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Ye Wang | CEO at Doodle Mobile

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istar shen | Game Pirate

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zhe cui | Game Developer - Doodle Mobile

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Zhixing (istar) Shen | Mobile Games Pirate

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Reviews 47,687

  1. Just horrible
    David Holloway
    I like the idea but it's just horrible. Only outfield hits? Had a no hitter through 2 then all the sudden they could hit.
  2. Galaxy s3
    Justin Blowe
    Lots of fun,sometimes spending coins on increasing the probability of quick time is a waste of money, spent 4000 and didnt even get one in the 4 games,also upgrades seem to do nothing for your players
  3. Pretty bad.
    Dustin Young
    Gets very boring in a short amount of time. You can upgrade batting but not pitching. Drives to the outfield go for singles when they should be doubles. Very repetitive in both career and quick play. All the players look the same. Graphics are generic for this day and age. Stick with nine innings pro baseball. At least you can upgrade everything and really manage your team.
  4. It's okay.
    Kevin Akers
    Could be much better. Gets worse with every new level. When you upgrade, it seems like you're upgrading the other team's level of play not yours.
  5. A little bit confusing
    edzchuls Schmitz
    Nice game but its hard to play because you can't actually figure out how the pitcher throw the ball...and why you have to swipe 3 buttons to hit it.
  6. Still too easy
    Joshua Lloyd
    It's a great game but it gets repetitive when I'm winning the game in the first inning. Tip: once you get to level 3 in batting and have the coin just combine the power, extra ruin for home runs, and double coin easy 12k coins and you will always win in the first inning.
  7. Runs out of gameplay fast.
    Nate Parker
    As others have notice while you can keep playing as long a you want in theory, in reality it pretty quickly becomes boring. There are no new pitches, no way to upgrade the pitching, and your opponents get exponentially more difficult as you go along.
  8. Finally!!!
    Matthew Artero
    Ive been waiting for a baseball game....Guess what here it is....if your into basball.Then enjoy a simple and easy fun game with this app.Its not only a time killer but alot of fun.
  9. They like fk. This game don't let me win
    Ulfa Dwiyanti
    You said we need faster to get hit farther? I move faster then I miss the gesture. When I get the gesture, my ball is always caught. And why is pitching is easier than batting? I scored 4 ahead and then rival beat it with 9 ahead. What the fvck am I supposed to think?
  10. Got bored quick
    Dustin Gillan
    Its alright could have been designed better you can only go so far on this game thats why im uninstalling it to bad though this could have been an awesome game
  11. No game has ever irritated me more.
    mike mitchell
    This is the worst game in history. Every freaking time I'm pitching with one strike left for an out, they hit it to the wall for a double.. every time no matter what u throw. When your batting you only hit pop flys to the outfield, over n over n over. All this after I upgraded, I was scoring 20 plus runs a game before upgrade, after, I was hitting nothing but pop flys. Garbage.
  12. Did they really require me to rate them 5 stars
    lindsay thomas
    I think its blame that they ask you to give them 5 stars to unlock the next level. The game is fun. But I would of given it a 4 star
  13. LOVE IT
    Steve H.
    I started the game over. I ended up on level 36, Between 3,500 and 4,000 fans. Good stuff. LOVE THIS GAME 100,000,000 stars..Really no joke. Did good job making this game
  14. Sweet game
    ray r
    Cool an easy baseball game great to kill time if u got time to spare
  15. Easy but thrilling.
    Derrick Hughes
    Game needs to at least change the batters side of hitting and scoreboard is stuck in same batter #
  16. Good time killer
    Cody Beeler
    Fun game. Great for killing time. Like other people have said it can get boring and repetitive. I still enjoy it though.
  17. Bad? Who said it was bad?
    For a cellphone game, it's what I expected. Is doesn't deserve anything less than a 3 star rating because it is fun. Not like a 2K game but it's fun to pass up time. I will give it 5 stars because I am sure once I play it more, I will be even more impressed!
  18. More
    Jay Smith
    I would like to see more to it like naming and customizing your team and actually go up against different teams in different stadiums and earn more gold coins
  19. Stressfull and fails to work
    Kenneth Wright
    Moves are far too complex and confusing(right for left, that sort of thing)to get right, combined with the timing requirment of the npc pitcher(you dont get enough reaction time) makes playing and having fun practically well as that repetative gameplay means even if you somehow master how to play this, you wont have any fun.
  20. Awesome
    Joshua Murray
    Love baseball games. This one is fast, easy to play and fun.


What`s new

1) Fixed some minor bugs of the game
2) Made the career mode a little more difficult
TIPS: The faster you complete the gesture, the farther you can hit the ball.


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