroll on purpose. I am looking forward for the upgrade!
  20. John Clayton
    Fantastic app with one tiny, insignificant, barely-worth-mentioning, drawback - the range of dice hasn't kept up with the dice available. Prehistoric, Princess, and Clue sets have been "coming soon" since I bought the app when it first came out. And now Score, Intergalactic and Medic are available in physical form! Please catch up, that'd get you the extra star.


What`s new

- Rory’s Story Cubes® Mix: Medieval, Rescue and Powers are available for purchase.
- We have added additional languages including: Korean, Finnish, Swedish, Danish, Czech, Dutch, Italian.
- Minor formatting edits within previous existing languages.
- Updated sharing screenshot l to remove all menu elements.
- Adjusted the physics of the dragging the cubes removing random rotation.