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Marc Arezzi | Video Editor

Simmy Kustanowitz | Executive Producer, Original Programming and Development

Felipe Henriquez | Associate Writer and Producer

Bryan Terry | Vice President of Development and Original Programming

Reviews 0

  1. Uh...What the???
    Patriçia Torres
    I LOVE TruTv and I literally LIVE for Impractical Jokers!!! But when I open up a video a commercial comes on!!!! It doesn't freeze or anything but after it all you hear is the audio and the screen is pitch black! Yes you heard me right! BLACK! Please fix this app and let fellow TruTv enthusiasts be able to watch this app better
  2. Horrible
    Michelle Ellis
    The many, MANY ads would play perfectly fine. But when the actual show would come on, the show would go completely black. Couldn't watch any of the shows I wanted to.
  3. Not in UK
    Alan Spong
    We have Tru TV in the uk but it don't tell you where it's from and I am so disappointed as I was hoping to see a programme I missed two episodes of! It's Tru TV from another country. I am guessing America.
  4. Wow
    Andrew Palasik
    Every time without fail, it has a playback error and can't watch anything. This app sucks!
  5. Bad video quality
    Chris Neuwirth
    The app is nice (gotta have my impractical jokers on demand) but the video quality is terrible. My Internet connection is just fine and my other video playing apps are super clear. Bad enough that I no longer use it... Oh well
  6. Way too many ads!
    Brent Anderson
    Considering the fact that I already have to have a cable service to watch shows on here, it is ridiculous how many commercials play betweens segments. After each one I kept thinking wow, another one?! Well this will surely be the last one and then there were 4 more after I started thinking that. Lame lame lame. And no Chromecast support! Jeez get with it
  7. Too many ads
    I understand the need for advertising. However, an ad before each 90 second clip is ridiculous. Not having a play all option is annoying as well. I can do without the bonus Impractical Jokers scenes. Sad, but true.
  8. Dorothyann Peers
    I have tried this app twice, the first time was because I did not have cable and wanted to watch Impractical Jokers. I was unable to use it because I did not have a cable service provider, which cancels out the use for it to begin with. The second time I downloaded it this time with a cable service provider, I was unable to use it because my provider is not listed, even though it is a major company. It is was a waste of time downloading this app, and it's a shame because I enjoy watching tru tv, in particular Impractical Jokers.
  9. Wish it was for UK
    ModsAndGaming For Everyone
    On Comedy Central Impractical Jokers are broadcasted but when I accidentally forget about it I cant catch it on demand because this all is for Americans ONLY
  10. Eh
    Feytey .DarkEmber
    It works and all... But jesus please work on the ads. After every single commercial break the app instantly crashes. Fix and five star
  11. Love it
    Cassie the cookie panda
    It is wonderful I can watch impractical jokers without missing anything
  12. No bright house network
    Christina bina
    Can't watch because no bright house network!
  13. Why such a crappie app?
    Sunshyne Dee
    Honestly this app is horrible! It would get no stars if that was possible. Haven't been able to watch anything on this expect for commercials. Dont waste your time people, all your gonna get is error messages smh.
  14. No Worlds Dumbest!
    Angelina Sheppard
    Only reason I got the app was to watch my favorite show, Worlds Dumbest! I don't care for any of those other stupid shows! And too many Verison ads!
  15. Seriously?!
    Loren Price
    It's not "free" if you HAVE to have cable in order to use the app! TruTV is ran by a bunch of moronic, greedy jerks! MAKE THE EPISODES FREE TO WATCH! Having a "cable provider" isnt free idiots.
  16. Darin Mikesell
    Requires a TV provider subscription, so only 1 stars. Not a cable cutter solution... I'd pay $2/month for this app.
  17. Ugh
    Josh Dros
    Its ok. Could use some polish. But what really makes me mad is after every commercial break it force closes! I cannot watch an entire episode. Getting really irritated. Fit that and you'll get 5 stars.
  18. Unfortunately watch truTV has stopped
    Siddhi Mulay
    Isn't working. I deleted my Facebook & messenger app for the jokers and then there's this !!!
  19. Worst tv app ever
    Guffrey Heller
    C'mon tru tv. Your better then this. Your making how much money and can't even put an app out that's worth anything. My 2 year old could of done better. Adds I'm ok with. But the black screen, video quality, sound quality and overall crapiness of this app is just horrible. Fix the above mentioned issues and I will use it again. Until then WORST TV APP ON MARKET.
  20. Jillian Kendall
    Would play endless loops of commercials perfectly fine then stop working when it was time for the actual show


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