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Reviews 368,428

  1. sara xhija
    So I finished episode 26. Alice is living happily ever after with Pete in the dream world and she doesn't look like she's coming what? Are there gonna be anymore episodes or should I just get a life and uninstall?
  2. Game stopped loading...
    Going on two weeks...still won't load.Got update...still have spinning circle. I would give it 5 stars if I could still play. I was on bonus day 32 when it stopped loading. Please fix asap!!!!
  3. Great game, but...
    Laura McDermott
    I was trying to use cash to get to the next level, it only needed 36 and I have over 140, but it keeps telling me I don't have enough. I don't understand that.
  4. Great game
    Ammad Ul Haq
    Truly a superb mystery game to play;to find a same thing in more than one level is quite challenging plus timing your finds to get a high score is little bit difficult but overall a great game to play and keep popping those rewards.Hats off to the game and management :)
  5. Agent alice
    Sian Coote
    Don't waste your time. Objects are ridiculously easy to see. Play partway through and get asked to purchase in order to carry on. Poor show.
  6. Report issues to wooga !
    Heather La Vare
    I have been unable to play Agent Alice for a week and a half now, I sent an email to wooga to let them know..... curious if others did the same ? If enough people say something maybe we will get an update that helps?
  7. Nice and entertaining, when it runs
    Christopher Ranschaert
    A nice game in general. I'd give it 5 stars if it didn't have any temporal blocks preventing me to continue the game at my own leisure,instead of trying to force me to spend in-app purchases to allow me to continue. Update 2015-07-10: After update, it won't start past a loading circle screen.
  8. Entertaining
    kat pitterman
    I like this story line a lot. Good memory training. I also like having to take a break. Draws it out a little more. Cute graphics.
  9. Disappointment
    Stephanie Nesper
    This has the potential to be a good game. Your stars don't carry over from other episodes. Also, you are often unable to continue until you pay from the cash you've earned within the game. Overall, I'm not impressed. Update: HATED the way the game ended. I feel like I wasted my time.
  10. Fun
    Annelize Wide
    Enjoyable game. Changing objects in the scenes is a nice twist. Great rewards when searches are completed. Rewards for completing tasks could improve ;) Thanks for the great game. And no ads an absolute bonus :)
  11. Wooga rocks!!!
    Sonny Roper
    My game restarted back to episode 1. I emailed Wooga. Not only did they restore my game back to where I was, but they gave me bonus cash. So happy to get back to my game and see what happens next with Alice.
  12. Margaret Rehwalt
    I also have a black screen and spinning circle in middle of screen. Have completely shut down an rebooted ... and the same old thing. Fix please! Love the game but hate, hate, hate the glitches.......Update.... Another update to game and still nothing but a black screen and spinning circle. I have money spent in there and haven't been able to open it in over a week. HELP me Wooga!
  13. Love love it
    Asanda Hejana
    I don't even watch TV anymore, am addicted!
  14. Love it,but
    Lisa Hartzell
    The game is great. But the only thing i hate is that when you finish a level and you have not finished each searh area. And you have to wait to download the next level YOU CAN'T FINISH THE SEARCH AREAS IN THAT LEVEL. YOU HAVE TO WAIT FOR THE DOWNLOAD TIME TO END, GET THE NEW LEVEL THEN SELECT BACK TO LAST LEVEL TO COMPLETELY FINISH THE AREA. It would be nice to be able to finish the area while waiting for the time to run down. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!!!!!!!! If you do then i will Give you 5 stars again.
  15. Richard Jone
    Great game! This game rocks and is fantastic - however since the last update I haven't been able to get back on. All I see is a spinning dot and the game doesn't load. Please fix this as others are having the same issue.
  16. Annoying
    Richard Bone
    Episode 22 set in Australia is offensive and disrespectful. We do not have those animals or artifacts here. And the noose is just completely inappropriate.
  17. So, now what?
    Jenn Laske
    As someone else said... Should we wait for more? I was expecting Pete to actually be Oberon and have more things happen in the dream world but no... That's a hint, Wooga
  18. Won't load
    david harding
    Fun game. Great time waster. Thanks for fixing the game
  19. Agent Alice
    Maara McLaughlin-Ioata
    Awesome game. What now after episode 26? This game is the only one to keep me interested long enough to play it to the end. Waiting periods from one finished episode to the next was somewhat lengthy to begin with. Earning stars could suck up energy bars pretty quick also, if you got carried away. Wooga should do more games like this. Graphics & music were fabulous.
  20. Frozen
    Clair Kuczek
    Completed level, then nothing....frozen screen. Told tech people and still not fixed after nearly 3 weeks. I keep losing my bonus energy trying. And now they are quiting. No more levels. Done. Whats going on? Not deserving of any stars when you can't even play because it still remains frozen.