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Varun Menon | Producer at Ubisoft Pune

Pune, Maharashtra, India |

Amar Vora | Web Developer at Ubisoft

Pune, Maharashtra, India |

Ankita Surve | Trainee Game Tester at Ubisoft Pune

Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, India |

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  1. Good, but
    Insanely Steve
    Every time I play as a character that is not rayman (eg. Globox, teensie), I hear rayman instead, it is really annoying and I hope it can be fixed, all in all, it's still a good game
  2. So addicting!
    Lewis Michael Morgan
    This game is great and so addicting! I find myself playing normal levels and the invaded version for quite a long time! I'm also trying to 100% each level and so far I've managed it! Great game, great price!
  3. Nope
    Dylan Howell
    OK I like this game but if you want to completely complete the game 100% then you will be sitting on your couch for a couple of years and so frustrating you loose and by the way if you get this game cause you are a fan of the series you made a stupid desision cause this is not what you call a rayman game not properly made and it ask you to pay more with in game purchases I know they don't recommend in game but its still a stupid idea not only does it make people not want to gt the game but its a stupid and you should decrease the price at least so over all good if you have time and money but my opinion it is bad game espesialy since it is payed
  4. Not a rayman game
    Callum K
    I remember being so excited opening raving rabbids on christmas day I pushed aside everything else and turned it straight on and I just could not [email protected]#$ing believe it..... what the [email protected]#$ was this ? Where was everything I loved about rayman. Rayman 2 and 3 defined rayman and Ubinazi basically just said "you know what let's just make a [email protected]$$ game and slap raymans face on it ?" And this "fiesta" abomination has basically done the same. [email protected]#$ you [email protected]#$'s
  5. Very slow on Galaxy S4
    Nikola Filip
    I loved Rayman: Jungle Run so I decided to buy Fiesta run, but it is extremely slow and laggy on my phone (galaxy s4) which is sad and strange since it was the newest flagship device back in 2013 when the game came out. Hope it gets fixed.
  6. Would have 5 stars
    Emma Hays
    But it kept throwing me out every time it tried to log into Facebook.
  7. honestly, POS
    Tim Gillie
    don't get me wrong. I love the rayman franchise. origins & legends was fab. but this adaptation just doesn't work. the game lags and never performs adequately. LG G3, 5.0
  8. Okay until an update now doesn't work
    Suzie Marland
    Updated it not long ago, now there's a constant loop when connecting to fb. Tried restarting the app and turning it back on gets stuck in the same loop. Wouldn't mind if it was a free game but I paid for this app and are not getting anything from it.
  9. Love it.
    Andrej Balaz
    It runs butter smooth on the nexus 5 and follows on the addictive path of the console games. This Rayman is one of the best games of last years, it's super fun. The artwork is only matched by the excellent soundtrack. This game is full of creative juice and happiness. I love it :).
  10. Completely nonfunctional with Bluetooth audio + Android 4.4 update
    Zach Heise
    On a Samsung Note 3. After the Kit Kat update to 4.4.2, audio now plays at half the rate it should, making it sound like a constant stuttering. Still plays fine without headphones, but I never use my phone without bluetooth headphones so it still knocks my otherwise glowing recommendation down to 1 star. I've notified Ubisoft about it and they do not care at all - typical. Fellow Note 3 users, be warned. Also, I paid for this app, and it still shows ads. They add permissions randomly, with no purpose.
  11. To fix error 905
    You must keep google play open at ALL TIMES when downloading something I love this game but is a bit glitchy when starting
  12. Faulty and should not be sold
    James McDonald
    The game has constant, massive slowdown on devices more than capable of running it. The product is faulty and needs to be pulled from the store until fixed. Fairly certain selling knowingly faulty goods without displaying that they are faulty is a breach of trading standards...
  13. Lots of fun
    Riki Fridrich
    Some levels are frustrating like hell. But the joy of beating them is even greater afterwards.
  14. good sequel to Rayman: Jungle Run
    Boris Park
    Well honed and designed game. Fun to play levels, but it can get hard (in cheap way) - and then super-cheap. Annoying in-game store prompts everywhere.
  15. Addicting
    Tom Wallace
    Very good game but highly addicting! Not what I was expecting when I downloaded it having played rayman as a youngster but once I played this game and gave it a chance, i was hooked. Be warned!
  16. Rayman Fiesta Run
    ExposedCucumbersUSA #Exposed
    Amazing game. Beautiful graphics (and very few yet forgivable frame rate issues), delicious backgrounds and fun gameplay make this Rayman game a blast to play through. There's a lot of content ready for you to play and in-app purchases are barely needed. I am very satisfied with this product, and it is well worth the money. Definitely recommended to all gamers if you want fun on the go. 9.5/10
  17. Brilliant like always
    Awaise Tahir
    Great game like always in the Rayman series but no full screen mode on LP.
  18. Won't load
    Karina Bouttell
    Asks you to link with Facebook I did and now all it does is flash from start screen to trying to go loading Facebook link, only paid 20p for game but would like it to work :(
  19. Performance is quite bad
    Jesenko Mehmedbašić
    On an s3 it's unplayable at times. When it runs well it's a great game, but it has quite a lot of hiccups.
  20. I couldn't download it
    Szilvia Bódi
    It kept saying connect to internet. I did but it wasn still not working. waste of money.


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