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  1. 110th login :(
    Nurul Ariessa
    I was a really active user of this app and I reached my 110th login, which supposedly I would get 3 spaces of closet. But i didn't. I stopped playing right afterwards. I WAS IN THE MIDDLE OF SAEKI'S SEASON 2.
  2. Invitation code: e62da15e(use it and we will both benefit from it!!)
    WeiXian Lu
    This game is really nice!! However i do think it is a bit outrageous to make us get a ridiculously high point to clear the mission and these type missions do happen quite frequently. They also only let you do the cooking battle twice before your stamina is used up so it takes really long to clear the missions. However i really like the characters and the story so far so i am not uninstalling this game!
  3. Invite code f78c07b0
    Nova Melyana
    This game is good but the closet si really hard to get except u buy it so sometime i pass the event bcoz my closet already full with things big charm... any way I'm still reading main story... only this i can do in this game.
  4. I love it but..... (2be01dd0)
    Luthfiah Farsya Dini Mardi
    I love the story and I really love the guys, but can you marry your own uncle in the real live??? I don't think so! Btw, please input my invite code (2be01dd0), so we can get special presents!
  5. So far I like it
    Dinda Rahma
    ca54a26a use my invite code so we both can get a presents. This game is a little bit hard than sleepless cinderella but I enjoy it though, took me a hard time to decide which guy I like 'cause I like them all (kyaaa) but it is a bit weird that we can choose uncle as our husband
  6. Love it so far!
    Kaylena Steiner
    So much fun so far! The guys are cute and funny and each have interesting stories, backgrounds and there are so many little surprises and unexpected things to find out! I was kinda... weirded out with the uncle thing, but hey... maybe he's not her real uncle? Anyhow, super cute stories, SO many feels and just... it's lovely. It really is. A little annoying with the coins, but I like the story and it's fun and... yeah! P.S. Invite code if anyone can use it (please use it!): ec44f7f7
  7. Good, but had a few concerns
    Jennifer Park
    The game is good overall, and I love the storyline for each character. But I had a few issues, one being there are too many missions in between chapters or events and makes the process longer and more expensive than it needs to be. The other is not being able to get the original data from my old phone to my new one, meaning I have to start over (I know there's a way to transfer data, but if the screen isn't working like in my case then its hopeless)
  8. LOVED IT!
    Edvin Navarrete
    (btw im a girl)anyway i ~♥~ this game tho marring your uncle....lets just say Y U C K but then again some peeps like their uncle...Ok heres my point i (♥ω♥) the game ok byez.
  9. Love it
    Carmen Lopez
    I actually love this game the only bad part is to wait until the next day though, which sucks, could change that please but overall this game is good. Use my code so we both can receive gifts: efc0a8b5
  10. 51ea1f4e
    Edith Sanchez
    I played the original My Forged Wedding and I gotta say, they improved quite a bit for the Party version. The story itself is better and the game is overall more interactive. My only complaint is that I wish there were more clothing and makeup options to choose from. The closet space is also ridiculously limited.
  11. 05192002
    Kayli Love
    Love it. Best game ever. The storey keeps getting better. Anyone having second thoughts well probably not a lot of you who are lol
  12. Pretty good but two things...
    Choppy Jordan
    One: Only 5 love passes a day??? I think you should get more because its REALLY good. Two: One cooking battle uses 50 stamina, so its harder to clear missions and get wife points. Other than that, this game is pretty epic, so I will be keeping this for a long time! ≧∇≦
  13. Invite number - 53bb180e
    Potato Mo
    I really love this game. If you have played the 'Shall we Date?' Games before this, then its similar to that besides the fact you dont recieve a pass every four hours. This game you recieve 5 passes at 11 a.m everyday. You will also fall in love with the story line. Hope you enjoy playing this game as much as I do. Add my invite number for cool prizes (53bb18oe)
  14. Farina Meubel
    Bonus chance prize didn't appear. Is it just me or my forged wedding party faced an error? Because I keep getting the bonus chance after taking event battle, but, the prize didn't show up. I lost so many prize because of this error. Please fix this.
  15. This will make you spend a lot of money on it,take it from me!
    Leigh Paling
    I really really like this game,really good stories. Only thing that is extremely fustrating is when you go on missions and you have to get more wife points to go onto the next chapter they slap on a massive and an unreasonable goal of points you must acquire. So unless you're very patient and get them through cooking battles (but the most at a time you'll get is about 500 wife points), you will more than likely end up spending money just to hurry it along. Very annoying!
  16. Denise Selstad
    This game is great. I love the guys, I just hate having to wait until the next day for more love passes... Add my invitation code if you can so we can both get prizes. fff82fc6
  17. Lucy Valentine
    Loved it at first, but company is becoming increasingly greedy by making goals unattainable without spending money.
  18. Y can't there bed a African American skin
    Kaeciana Reid
    I'm sry ppl but I just don't like playing as a white person (not trying to be raceist) I mean its kinda werid cause is says tell us what u look like and I can't because my race isn't up there so please make a African American skin
  19. I love the game but...
    Dane Dong-e
    But I don't if this only happened to me but the game isn't fully fitted on my screen, I'm using Lenovo IdeaTab A1000-F. Please help
    Mhau Lg
    Can i ask how to transfer my acc to another device? Because i inputted already password but I can't transfer T^T cant recover my acc T^T please help


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