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  1. I love it but...
    Olivia Peters
    I love it but I hate that I have to pay. I don't have ANY money since I'm poor. And also, I accidently clicked back on my phone when I was playing one of the sub stories, and now it only plays in the left bottom corner. And I don't wanna uninstall it cause I worked hard to get to where I am. HELP ME PLEASE!
  2. This is not free & becareful with ur data
    vera francisca
    This is not free, just free for prolouge after that you must paid for next stories and mini stories. But becareful your stories already paid can be lost. I lost all stories after my phone broken and need factory reset.
  3. Love it ♥
    Miku Hatsune
    Kyaa... I really love Yamato and Haruka story. Haruka is soo sweet and kind but his stoey make me cry when he said his right arm can't feel any sensation :( so sad. Yamato is cool plus he make my heart beat soo fast ♥. I just wish we can read 3 eps
  4. Absolutely Sublime!!
    April Morris
    Love all the characters and story lines. Well laid out stories and even exciting new characters are introduced in a very timely manner so you have no time to grow bored. My favorite character is one of the new ones introduced Haruki. Ohhh, but if only he were real!!! Check out the stories. I know you'll love them just as much as I do!
  5. Fun but...
    aidan griet
    I like the storyline and the characters but it world be nice if they had a prologue per season and a free episode per character in every season. Also it would be nice if they gave away one of the main stories even for a limited time just so that the people/viewers who are playing the app can get a grasp on how good the stories are, which might just raise money. P.S. if you give me a free story or just one extra episode I will give 5 stars and I'm sure if you did this deal with others Thatcher will too.
  6. Love it!
    Riana Ardila
    Already bought almost all stories in here.This is my first & favorite voltage game. Love all the character, music, and storyline. It's worth every $ 3.99 XD . Can't wait for Season 4
  7. I Love it but...
    Princess Aaliyah
    Why did they add your Uncle(in relative)... Oh yea. Umm... I... I... I got... FREE?! I THINK THE APP OR GAME JUST LAGGED OMG IM SO HAPPY?!
  8. Its OK but...
    Alexis Austin
    I don't wanna pay! And this is for each of they're games. If you're willing to pay 3.99 for one of their story's then OK. But I still love the games
  9. My Forged Wedding
    Jaanve Mehta
    I love the Yamato story, but I don't have enough money to buy.
  10. Love love love
    Get over yourselves for not wanting to pay. These take money to make WHY is that so hard to understand. Other then that, this is probably my favorite voltage game. all the characters are really cute and have excellent diverse personalities even for the trope they fall under. GOOD game
  11. Amazing!!
    Minty Rainbowxo
    I really love this app!! But in sub stories Akito is hardly in any of them! I like Akito, Ren, Yamato, and Haruka :3
  12. Loved it!
    Yuri Chan
    I loved Ren's and Yuta's story. Both are so sweet and kind <3, sad that ppl are complaining about paying though ;-;
  13. Stories are amazing
    Autumn Fisher
    The stories are beautifully created. They move you to love and hate their characters which is what a great story should do. The artistry is amazing; backgrounds and characters. Personally I think the price is fine. Look people you get what you pay for. You want cheap cost you'll get cheap work.
  14. I love it
    DJ Neon
    One of my most fav! Here.. enter my code ->X4h1se0
  15. I love it
    Luka Megurine
    But I am also not going to pay which breaks my heart because I want more
  16. Tell me please!! Love Yamato and Ren!!
    Haruhi Alice
    How do i buy the stories?? My friend said you buy it using your credit. Sorry bad english >_<. Please tell me!! I want Yamato's and Ren's stories very badly (≧◡≦) ♡
  17. I love these games
    Kiesha Cavanough
    Can someone tell me how to unlock stories please
  18. i love yamato and my story with him but...
    Elsa Frozen
    first, i didn't know what is the different between this story and my forged wedding party but now i understand that I have to pay for read this story really it was so nice but now no it is not like i love to so i will install my forged wedding party and I know that is so hard to play...pfffff
  19. Addicting!
    Skye Uchiha
    The main female character was a LOT less frustrating than the In Your Arm Tonight's female. I chose Saeki because I like fixing up messed up people lmao jk. I'm not sure why the reviews are bad bc you have to pay? Give me a break, how else will the company make $ for more stories. Only thing I'd like is the option to buy the whole story package (including epilogue and subs) if you're not going to have a preview of what the epilogue will be. Otherwise, keep it up!
  20. The best of the Voltage games
    Amber Moreland
    This one is my favorite and i have heavily invested in this app. I still can't decide who my favorite guy is though, it's a tie between Yamato, Ren, and Kuni. I haven't tried Haruka's story yet but it looks promising. I am VERY glad this was a paid for app because i wouldn't have been able to fully enjoy these stories having to deal with wait times and checkpoints.


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