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Reviews 442,529

  1. Football mouse game
    Teaque Jenkins
    This is the best game ever Iit this is my favorite game ever because when I had first met this game before madden NFL mobile football like I don't be playing this game alot when I go by my Auntie house and her 5 grandkids wants to play on my phone I get the practice part over wet so they want be all like I want to play let me play so sometimes it's make me wants to throw my phone out the grandma window and make one of them go get the phone and they can have it forever I love football but I'm a girl though
  2. I love it.......
    Joanne Brown
    Because this game is so realistic it makes it so much fun this game is phenomenal and all comments should be 5 star. The only thing i get frustrated on is when i have to recieve the ball i can never make it to the touchdown so thats why when i fail that i always pick run attack and then 2 point pass thats the easiest.
  3. Ok but....
    Ty Wheeler
    The offense is so weird the best thing to do is run. When you pass it's so messed up passing is horrible. You catch it everyone freezes waits for you to stand and then run. On defense it's a disaster all you do is tackle. You can't cover and can't do nothing but tackle.
  4. Love it
    K Jo
    Honestly, I think it's great, but we need a little more teams and neater uniforms(the fat legs, skinny feet, messed up face mask). It'd also be nice for more tackling options, like an aggresive tackle (dive), conservative tackle (regular waist grab), and a ball strip tackle (fumble). But, what I think would be really cool is if we can customize uniforms. 5 star if fixed a little bit.
  5. Fun and addictive!
    Anthony Esper
    I really like this game. The idea is awesome, graphics are stunning, gameplay are nice. I have many suggestions for this game. 1- Make more tackle styles which can increase the fun. 2- Make multiplayer to be able to play with friends and players. 3- Make more type of championships to make the game more real. Finally, I just want to say that good job creating this game. Thumb up for the dev(s) ☺☺
  6. Awesome so cool
    Larue Mcmillen
    You should try it y'all it is so cool man to cool I can't stop saying cooooolllllll
  7. Sucks
    Christopher Stribling
    If you make a first down and get tackeled its not a first down. The worst yards. Who cqme up with 1st and 50? It just sucks
  8. Cool
    Paul Gautreaux
    This game is cool but I because it is better than any other football game I had but I recommend downloading it
  9. Add Online Multilayer
    Kevies Lashone
    You should add online multiplayer so I can go against my brother and then I will change my rate to a full rated
  10. Really fun game
    Dakota Mcilraith
    I think it is a great game. I don't see what people are complaining about stuff like if they lose in a tie because the game is easy but it still takes some skill
  11. Great game i have ever play
    Kaleb miller
    This game is excellent because it's free and it doesn't stop while you play. I'm a football player myself. I would recomend this game to anyone who to be a football player
  12. Fun game
    Daytn Paulo
    Best game I've played but it keeps freezing like the player will bend down and the player will frees like that but it's a good game.
  13. Fun n xcitin
    Kazeem Ojurayo
    It's interesting n addictive. But will b mo fun if mo teams n competitions could b added. Love it
  14. Great
    Seyi Onifade
    Sometimes, there are people that are not running but still tackle me. Can you fix that?
  15. MUS taqim
    I can Play football as pro as NFL player...but still need some improvement ex online wif friend -will be more exciting
  16. Cool
    Michael Swart
    Its an awesome game but would be better if you could create a player or have more dodge moves or be able to play online or with friends but is still a great game thanks creators
  17. BROKEN
    Cullen J. Grigsby
    People slide on the ground and tackle you, pass Mechanic is just awful, and so is the tilt to move garbage. Horrible app.
  18. Terrible
    Ricky Aronica
    You can't do any moves while sprinting the tackling mechanics make no sense first downs are 10 yards not f***ing 50 I would have given it a 0 if I could have!!
  19. Great game
    Kenneth H.
    It's free, kinda reminds me of retro football games. Great time killer!
  20. It's great but
    Reece McCorkindale
    I wish it would get harder each season I'd give it 5 stars if it would


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Fixed some crash bugs of the game. Thanks.

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