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Jonathan Weiss | CFO at Toca Boca

San Francisco, California |

Caroline Ingeborn | COO at Toca Boca

San Francisco Bay Area |

Björn Jeffery | CEO & Co-Founder, Toca Boca

San Francisco, California |

Emil Ovemar | Co-Founder & Producer at Toca Boca

Stockholm, Sverige |

Reviews 3,443

  1. Amazing!!
    Ansley Whitlock
    I love this game!! They say that it is recommended for 6 year olds but I think it is a great game for kids (and maybe adults ) of all ages! It really is a great deal for a good game! People say that is a lot like minecraft, but I think that it is even better!! ( and a lot less expensive too! )
  2. Awesome
    Ffion Forteau
    It is awesome why......because it is good I build a load of the stuff with my friend and we loved it so please download it is awesome really awesome.
  3. Thank you for this app.
    Alma Pulido
    I have been looking for apps that my daughters would both love and also something where they don't realize they are learning as well as playing. My girla have so much fun with this app... I love looking at what they create. ♡
  4. Best app ever nothings better than this
    Nikita Petrov
    Addicting build your dream place and fun a app that you should spend your 99 cents on and minecraft is boring
  5. Nice!
    I really like this game. Having a childish spirit and creative mind this really fits me! It lags a bit and the controls can be a bit annoying at points but other then that really nice game ~~Thanks toca boca~~
    breeanna bird
    Even though I am ten its so cool it keeps me from making mom to waste money now she doesn't
    Emma Raredon
    If you are on and off to get this game, I was too. I didn't know if it was worth 2.99. Come to find out, it totally was! You have to give it a chance, it's amazing!It's a perfect way to kinda start to get the idea of minecraft. One thing though. My sister got this app on her tablet for free. She has a kids fire tablet. So if you wanna get this for free, get one of those. THIS IS NOT A COMPLAINT.
    Olivia Otoka
    OMG!! This game is amazing!!! I've had it for a day and I've had sooo much fun!! It is sort of like minecraft but it is much easier. I've never understood minecraft so it is lots easier! Awesome!!! please buy great price its wonderful
  9. Awesome!
    Alice Henderson
    Great game! I love it! I love that it's nice and colorful and everything. There is no glitches or problems or anything bad. 5 stars! :)
  10. Fantastic!
    Stefanie Jolene Sherman
    Both my kids love this app. They never tire of the endless designs they can make - make more of these :)
  11. i absolutly love this
    william caudill
    the builds are amazing. i love this becuz i can get creative.the only thing is that i wish others could play too.but overall, i love it!
  12. I love it! Awesome!!!!!!!
    Tasin Zahir
    I love the game so much! You can make what you want! Build what you want! Create what you want! This is a game you should buy!!! I love it! All your games are amazing! They are very fun and entertaining! ~Thanks Toca Boca AB ~!
  13. Ok
    Rachel Quintana
    Great game like everything about it except that only one guy can go up stairs and you can't make ramps
  14. Awsome but
    Girlynot Moneymaker
    It would be cool if you could have block select where you have shiny dull or sparkly and it would be nice to be able to place blocks when your on the side of where you want it but overall no complaints
  15. Boring
    Hannah Gid
    Its very confusing and I think it is trying to be like Mine craft but its not. You can only build cubes and blocks because there is no furniture to make a house with. Little children may enjoy it though.
  16. Does NOT work under child/restricted user account
    Clayton New York
    On my Nexus 7, I have a restricted account for my kids. Toca Builder says it can't validate with server and just dies under the child account but works under the main account. This is a problem.
  17. LOVE IT!!!
    Lori Hall
    I got this app for my autistic sons and they love it! Easy for them to play and figure out. I highly recommend this game to others. :)
  18. Perfect game, worth the money
    Anna Roesbery
    This game is great for me and my friends I loved that it came pre-built sometimes but you need to make it more often that it comes prebuilt speak cuz I don't really like building on just something regular I like Minecraft and stuff this is like Minecraft and I think it's amazing and you should really try it maybe the producers her something could make it better for kids so they can't make naughty things but yeah this is really good!
  19. Dan Scherck
    This is an incredibly well thought-out little game. The controls are very intuitive, and my 5-year old loves it. She understood the controls in just a few minutes, and is already hard at work building amazing creations. Works wonderfully on our Nexus 10.
  20. Asome game
    Jayden Verduzco
    It is so good for my cousin he won't leave me alone and u am 9


What`s new

● This update fixes the instant crashes found on Android OS7 Nougat!
● We've also added reflection in the water.
● It also contains some minor bug fixes.