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  1. Complete and challenging. The perfect port
    Antonio Díaz
    That's right. AMA has made the perfect port. The game has wonderful visuals and runs smoothly in my tablet. The game includes the standard version 1v1 with other humans and multiple difficulties AI. In addition, hearing the professional players of Abalone complains regarding the classic standard setup of the game, they include the german and belgian versions and many others. Not stopping there, the developers have included a large series of challenges for the player to pass. This is the best feature, because is a largely forgotten one in other boardgames ports. I hope the next game the port to Android will have similar features, making it the perfect buy. Thank you guys.
  2. Awsome game!
    Adria Xander
    Very addicting. It's kinda like a complex version of checkers. I can't wait till I get to buy the actual board game..
  3. Awesome!
    Judy Jetson
    I learned about this game at the NY Hall Of Science in Queens county back in 1990. Thank you.
  4. Fun game
    Catherine Senet
    Unable to play with specific users which is a bummer. Opponents are randomly selected. Interface is nice though.
  5. Intrusive
    David Eddyshaw
    Demands to connect to Google Play and to access your circles; if you untick the boxes it says the app is incorrectly configured.
  6. Bothers me at every start with Google Play Games Sign In
    Hans-Jörg Schulz
    The game itself is fine, but every time I start the game it wants me to sign into Google Play Games services and whatnot... Every time! There is no way of turning this off. I don't care for Google's shitty services all I want is to play that game.
  7. Awesome.
    Kachiza Kwenda
    As good as the real thing, only u can't marbles!
  8. Love this game !!
    Mark Davis
    Iv had this game as a board game since I was a kid and loved it! So happy ins on android now!
  9. Google Play Games login error
    Alexis Letamendia
    On Android 5.0.1 at least, the app won't log in Play Games for synchronisation : after choosing the right Google account, it just lags forever and does nothing. Please fix this bug as it is painful to restart from scratch and not get the achievements recorded.
  10. Multi player internet
    Abdullah Alghafli
    Can this perhaps be played with friends online? Edit: online playing has been added in the new version. You can play with anonymous players. However, there are still needs to be some improvements especially to privately arranged game as well as some bugs in the game play
  11. Good implementation
    Geert Jan Bex
    Training levels are helpful. Game play and user interface are well designed.
  12. Challenging and always gets you attracted
    Mohammad Loubani
    The game has perfect design in reality and in software
  13. Hey! Give me back my black and white theme!
    Adam Sosnowski
    Seriously. I disdain all this soccer frenzy. I think one can find most similarly minded people exactly among abstract logic game fans.
  14. Great game and interesting challenges.
    Josh Dyment
    The only annoying thing us how the game automatically zooms in if you cancel a move or accidentally try to move a piece you cannot. If you fix that bug it'll be five stars easy!
  15. Branding: Just what Abalone doesn't need.
    Craig Maloney
    Apparently Abalone is one of those games that can be re-themed because today marked the day that I uninstalled this otherwise decent Abalone implementation. This ridiculous branding exercise ruins the otherwise meditative and serene feeling to the game. I understand someone over there thought this was a good idea but it ruins the whole experience and is an otherwise pointless cash-in on the World Cup event in Brazil.
  16. Angela Rebecca
    The rating system needs some improvement. I shouldn't have to spend half an hour playing a much lower rated player to earn 1 lousy point. A players rating should be shown along with an abort on first move option. Other than that, I give the game 4 stars for excellent graphics and play ability. Please consider my suggestions for any future upgrades. Thx!
  17. Awesome game made by awesome dev
    Alp Eren Tosyali
    Nothing to complain about the app. Multiplayer is a huge success. Thank you for bringing Abalone to Android in such good quality!
  18. Great game
    Roger Stephens
    I used to play the physical version of this game. Very interesting play with a definite goal. Can play a game quickly but has a lot of depth. This version is faithful to the physical game. Like it a lot.
  19. Must have!
    Lloyd Landis
    Hade the board game as kid... nice to have on phone. Nice in person and world multiplayer! Looks great, runs great. YaY!
  20. Clash of neuro acuities
    Craig Eigenmann
    Simply wonderful contest between the respective mental sharpness and imagination of the respective foes-combative in is the creative element WI have makes it so non-confrontational, win or lose it evolves into a shared experience for the players.


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