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李郁 | Senior concept,2D artist of Dr.panda

四川 成都 |

Paul Case | Marketing Team Lead at Dr. Panda

China |

Thijs Bosma | Dr. Panda

四川 成都 |

Tom Buyckx | Chief Commercial Officer at Dr. Panda

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Reviews 1,949

  1. Refunded on accident but no money back!
    Sophia Krasnesky
    I bought this, then I accidentally refunded it! I bought it again but I got no money back, so I paid $6 for this game! Please give me my $3 back, thanks! Great game by the way! ---Thanks, I got my money back!---
  2. Great work
    Anthony Ferrara
    Not only are the games fun for my kid, but I appreciate the speed in which you fix any bugs. Great job.
  3. Daughter loves these
    Elizabeth Korytkowski
    We have a few of the Dr Panda games and my daughter (age 5) loves them. Very well done games. A worthwhile purchase.
  4. Awesome
    Razor Blade
    Love <333333 NICE game XD I love it so much their so cute I want to hug them and care for them but I wish days would go by and at a certain time parents will pick them up but otherwise I just love it!!!!!
  5. Awesome but...
    Alanna Hadley
    Great but you should be able to move furniture and get new animals also you should add more rooms and there should be a store that you can buy items with fake money.
  6. Fun
    Meagan Correa
    It gets boring at some point cuz they never get picked up but over all its extremely fun and very entertaining
  7. 5 stars
    Amina Isic
    I think this is rated 5 stars because you can have fun babysitting cute baby animals i believe the cow hates hats i like the monkey and cat.What do you like or not?
  8. Awesome
    Christine Kimberley
    My seven year old daughter absolutely loved this game on my old phone that I had to purchase it again on my new one. It keeps her quiet for hours on end. Fantastic
  9. Great game:-)
    Sj S
    I'm 9 and I love this game but really the kids should get picked up and you should make a hippo, or a tiger or a dog to get dropped of:-) .
  10. Brilliant.
    ken mcclure
    So many details in this one .... my 2 year old girl has been playing with it for a month and still finds something new from time to time.
  11. So much fun
    This game is so much fun a and I enjoy playing this all the time. The only things that I wish that were on here was the fact that you could have a school bit where its like pre school or kindergarten basically where you learn with fun and you could go shopping for different clothes and food and play toys.
  12. Perfect
    Angel Coughlan
    I am 10 and I love this game, great work and I would like it more if you put swings in the park and have the kids picked up at a certain time and different kids like a giffare and bear and tiger etc.would be dropped off at the exact time.
  13. Good game
    Alisa Fail
    This is a great game the thing I hate is the parents don't come back
  14. My kids love it!
    Dianne Emily
    My kids pretendend to be some of the preschoolers voice. Thank you panda!
  15. Entertaining...
    Tasin Zahir
    Awesome game! Very good for kids, too! I love it! One of the best games ever! Thank you so much TribePlay! :D
  16. Repetitive
    I Gomez
    I have other Panda games, this one is very repetitive and my kids stopped playing after a while. I have not seen them using it again.
  17. Dr pandas daycare
    StarfoxGirl 502
    Love it but can u add a few updates can u put Dr panda in the game and it will be great if they get picked up
  18. Michael Meehan
    My daughter loves it. It was worth it she plays it all day.
  19. Damien hossack rules said
    Damien Hossack
    I like it I meamt to rate it 5 stars but I acsadently put 3
  20. Awesome
    paige rozema
    I love this game but my complaint is that u can't cook eggs


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