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buddyman kick
cover orange
kick the buddyman
kkkk kkkk
джинджер 2
اختبار الكرتون
بتمن 3 العب


Reviews 42,387

  1. Good game but few issues
    mark jones
    The game is good but some of the swings don't sync and sometimes the swings come in short of the batter. The developers could do with making the throw in higher and longer. It would be nice to see more fruits, more powerups, and more tasks. Game 7\10
  2. Lots of FUN UNTIL....
    Matt Shatzer
    Game was great until this past update added some stupid ad box on top of the screen. Lost my interest.
  3. This is very fun and addicting but the jokes and puns get annoying.
    Calob Redmond
    Download this if you have time to play
  4. Its a blast
    Xander Tilk
    I like how all of the characters have a catchphrase and how annoyingorange makes a rude (but funny)comment.=D
  5. Rating
    David So
    Annoying orange game is fun and all the fruit is very tasty and very fresh. But there is fruit that is not included in there, is the cherry, pear, plum and many else. When the game was loading the orange face is very-very funny. Launching the fruit is really fun and really easy. The easiest fruit to launch is the strawberry. But the most confusing why there is NO orange in the game? Sometimes when we want to launch the fruit, it goes back and make us become a failure.
    Sam Adams
    I'm on this game all day and never get bored. But your missing a couple of characters: Annoying orange, passion fruit, mango, grandpa lemon and maybe marshmallow. But besides that BEST GAME EVER!!!!! But there is one problem. Since the recent update this little ad box appeared in the corner. Very distracting and annoying.
  7. Awesomeness!
    Autumn Heffner
    I love this game as much as well eternity! Orange you glad I downloaded this game? Cause' I am!!! I LOVE YOU ANNOYING ORANGE!!!
  8. Awesome way to re-live annoying orange
    Rian Power
    Zoom, Zip and Stitchy! This is hands down one of the best games you'll play this year! And for free, too!
  9. Really really cool
    Paige Evans
    The anoying orange is so funny but why isnt the plum in and i dont get it why the orange isnt there he made up the game but the game is still really good though oh and he is got orange teeth aswell
  10. I love annoying orange
    Ali Abdul Naser Alshamsi
    I love your games and it so fun
  11. Awesome
    Chaleen C
    I love it so much I love this so much I could love this so cool nice. thank you I love spator
  12. A "drive me crazy" game
    Derrick McDonald
    I love this game but it keeps going on a ad when I'm not clicking it and when I go back it starts the game all over to the main menu. It makes me lose my place. I hit the fruit hard but it just goes like 50 feet. IT DRIVES ME CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry annoying orange I love your videos and sorry thruster.i might regret writing this review.
  13. Funny
    Matthew Hensley
    The game is great, but the puns are repetitive and get stuck in my head. Overall I would recommend this game for everyone.
  14. Awesome!
    Zynxton ROBLOX
    If you don't get it, you'll regret it. IF YOU CANT GET IT,THERES A PROBLEM. BEST APP EVER!
  15. Mmmmm ok
    Kerys Barton
    Its good but there is one thing if u like miss the fruit or not get the fruit over the yellow line its says nasty comments like your skills is hit and miss more of the miss so plz fix that up otherwise less people will like it
  16. Fun Game But....
    Yair Gomez
    This game is really fun but orange's jokes get really annoying but there really funny but i think you should change the jokes from the game please Thank You
  17. It's Okay
    Piper Ramsdale
    I Got 7 outs In a row but...I Got 5 Home runs in a row
  18. Its alright
    Jeremiah Rupert
    I think you can add more stuff like daily challenges weekly challenges daily spins powerups that you can get while fruit are in the air to make them do certain stuff not just getting zoom zip or stichy and add more fruit and different destruction tools like a chainsaw that you can collect as a power up to destroy stuff or have a powerup that bursts your fruit and gives them like a 20 feet bonus or an invincible powerup that for a limited time anything can destroy it and it wont stop it from a nife or anything else for like 7 seconds it will just keep on bouncing I am pretty sure there is more stuff you can add so please think of stuff and take my suggestion
  19. Splatter Up
    Charlie Cohen
    Very excellent game. If the Google play store had ten stars, I'll rate the game ten out of ten.
  20. June Walker
    He's orange he has a lot of friends they went together on a fruit stand they have adventures all across the land even play in a rock and roll band and he also rocks at ANGRY BIRDS and flappy bird and this is great I LOVE SPLATTER UP


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