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Varun Menon | Producer at Ubisoft Pune

Pune, Maharashtra, India |

Amar Vora | Web Developer at Ubisoft

Pune, Maharashtra, India |

Ankita Surve | Trainee Game Tester at Ubisoft Pune

Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, India |

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  1. Make it a 3 D game please.
    amir khan
    This game is amazing in 2 D and hats off for the real hard work guys team pune, it's my humble request that please make an advance 3 D game for pop ..that will create a revolution...I know you all can do it..
  2. Good game
    Daniel Castanos
    It's a solid game. Wish the controls and combat was a bit more fluent. But overall a good side scroller. Can't remember how much I paid for it but worth 2 bucks. If it's more I would be iffy buying it at a higher price
  3. Great game, minor flaw for some users
    Aaron Dennel
    If the ability to make keys mappable would be added that would be great, the games not quite playable on my controller device because it's key mapping is different, otherwise great game.
  4. Garbage.
    Brett Crouch
    Don't insult me as a gamer using a MOGA controller with wooden gameplay. Give me a real PoP game. Uninstalled even after buying the game.
  5. Ok so
    Marije Hammel
    Good graphics. That's where it ends. Glad I bought this on sale for 50 cents. I mean if it were to make me feel nostalgic I might have given an extra star. It plays quite okay for me, and the gestures are as responsive as I thought they would be, but that's okay. Thing is, this is getting old. The Nokia platformers were better and more involving. 'Nuff said.
  6. Classic PoP action
    Jason Oneida
    Fun side-scroller with with simple, enjoyable gameplay. The story is a pretty lite for a Prince of Persia game. However, the graphics are pretty good and the game is elegantly simple.
  7. Very disappointed to find this a pay as you go game after buying it in the first place.
    Anthony Robertson
    Not only is it pay as you go its full of that bloody awful Facebook and advertising stuff. That would be fair enough if the game was free but I paid two pounds for it. Two pounds that to be honest I would like back because the trash is spoiling beyond use an otherwise fair game.
  8. Average game
    Said Karam
    The narrative is the best part of the prince of persia games. This game has lousy music and the prince is pretty much silent. The gameplay is good but thats about it.
  9. Great game!
    Jonathan West
    This game was awesome! Crashed a couple times but otherwise great. Always been a PoP fan.
  10. Quite disappointed
    Daniel Waleniak
    The controls are not easy to use and not fluid at all. Combat is very boring. Storytelling is quite poor and could use some voice acting at least. Also add a "continue" option instead of just the full "skip". The levels are designed decently and in general it's not a bad platformer. It's a paid game yet it still has advertisements, it's unacceptable. The game offers in app purchases but those aren't necessary to beat the game for sure. My game doesn't sync with my Google profile very well either. Please fix
  11. Great graphics!, but too easy
    Loved the graphics and controls. Killing enemies are too easy. No need for in app purchase for average gamer. Good solid afternoon to finish.
  12. Nothing compared with original
    Pedro Ballare
    Lame storytelling, levels where awfully designed, just not that nostalgic feeling..battle system and movement are not fluent. This was the basis of prince 2 back just a quick game...sorry ubisoft dissapointed could have been better and awwsome
  13. Great graphics great fun
    Paulo Abreu
    Not too stressful, beautiful graphics, plenty of nostalgia. The perfect sequel for the old game.
  14. A potentially good game bogged down many glarring issues
    Eric Yumnam
    PROS- Great graphics & controls are intuitive for a touch screen CONS- A revive system which dates back to the NES era and it's outdated now & combat is too easy and is not deep
  15. Falls just short of being nostalgic
    Karuna Govind
    It's been almost 20 years since I first played PoP2 and I was expecting someone to do a mobile reception remake. This is a good effort but the combat system is terrible. You can't move while in combat mode and if my memory serves me right, you could put your sword away and run away from enemies in the original. As many people have mentioned, the combat is the most boring part of the game. As I was a big fan of the original, I can be critical and say that the story sequences are extremely poor as well. I seem to remember the original at least at some animation. Typical Hollywood style remake unfortunately; none of the charm of the original.
  16. Good remake
    Theodoros Orfanidis
    The new graphics are nice but controls are hit and miss. There is a gesture system and a virtual joystick, but both lack precision and responsiveness. I think it would be much better with a gamepad. It's worth its money, if you get it on a sale. Avoid linking your Facebook account as it only provides a way for the game to spam your friends when completing a level and there is no way to turn it off.
  17. Not challenging, game too short
    Nii hammond
    All fights are the same; wait, wait, block and strick. At least every enemy should have its own unique way to be killed. And there should be many more diffident kinds of enemies. How about more weapons, not just a Sword; a one time use spear to make a kill from a distance, or a dazzling bomb, how about a special enemy who won't respond to the special weapons? The game is too short and too easy, the original DOS game is much challenging. Good graphics though.
  18. POP shadow and flame
    Chanice Yasher
    For a real gamer, this is the worst game ever...a real shame for those who truly like the PoP serie. Making the prince move is a pain, " l burn my finger on the freaking screen before the Persian even run, jump or go down a clif... and forget about combo combat or fighting 2 skeletons at once. " got frustrated, not worth 2.99 for sure, No wait,,, it does if you like great graphics.
  19. Almost Malicious
    Richie Hamburg
    The game play is ok. The graphics great. The problem? The save system borders on malicious. You manage to get past loads of tricky little obstacles having revived a couple of times but need to answer a call or do something else. The continue is from the start of the level. This is 2015 not 1985. Simply no desire to replay a long and difficult level only to get wiped out by a boss and need to restart the damn level next session.
  20. Crap lenght good graphics
    joel dasari
    Anyone hoping this is like the original pop on PC will be disappointed. Apart for a revamp in graphics the whole game felt meaningless. I just held run through out to get to the exit and used the viper attack during battles. I text blocks at the end of each mission were cumbersome to read and easier to skip. Hell if I didn't know the original pop plot I would have just been clueless in this game. And lastly none of the iconic moments felt iconic (carpet, horse, the shipwreck etc)


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