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Mike Ferroni | Videogame Music Composer and Sound Designer

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  1. love it
    Murray B
    been a big fan of Master of Orion since i was a kid. this is the best version i have seen for current devices. no crashes so far. really helpful tutorial to remind me of all the features. very well done! best of all, NO ADS! can play 2 maps (not including the tutorial map) absolutely free. 2 thumbs up for the devs
  2. Good
    Whedah Mcfartch
    Good so far like the details of growing the empire keep it up the best out there
  3. Can't make a single ship move
    Justin VanHouten
    I follow the tutorial but it will not let me colonize the star let alone move
  4. Badass
    Ziek Domini
    Its a great game I personally enjoy it
  5. Space wars
    Craig Mc Dermid
    This game has a lot of good things going for it but does take some time before you can research new tech. Ai could also do with a few tweaks as enemy players don't seem to do very much but sit around as targets. It's great how you can design your own ships but would be even better if you can upgrade existing ships with new tech.
  6. Delightful
    Reminds me of Sins of a Solar Empire. Having more frequently engaging enemies and a sort of in-game progressive difficulty would be nice. A larger variety of enemy units and tactics would be pretty sweet too, some cannon fodder perhaps?
  7. Too hard to figure out
    john smith
    I must be stupid but this game doesn't help me explore or colonize planets. Learning curve too high for me. Would be nice if commands had instructions on how to use. The colonize command is useless as you tap on a planet that is adjacent to you and the option to colonize is there. So I spent my time clicking on the colonize command on the main screen for nothing. Explore command doesn't seem to do squat.
  8. Unbalanced and buggy
    Timofy Ford
    Played four games. Two fell into economic death spirals, two got too buggy to finish. Espionage does almost nothing, boarding doesn't capture ships, invading doesn't capture tech. Uninstalling, but will watch for 5.0
  9. Fun but hard
    Junyoung Baik
    Its similar to starcraft but its optimized for phone. Would be better if some elite fns were shared for the nonelite
  10. better now
    Adonay Gamboa
    the new ui design looks really nice and the new tutorial really helps now
  11. Phenomenal game!
    zane ives
    Just got into 4x strategy games, and I'm amazed at the amount of detail and effort put into this game. Their other games look just as good.
  12. Great game.
    Tommy Lovold
    Of the better space colonization games, just needs minor tweaks to ease gameplay.
  13. Jason Hatton
    The UI was confusing. It didn't seem like exploring works. The actions you take on a planet don't seem intuitive either
  14. Amazing
    Nick Shupe
    Everything for a 4X game. One thing that would be the ability to skip multiple turns. Seeing as you can assign a queue of planetary projects, and research often takes long to do. I feel this would help alot. Also it's balanced, for if you choose to skip multiple turns then you risk not actively helping when something goes wrong.
  15. Turn based, balanced, FUN
    Kristopher Kammerdiener
    Exactly what i have wanted! Its a nice slow game, turn based tactics with long term tactics possible. Its not a game for short attention span sufferers. A full game on a map takes hours and its perfect.
  16. paul greening
    Took some getting into but we'll worth the effort and cost
  17. Steep Difficulty Curve
    Luke Price
    I downloaded this game because I loved Star Traders Elite. Simplicity is one of the key elements of STE, and because the game world is so immersive, a strategic game is an excellent idea. But, with only the free version, I find it difficult to evoke the same energy as Star Trader. I'm wondering whether to take a gamble and buy the full package, or just satisfy myself with Star Traders elite. Still, I like the common Mythos behind these games.
  18. 4X on a phone done well
    Adam McCann
    As phone games go, it's fantastic. No game is perfect but by Android standards this comes close.
  19. Awesome.
    Chris Moorhouse
    Exactly what it says on the tin. A couple of crashes. Getting elite is helpful, but not a must.
  20. 4X in your pocket!
    Brian Hazard
    This is really a tremendous undertaking and a job well done. Corey has managed to shove an entire 4X game into my phone. I love all the faction choices and the ship builder is awesome. And the tech tree... Oh man is it huge! Don't take my word for it. Try it for free and then pay the man for his efforts.


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v2.6.29 - 11/7/2016
- New: Added Visual Marker for Dead Planets
- Max Quality for Indy Colony Changed to 6
- New Tech: Superscale Construction 7
- New Colony Upgrade: Hab Unit 8
- Removed Red Zorga AI types for maps of size 32x32
- Added Red Zorga AI type for "Degla: 100x100 Map (150 Worlds)"
- Fixed Issues with Options Menu
- Fixed Reported Crashes