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Jonathan Weiss | CFO at Toca Boca

San Francisco, California |

Caroline Ingeborn | COO at Toca Boca

San Francisco Bay Area |

Björn Jeffery | CEO & Co-Founder, Toca Boca

San Francisco, California |

Emil Ovemar | Co-Founder & Producer at Toca Boca

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Reviews 2,997

  1. Cute game!
    Abel Tapia
    Create and shape a small world in however way you want. It's pretty easy to use. Moving around the camera can be cumbersome but manageable. Maybe make the world larger and offer more environments to play with?
  2. Why you do that? Oh, wait...
    Julissa Arjon
    Okay, so I saw this cute game that I was into and tried downloading it, but it didn't want to download the first day, so I refunded. I tried the day after (today) and it still gives me errors. AND I CAN'T EVEN GET ANOTHER REFUND! (LATER ON) thank you toca! Somehow it downloaded! Thanks very much!
  3. Error, error, error
    N1NT3ND0 ADD1CT 3
    I am really mad that I took 3 bucks out of my wallet for an error bug popping up(I am giving it 5 stars because I have the game on over 50 devices and I love the game)
  4. The game is great, only...
    Kyle Howard
    The game is wonderful. But the 'game-changer' for me is that we have to start all over again each time we play. If there was just a parent option to auto save the world, or at least to allow a manual save, the rating would certainly be 5 stars. The kids love it, and it really is a worthwhile game, but they are a bit disappointed at having to start from scratch each time.
  5. Gooooooooood :-)
    Franck JAÏT
    Glad I waited for the update to fix the loading bug. It's really well done with great naive graphics, cute animations and soothing sound ambience. The only thing that's not great is that the zoom level is not configurable, can't look neither up nor down and above all: you have to start from scratch each time :-\ Seems like it's their philosophy as it's the same thing with Toca Mini: no save option of any kind. «Sisyphe»... does it mean anything to you ? :-D
  6. Delete
    Destiny Jacobs
    All most every single time I get on I need to start it from scratch, is there any way to save it? Fix that and I give it five stars. Also if we could interact with the animals that would be fun to like petting them and playing with them.
  7. Its ok...
    Chloe Tay
    I love this game, however it gets boring after a while and I can't even save the game if there were more animals and different worlds I would total rate it 5 stars
  8. Update suggestion.
    Mian Crew
    Phenomenal game with a great aspect of free roaming, and crafting your desirable environment. However, the foxes and wolves are horrible as they struggle to get food without you giving it to them. Honestly, if YOU yourself don't supply them with fish to eat, they simply die out because they are too pathetic and lack the want to hunt and eat their fish. They simply watch them swim by and aren't even ferocious enough to go for a meal practically sitting right in front of them. Please fix in update or soon at least.
  9. Works, so far so good.
    Gates Apco
    First download more than a month ago didn't work. Everyone was having trouble with it. Tried it again today, they seemed to have fixed it. Would have been nice to have gotten a message from Toca Boca to acknowledge the customer.
  10. Great for Gods in Training!
    FreezedFlame Official
    The bug was fixed! Yay! This game is absolutely adorable and easy to play. In a way, this is like Topia World Builder, just for toddlers. This game has a much better system for creating animals and trees, because in this game each animal needs resources from another's habitat. It's pretty much a slightly tweaked food chain system. It would be cool if you walked around when you zoomed in instead of the current way, because the process of spinning the globe to switch the angle is quite tedious. It would also be cool if you could look up and down when zoomed in, but that is not as important.
  11. Best of the best
    M M
    Wow! You guys keep adding more great apps for google play and I am so glad! Keep doing what you're doing! I have a couple requests please. Could you possibly add Toca Kitchen 2 and Toca Tailor? Other Toca Boca apps would be great, too. And could you please add another update for this app so that we can come back to our saved worlds? That would be great! Thank you!
  12. Good
    Jaime Anderson
    Good game but a few changes could be made.. 1) You can do more than just feed and watch. 2) Visit people's world's 3) Mate animals and have babies. 4) Have more than one world that's small. 5) Easier to move camera. This game is fun, I still recommend getting it, but the creators can add things.
  13. Good game
    Emma Bisgrove
    I love this game and its really fun. But one thing that I don't absolutely love is that it is a floating piece of land... In outer space. I also wish that you could interact with the animals. Like playing with them or petting them. Another thing is that I can't zoom in or out when I am feeding/looking at the animals. Otherwise it is one of the best nature games I have seen so far
    Starra Starra
    I made a really amazing world. Left forma minute. Came back EVERYTHING.GONE. please make it so we can save the game or all the hard work is pointless
  15. Chris Robinson
    Love the game but I just have one problem whenever I leave the game and come back in all my stuff is gone and I have to restart PLEASE.FIX!! and I'll give five stars
  16. Fun :-D
    Emily Yardy
    This game is very fun and has cute animals. I would recommend it to people who like animals or Toca Boca games. But it would be even better if something else was added. Like if the world was bigger or you can save worlds. But all together, this game is very good and the graphics are cool.
  17. I have on thought
    Mirabel Adadey
    This game is all I ever wanted but ..... after I sculpt my island all I ever do is take pictures and feed the animals if only we could interact or communicate with the animals it gets a little boring taking pictures and whatever
  18. I love this game but...
    Yu Wen Lim
    I wish it can let me save so that I no need to start all over again... please reply...pls fix this. Thank you
  19. Great but...
    David Grant
    ...makes my phone extremely hot! Never had an app make my phone this hot before.
  20. Wonderful
    Faye Kerk
    I love this game, I just love these games where I can create and design my own landscape (Growtopia, Minecraft, Simcity Buildit etc.). But...I know I'm a terrible person...I think the polar bears are ugly. Yeah. Sorry, that's just my personal opinion :)


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