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Monthly active users estimation: 2,500,000


Varun Menon | Producer at Ubisoft Pune

Pune, Maharashtra, India |

Amar Vora | Web Developer at Ubisoft

Pune, Maharashtra, India |

Ankita Surve | Trainee Game Tester at Ubisoft Pune

Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, India |

Reviews 1,101,550

  1. Good
    shane bennett
    This is a great game until you get far. You will never level up! one quest against the ghost forced me to beat more than 98% of the players that beat that map. I have to beat platinum by .500 of a second or even MUCH more! It's very fun but gets extremely difficult later on.
  2. Outdoorsman you are so wrong
    Kayden Johnson
    It is free I don't know what you're talking about its a great game you should get it
  3. Please fix!!
    Samantha Martinez
    Love this game been playing it every day for a long time. First time ever really had a problem, it is lagging! Please fix the lag!!!!!! It makes it VERY difficult to play. Thanks!
  4. Not free
    Outdoors Man
    Dont download its a great game except after so far your stuck they want you to spend money . the squirrel outfit is a hundred dollars to buy Wtf. And half of the levels are by luck only skill can't help you. Run away from here before you waste 100 hours of your life to be gridlocked unless you have money to blow.
    Jamie Griss
    Can't stand this game, well it runs smoothly for about the first few minutes of gameplay, then it lags so much that it's running at about 5 fps then suddenly it speeds up for about 10 seconds, I know it's not a problem with my phone because I have a spare 36gb of memory and only 1gb out of 4gb of RAM being used. I don't know what is so difficult about fixing lag!!!
  6. Always fun
    Brandon Stanton
    Yes it can be difficult but seriously don't give up. It wouldn't be a good game if it was easy. Grow up kids. Trials frontier crew keep coming up with more content. Thanks again.
  7. Needs improvement
    Billy Morgan
    Select bike doesn't work, I could beat several people and times if I could select my bike, needs more free cash options, not everyone can afford to pay for cash with real cash.
  8. Cheating
    Jerry Ismadi
    This game now are so suck.! 1.the slot machine always give the same reward. 2.the M.I wheel blue print always cheating.
  9. Best Ever
    Hubert Whitebooi
    Could you please just look into the fact that one's fuel ⛽ (36) tank is so small. And just before you even start to get the feel and hang of all the awesomeness... Guess what "your fuels empty "... If you don't want to higher the fuel tank, fine... Keep it that way, at least make the races cheaper on the fuel amount. Instead of 5⛽ tanks and more, rather make it 1⛽, 2⛽ or 3⛽ tanks... That's the missing 5th
  10. Slot machine giving same winnings each time. Will bump to 5 stars once issue is addressed from ubi
    Mark Braswell
    Love the game. It's well balanced. You can actually play and go far w/o $. Play everyday. Changed to 5 stars. Never heard from support but slot machine started working properly again
  11. Best game ever!
    Kevin Briggs
    Game is flawless & extremely fun racing others for chips & rewards. Everyday playability with the showdown feature. Keep up the good work guys :)
  12. Update crash
    Eric Bellingrath
    Once update deflated the game. It's a really fun game....but really? Kill a level with a great time and score and can't spin to get the prize? Wheel of "crap" sucks. Beat a time and score and give us something.
  13. server connection problem
    Leo-Ruvelle Fernando
    hours before i played this game, it was fine.. really fine.. no lags, no glitches.. jst pure game fun.. but the whole shitty thing happen when i updated the game hours ago, i couldn't connect to the servers easily.. can't play in the bunker quickly like how iy used to and i can't play those syndicate missions.. please heed my problem dear makers..
  14. Lots of lag and "fast forward" like gameplay
    Michael Idzkowski
    Game is good in terms on content and the way it looks but it runs very very poorly. I have a new note 4 and I experience slow downs during the game, it simply looks as if everything was slow motion, then within a split second it goes faster then normal thus causing you to crash, during multiplayer this is very annoying as you wait to recover your stamina or whatever and then you crash due to the game being poorly optimised. Apart from that it's a good time killer, enough for the tube ride.
  15. Fun at first
    William Kirk
    So this game was pleasing for the first race. Then it was terrible. Everything besides the racing was stupid, superficial, and just outright boring. And the racing itself isn't good. It's so repetitive that after the first race you will get bored. Don't waste your storage space on this.
  16. Welcome to ads hell
    ahmad hesham
    I used to love this game but now it's really annoying after every race u need to watch ad
  17. Designed by a committee of suits
    Spence Griffis
    The actual gameplay is awesome, by far the best bike game for mobile - but the design completely sucks. Everything is transparently designed to get you to spend money. Every pathetic, money-grubbing technique used by shite mobile developers the past ten years is here in full force, from limiting how much you can play to putting a ton of emphasis on hard currency. And if you do stick with it the endgame is stunningly bad, forcing you to get the worst times possible so you can later beat them. Ugh.
  18. Server connection problem
    Shaun Wright
    Ghosts don't load for mission impossible and can't connect to Bunker
  19. Save wiped?
    Zach Seres
    This game is fantastic. I can reassure that this game provides great fun, all while pulling off blazingly fast loading times; but one major setback distracted me from the 5 stars I intended to give: my whole entire save was wiped when I exited the game and tried to load it back up. I was greeted with the beginning of the whole story. I have connected to uplay, if that helps, but for the meantime I'm hoping there is a solution for this.
  20. Meh
    Nick Garrett
    Controls feel clunky and there is seemingly no way to gain speed since the game seems to give no bonus for landing jumps perfectly. Urban trial freestyle for PC is much better....


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