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Boston, Massachusetts |

Mike Ferroni | Videogame Music Composer and Sound Designer

Reviews 4,176

  1. Great game
    Colton Wipperfurth
    This game is truly unique in every way. One of the bigs things about this game is that is reminds me of dnd in alot of ways. My only problem is that I had to pay for elite twice since it didn't crossover to my new phone. Not even mad though my cyber knight has never been so powerful
  2. An Outstanding Shadowrun clone.
    Alex Drake
    An innovative take on an old classic, Cyberknights RPG is a must for Shadowrun fans. Highly customizable character building in a brutal world. The game takes a little learning, but the game supports multiple playstyles. Better yet, the developer has put out consistent updates for the game since it came out years ago. A solid 5 stars.
  3. 〰〰〰 A MATAEUS REVIEW 〰〰〰
    Mat Cooper
    The game gently builds to an exciting, atmospheric and often tense experience that sucks you into it's world of espionage, clandestine operations, system hacking and back-alley gun fights. The experience opens up into a world of opportunity, where balancing the respect of the citizens, gangs and law is as satisfying and deep as anything seen since Fallout 2. Whether hacking, fighting or simply delivering information from one map to another, after an unreal 250+ updates, there's simply nothing else like it!
  4. Good game
    Justin Vaughan
    Fun, a little repetitious and grinding. Great atmosphere though and the music is awesome.
  5. Amazing Game!
    Fujin Kai
    An engrossing game with so much content. This title has received so many updates since it was released and it is still supported with new content and tweaks. A brilliant game by a brilliant team.
  6. Was good. Now is awesome.
    Neal Goodlet
    Was a very good game when it came out. Definitely great value. Have come back after a year to find out it is now awesome. The devs have obviously put some good thought into this game.
  7. Kinda lost
    Artha Suryana
    You should put a hint or something about where to go or what to do next. I clicked the conversation too quickly and now I don't know where I should go or what I should do. The PDA journal didn't help, and I can't view that conversation again because of autosave
  8. Sooooo good
    Joshua Flancer
    So I just got this android phone and I've been searching for good games for a while now. Almost every game I've downloaded I've quickly deleted except for this one. I loved it so much, bought the elite version, got the hunder knight, and I'm still loving it. 10/10 would play forever
  9. Shadowrun inspired fun
    Chris Astley
    Loving this game, and the devs are very approachable. Whether it's through email, or comments on their blog, or online forums, Cory Trese is on the ball, ready to help or answer questions. Fun games for basically pocket change. I have sunk over 100 hours since buying this almost 2 years ago, and it keeps me coming back for more.
  10. A perfect example...
    Basil R. Lee
    ...of how amazing mobile games can be with a conscientious and devoted developer who communicates with his fans. And for such a low price, too! The game itself is reminiscent of the old Shadowrun game for the Sega Genesis (because of the gameplay, not simply because it's cyberpunk), although without magic and metahumans. Definitely worth a try. :)
  11. how to get the hunder
    Jacob Hallén
    below the pictures of your knights is a button "Game Store". Click on that. Have fun! -- Grävling
  12. Not for everyone
    Jared Strohl
    I gave the free version 3 stars, but I give this one 5. It's a deep RPG set in a cyberpunk environment. You'll spend quite a bit of time reading and traveling. If you have enough patience, try this game out. There is a free version if you would like to give it a test run.
  13. Great game
    Mark Christiansen
    One of the best mobile games I've ever played. Simple enough to figure out the basics fast, but enough content to keep me playing and finding new things. Definitely worth upgrading to elite.
  14. Great for shadowrun fans
    Twinscythe Zone
    Not a lot to say that hasn't been said before. It's a fantastic cyberpunk game. There are some creature comforts I'd love to see added, like alternate hair/clothes colors, especially for the player character, as this would expand on variety a bit. But the core of the game's quite good srpg fare, and its very reasonably priced too
  15. Fun RPG Shadowrun
    Brian Villar
    It's a blast Sandbox mode is cool would love to see a few more stories and if only u guys could make the movement and graphics more like heroes of steel. That ones interface is more grabing
  16. Highly recommended!
    Ian Carlo
    Retro rpg with depth. Just gets better and better. oh, release drone master and take my money already!
  17. Love it
    Julia Reed
    Great Shadowrun clone. I play it in my spare time and I love the character development
  18. Pretty much Shadowrun sans Magic
    Hollis Frazier
    This game delivers almost as well as Shadowrun, or even Shadowrun Returns. Many jobs, a complex political system, lots of equipment to experiment with and upgrade, the only downfalls are the annoyingness of travel in the NBZ (the amount you'll walk is over half of the gameplay until you find some taxi cab connections) and not enough story. LOTS of world-building and fluff though.
  19. Cyberpunk phone fun.
    James Welch
    As a longtime Shadowrun GM, and cyberpunk fan, this game is a real gem. Definitely worth the purchase price.
  20. Just buy it !!
    CS Holsters
    If have read any of the shadow run books or if you love a good time sink game.... this is it.


What`s new

v2.9.4 - 7/1/2017
- New Elite only Cyber Knight avatar - Niara
- Sniper Kill Shot gains +25% Critical Hit chance
- Fixed witth with Dorchester missions appearing in Made, Not Born Storyline