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  1. Another story
    Little Mina
    Can you guys do a little more rated r series. Lol I feel like the girl /me is so weak. Eve if not rated r but a little more sexual in these lol and make it for 18+ older or something. I feel like it can get a little more hotter.
  2. MY 4th. Favorite
    Jasmin Hardin
    I love all the stories, especially Kaoru, Shusei, and Chiaki. I don't like Tsumugu's story, cause it just boring.
  3. Celeste Royalstone
    I'd love to pay for this game it looks promising and now it's on my buy list “ψ(`∇´)ψ…..................................................
  4. Animalgirl
    Kristine Bridgebokhan
    This sucks i mean when i want to buy the select i pick i have to pay and i can't read it
  5. Terrible endings
    Lh sdf
    Very unsatisfying endings. The romances were not built up well at all. The guys would treat the MC normally the entire game, then BAM all of a sudden love confession in the LAST chapter out of nowhere.
  6. It's perfect but.. ..
    Maya tacosauce
    Can you at least make 3 episode free plz it's not much is it plz let me know k
  7. Why do I have to pay?
    Bong Sol
    I really really like this game.. But the only problem is, I have to pay for an episode.. And I don't have that much money.. Is there any way to play without paying?
  8. No idea what happened..
    Afrida Jahin
    It was working well and I was really enjoying my game. Bt now wen I open it a webpage comes saying error (because of an third party app) I deleted everything bt yet same problem. and wats worse, its the same with all voltage apps!! Plz solve this as fast as possible :( :( :( :(
  9. Money
    Kiara Joseph
    I love the game don't get me wrong but , I don't understand why we have to pay for the other stories. It's so annoying especially when its getting good. I'm only thirteen people .
  10. Will people stop moaning about paying
    Amy Bilas
    The stories are awesome really moving and definitely worth the couple of pounds you pay. I have reread them loads.
  11. More Tsumugu please!
    Christine Choi
    One of my favorite Voltage games! Will buy all the Tsumugu stories! Please release more with him! :D he's my favorite!
  12. Nori Suzuki
    The only issue I have with this game is the fact that I have to pay, and I would, happily, but why credit card?? Do you really think a child would have a credit card!?
  13. Problem
    Faith Miller
    Whenever I open any voltage inc. Game it doesn't open and goes to a error message saying there's something wrong with device...when there is nothing wrong with my device
  14. Love!
    Cheire Cook
    Voltage, Inc. is, by far, my favorite Otome game developer! The stories are great, and the main character is spritely, unlike many other Android Otome MCs I've read. The MC in Voltage games aren't completely helpless and submissive. Great game!
  15. What's with the payment??
    Destene Campbell-Davis
    U love this game but I don't want to have to pay for it. I don't have a lot of money. Can't you make the whole game free???
    Chanel Brockest
    I love the story on Minato, Shusei, Kaoru and Akiyoshi. Read all there stories. Not a fan of Chiaki.
  17. Ok
    isabel skyy
    It was good except for payment. And also - bong sol- LOUIS SENPAI!!!
  18. I love this game but...
    Jade R
    Please make the rest's one of my favorites now I guess it's not anymore because of paying
  19. One of my favorites from Voltage
    Darling Raguro
    The quality of the drawings are remarkable,the free images you get when u buy a chapter are very satisfying too. Have never been disappointed. $3-$4 tops?is how much a chapter cost. Im sure coke is more expensive than this,so why not buy hmm? And they go on sale at times and thyre like $2! Now thats what i call a bargain! Riiiiight? Thanks for all your hard work Voltage team! ☺ #voltage
  20. Wtf??
    pansy parkinson and astroria greengrass malfoy
    Why do u have to pay for the episodes.... It was actually getting good!!


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