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Jonathan Weiss | CFO at Toca Boca

San Francisco, California |

Caroline Ingeborn | COO at Toca Boca

San Francisco Bay Area |

Björn Jeffery | CEO & Co-Founder, Toca Boca

San Francisco, California |

Emil Ovemar | Co-Founder & Producer at Toca Boca

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Reviews 8,753

  1. I love it but new buildings would be cool.
    Chandlier Jones
    I love it, the interactive pouring just gave it more life and new characters caused it to have me make more little families! I like that we now have a camp and pool for "family outing". I can't wait for new building, one I suggest is more homes Hospital and school, other than that I'll get to my exploring.
  2. Needs more!!!!!
    Niamh Jackman
    I absolutely love this game but it needs more like a school a beach for more things to play with but it needs also more characters and it needs some more pets it also need some other places like a city where you can go to the morning change your characters and give them haircuts and do stuff like that I'm going to delete this game if it doesn't get more on the next update next update needs to be soon as I am going to delete it this game is one of the best games ever and it needs more more more more why can't it have a bus that way you can go different places and go to different towns it needs to have something you can drive and you can actually drive it not just look at it I love this game loads but if it doesn't get more soon I'm going to delete it and leave it's writing it a one time I will remember to leave another rating after it has another update but if it doesn't update soon and I will tell my friends that it is a bad game and recommend it not so please please please update it and have somewhere that you can't change your characters by the clothes and change them if it doesn't get them soon I'm going to have to write a 1 sorry toca town
  3. Please read these idea
    irene Cepin
    More house, school , school bus, teacher, able to change day and night not only for the park, one more grocery store and restaurant ,and make the town maybe a bit bigger
    Ja'Derius Buckner
    I think there should be school, school bus, city bus, car, can drive, can talk, walk when we're not there, mall, change clothes and hair, pet shop, homes for every character, more characters, hospital, can get sick, can have kids, more money, credit cards, walk pets, more tv's shows and movies, movie theater, arcade, fast food restaurants, food trucks , create homes, create character, have a mood meter,have emissions, create clothes, have jobs, get wet, fight, go on dates, fairs, board walks, more like sims
  5. Updates plz look at
    Aleah Childs
    Add a school with a teacher and students also plz a school bus that we can drive maybe and like fast food place and u can work at the windows and more house's also maybe make the apartment be like a real apartment plz! Maybe make a animal shelter to cx plz and thank u
  6. Please
    Nerds playing Vidio games
    My cousin loves this but she really wants to play toca life city but she can't because its not on android. Please add it on android or add an update like that to this. Please Please Please
  7. OK best app ever but...
    Grace Marsh
    Could do with a few minor improvements but first... An update to change the name and icon but no ingame things?? Not necessarily needed. What we need in toca life: town is: a school, a fire station, more houses, a city, more characters, a cinema, cars, a hospital, school bus, airport, make town bigger, second floor in houses, be able to change characters clothes and a mall. Thanks for reading ( if u r reading XXX ) Girl online, going offline xx
  8. Please make this an update and I'll give u five stars
    Sinead Houston
    A school with a teacher, a hospital with a nurse and a doctor , a few more apartments , and maybe a pet shop , add more characters , a few more family houses , a cinema with new game trailers and old , and add a wig store
  9. Needs more
    the derp master shoopdawhoop
    The updated was just useless, but im on a samsung and I want toca life:city more than this. It would be awsome if you put toca life:city out on all devices, kr updating toca life:town with more houses and more characters and more shops and a mall, but otherwise, this update was useless. ._.
  10. Awesome game! :D
    Tasin Zahir
    its a really fun game for kids! I love it even more! Thank you so much for adding things! Its even better! I love all the characters, but now my favorite is the big ice cream, its so adorable and awesome! ( And I hope you can add more things like more buildings, foods and clothes!) And I hear there's Toca Life: City, but where is it? I really wanna check it out! 0.0
  11. Wow but pliz add toca life city to Android pliz
    Ghina Antar
    . It is the best i wish i can rate 1 million . And here is a message for who have andriod uninstall it than reinstall i did that. it worked. And now we can put milk.. Egg.. Tea... wow but pliz add toca life city.
  12. I think
    Rainbow Grande
    You should really add more building like a hospital with like 2 bed and a doctor and nurse you should also add a school with a teacher , principal and 3 student. I also think a hotel would be really cool with a reception, toilet and 3 rooms, one room with a single bed one with two single beds and one with a double bed all which require keys to get in. There also should be a clothes shop so you can change the characters clothes .
  13. Fun game
    Sebastian Michaelis
    An amusing game with several features. Add more buildings like a hospital, school, pet shop, furniture store. :3
  14. 4 stars
    Savannah Mercharles
    I will give 5 stars if you can tell me when toca life city comes out on android
  15. I love it but...
    Emily Kay
    It needs more like a school or another house or a add on. Like driving or flying. Or more people and another store. And cars
  16. i think u should at this stuff ⤵
    Jareni Ubieta
    cars,school,mall,talking,jobs,buses,more houses,cooler stuff then ill give it 5 stars- Thanks
  17. Trust me more is good. plz read:-)
    jalen lynn
    It is great but I want more. I want a whole life for everyone I want lots of homes a job a hospital a school I want to change clothes more food and more more. I'm 11 and I still like this game but if you have not at the same price then people will want to pay and the kids would love the game more and learn about the world so just put some stuff I said in the game and keep the price plz. Trust me it will help. Thanks you.:-)
  18. Awesome but...
    marley spikes
    How do you put dog or cat food in the boll or maybe ad more stuff? Cuz... I'm starting to get bored. plz help and I will rate 5 's
  19. Kaitlyn Maye
    How do you get the pets to sleep in the bed?? And can you add some kids and a school to play with and can you add some cars to ride in, oh and can you add some bikes and scooters and some hoola hoops to play with and some other stuff too.And also, can you add Toca Life:City on here please, for free please?? Thank you.
  20. Omg
    Hayla Stewart
    I absolutely love this game, the only thing is I hate how you run out of ice cream, but other then that AMAZING! (Hint: add some more buildings please)


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