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  1. Cool game but...
    Kelvin Windsor
    When I first download Music Hero, I was really looking forward to it but sadly I wasn't. When I play a pop song, there total score doesn't feel with the pattern and when a pop song finished it restart the progress. That is why Im uninstalling this game
  2. Cool game
    Karyn Williams
    Such a cool game! I can play online or offline n in the car, dont matter. while im listening to my favorite songs in my music library.
  3. Really cool, but lags a little.
    Eclipcia Darkmoon
    I love this game. But playing Through the Fire and Flames on Expert apparently broke it. x3 It was still playable but the notes lagged during that song and for every one after that, making it a /bit/ harder to play. A fix would be much appreciated. :)
  4. Exact Fun!
    Kumar Kunal
    This is awesome. What I was looking for was actually something like OSU but on phone its not so good. But on the other hand , this, is really what I was looking for! And not forgetting to mention, I got my max combo of 435 , feels so good!!!
  5. The fret board goes by too fast for my fingers
    Joshua Caine
    Add a slow fret board feature and ill play it im uninstallin will install again when the game is fixed
  6. 4/5
    Andrew SwiftFox
    It's really challenging game on highest difficulty, but with custom songs buttons dont go along with song and u dont reaally feel music. So I will stay with 4 of 5 for now.
  7. Great game!
    Di Li
    Fun for a guitar hero knock off. Whats more is that you can use tracks already on your device! My only complaint is that it doesnt have 5 notes like guitar hero/rock band, if that were to happen and the game could still run smoothly it would be golden.
  8. Great but
    Aldrin Ramirez
    Pls fix the combo. When to consecurite notes fall at the same time and you only manage to hit the the otjer one, the combo still xounts evem if you missed.
  9. Great fun!
    Thomas Kirk
    Best thing about this app is that you can use any song in your music library. For me that outweighs the fact that the notes aren't perfectly synchronized and are a bit random. Would like the option to toggle on or off some sound effects on top of the music.
  10. Great
    thoriq rahman
    It's good but there are only 3 songs you can play and no way to download for more. Using your own song isn't as good as the original songs.
  11. Carissa Cole
    Guitar Hero meets rock band on a tablet or smartphone but the best part u get 2 use ne song u want or like u can play the only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is bc I like it to record scores/ leaderboard even if it's just on the device itself because without that it takes the competition aspect away from trying to beat ur personal best or against friends u play against unless you screenshot to save your score every time.. plez consider this update but its still great app without it but 5 star with
  12. Please
    Velma O'Neal
    I really like you game but when you turn the game on there is this wild song that is playing. It just gets on your nervers! It takes a relaxing few minutes that you have and turns it stressful while you are picking your song! Could you please put it so you can turn that song off and maybe give the choice of somthing more mellow. So you look forward to getting on the game instead of dreading to hear that song. If you could fix this I would play it a whole lot more! Other than that it is a great game.Thanks!
  13. 4 stars only ;)
    Jewel Sophie
    It's cool , fun , time killer , and a battery saver , but , there's only ONE piece of problem. I wish the beat of my music (like claps , beats) and the buttons we press are on the same melody. I notice somehow that if I still don't press the buttons while playing , The song is still going on :/ Please match the beats for 5 stars ;) Thanks
  14. Awesome
    Holly Monn
    I've been looking for so long for a game like this and it doesn't disappoint. Best feature of course is that you can play songs already on your device. It's challenging fast paced and fun. Have had no problems playing it so far. Highly recommend!
  15. Great game !
    Cevin Polaric
    Select music,can u fix it ? Music and beat is not same :( how greats if beat same with a music .btw nice game :D
  16. Pffft.
    Dyren Dee
    No . its not that good. only few music, plus, it doesnt even get the right note for own music track, its fuckinh random, pszzshh?!!!
  17. Good but needs improvement.
    Ruvy Ann Chua
    I like the game, i even love its high definition of colors. It can also play your music playlist. However, wouldn't it be better if the stroke will jive with the beating? By that i am more than willing to give 5 stars! :) pls improve this!
  18. Love it!
    Gareth Burton-Moore
    Love that I can use my owns songs. Little bit of lag now and then but not a real issue. Only thing that would be better is if combo wasn't so big so you could better see the notes that are next to come
  19. This was a good game
    Morgan Zolob
    I played this a while ago on my old phone and it was great. I just came back to it on my new phone, nexus 5, and the audio is super out of sync. No amount of playing with the audio sync in the settings fixes it. This is a great game and I love that you can play your own songs, but when they are multiple seconds out of sync, what's the point?
  20. Needs more
    johno wallis
    Needs more songs... its not a bad game tho. ... I don't keep music on my phone because I need the memory for other things. . Wish Tap Tap Revenge would come back online :-(


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v2.3: Fixed the crash issue of playing local music files. Thanks.
PS: Please grant read SD card permission to play local music file.

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