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Steve McIvor | Owner and Director

Reviews 40,248

  1. Invisible controls
    Xaneks Alucar
    How am i expected to play the dn game if I cant see the controls? If that was an intentional decision them its a VERY bad idea. If you make it to where i can see the controls and ACTUALLY PROGRESS IN YOUR GAME then i will change this review
  2. I LOVE THIS GAME but....
    angel312 cancel312
    I'm having some problems with a bug..... What's happening is that whenever i try to close the carfting place, I can't, it doesn't work.... Please help me and fix this bug, without this, I would be sooooo happy and by the way this game is awesome I really really really really recommend this game to everyone, again please help me with this bug :)
  3. Love the game but...
    Michael Clayton
    Every time I enter the crafting shop thing to see how much more of a resource I need I can't exit. The exit button doesn't work... I've checked and it isnt the corner of my screen not working. So I have to save be for I enter the menu and then see... if I buy something then im good otherwise I have to close the app.
  4. This game soo much fun..
    Zainab Harun
    But when we finish it...WHY THE HECK DID THE MINER'S ARMOR GONE AND HE TURNED iNTO COMPLETELY STUPID LOOKING CHARACTER. If it wasnt because of the armor and the upgrade...this game is nothing....please dont take the armor after we defeat the dragon...i totally lost my interest on thos game.. :(
  5. Love it
    Evangeline Omadto
    I love the game,but the controls sucks,i request that change it with better controls and pls make the jump button much more better cause its horrible but i love the game
  6. Amazing!!!
    David Smallsreed
    Great game. Controls take a bit to get used to, but once you get used to them it's easy. Only complaint i have is there is no map. I get lost and can't find my way back. O ther than that it is great. Havent had many problems so far. A few minor bugs here and there. It would be great if there was a sequel or another game like it.
  7. UI Bug
    Jay S
    Happened during the animation after mining a chest, when the little icon moves up into your inventory. The inventory icon completely disappeared, and I wasn't able to access it. I had a lot of materials and couldn't save, so I was pretty peeved. Hope you fix this soon, cheers! EDIT: After going in and out of the portal once or twice, the icon re-appeared, and I still have all of my materials.
  8. Great game
    Klif Henze
    I love the game it is awesome...but I understand you need to put ads in to make the game free... SERIOUSLY do you really need to put that many in? I would have gave the game 5☆s but everytime i go to do something or progress thru the game i get bombarded with ads. It resets the game and the lil progress i made has been for nothing... I would enjoy it if i didn't mine a bunch then go refine my gems and smelt my metal and waste my progess being smahed with an ad i see every 2 min when i enter buildings .
  9. Controls and Menus
    Scott Silvus
    I can live with the ads in the game, but what I can't live with is the lack of ability to exit the crafting menu. Every time I open the crafting module, I can scroll through everything just fine, but I cannot close the crafting menu. Very disappointing because the game has real potential to be something great.
  10. Awesome
    Atlantis Sam
    Love it! Great graphics, music, sound effects, controls. Nice mix of plot and resource gathering. Reminds me a lot of the old PC game The Dig, but with better graphics.
  11. Horrendous controls, gotta 'dig' (pun) for REMOVE ADS pay version
    J Michael Salvetti
    Title pretty much explains it. Joystick is 'everywhere' (except of course the corner where you expect one to be), so I can't see under my thumb while I move. Jump can't clear a single block until you upgrade the boots, so gotta use fuel to go up. Can't move left or right in the air without consuming fuel. Can't mine above unless you shoot three blocks around it 6 times each then mine down on it. Inventory can handle 5 blocks worth of mining before having to surface again.
  12. Refan Akbar
    You guys really needs to add a visible control. I'm stuck because the invisible control always registering my swipe as interact with an object. Its not a problem if the object is small. But bigger object as big as the screen = stuck.
  13. Love it but...
    Anthony Edward Stark
    HATE The Invisible Control Pad! Though, I love the Game, I hope you can patch in an option that asked whether of not Players would want a Visible of Invisible Control Pad
  14. Fun game
    I can't jump for the life of me but it's more an inconvenience than hindrance, otherwise it's pretty fun
  15. Big bug. Decent game
    Mark Sanza
    When i boot the game i cant get past the wiki ware screen until i reset all my progress. Uninstalling until this is fixed.
  16. Fantastic so far.
    Levi Webb
    Its kind of annoying that you have to be able to get back to the teleporter to make it back to base but other than that its great. Very unique play style. Rpg and mining, the best of two mobile gaming worlds.
  17. A lot of bad things
    Rio Nevin
    First things first: the ads. You are mean to put them there. At least give us option for viewing them, or give us some reward even very small amount. But hey, why bother? Just save the game upon entering the surface so when the ad pops i just force close tha game, and you don't get that moneymaking ad view count. Next, is that the closr button on the crafting section doesnt work when the ad fails to load. How greedy.
  18. Looks goo, but no controls
    Caleb Peters
    The game sounds REALLY fun, but I can't see the controls, therefore I cannot progress or do anything
  19. Please
    Kody Huscher
    The controls are choppy, add on screen joystick icons or buttons would be easier. Would love to play but can't get past the controls
  20. Lots of fun
    Richie B.
    Playing on an HTC One m9. It looks tiny on my screen due to resolution, I think, so a zoom In Would be nice. Also my navigation buttons (back, home, task) don't auto hide so jumping can be a pain. Everything else is great and the game is a load of fun!


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