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Vamshi Krishna | CTO at YesGnome, LLC

Hyderabad Area, India |

Varun Raj Koppula | Game Designer at YesGnome

Hyderabad, Telangana, India |

Soumalaya Chakraborty | Game Designer at Yesgnome

Hyderabad Area, India |

Sridhar Muppidi | Mobile Social Games

San Francisco Bay Area |

Reviews 52,178

  1. Good could be better
    Edward Harper
    I like it bc I'm a star trek fan but needs lots of bug fixes. Need to fix the disconnect between cost of stuff and progress rewards. Takes forever to do certain things.
  2. Michael P
    YesGnome, Please update and fix this game!!! Star Trek Trexels is a cute resource management game set in the classic Star Trek universe. Unfortunately there are a number of bugs that prevent this from being a 4 or 5 star game. Numerous graphical glitches prop up from time to time. And - more importantly - as another user has pointed out the U.S.S Mendel mission in Sector 002 is bugged and unbeatable even by high-skilled crew members.
  3. Great Until It Isn't
    Kelli Rau
    Excellent and well thought-out game. Unfortunately every time I do the Red Alert quest for the Gray Death it says "Procedure Failed" before the timer runs out. As of 6/13/15 update, problem persists. Lowering my score since this issue has made it so I can't continue my missions and should have been fixed in most recent update. Such a disappointment, as this game has limitless promise.
  4. I'm givin' ya all she's got, captain!
    Dave Rife
    Sounded really cool, as I am a die hard TOS fan (love Takei)! But, but, but the first time I build a room , no progress is made when the app is closed. From then on, always crashes after startup cut scene. This means I CANNOT PLAY! C'mon, please fix this buggy game, it has such potential. UPDATE: After months of no play due to constant crashes, update on 06/13 gives me hope and then DASHES it to the ground. Still crashes every time it gets to start cut scene. Uninstalling.
  5. Crashes way too often
    Aaron Willman
    Great game overall... But you can't play it. Crash after crash after crash when you try to load. Played for over 2 hours day I downloaded, now I can't get it.
  6. Was ok to start with.
    Shorty Royce
    Was great at first untill all it wants off you is money for dilthium. Don't make quests that can only be completed by spending a stupid amount of cash
  7. dum
    Aiden Henderson
    You need internet connection to get "required"assets sounds like crap. to me you shouldn't have to have internet on my decise its hard as heck to get knternet conection wtf
  8. Buggy mess
    Evan Buchanan
    The 6/13 update completely destroyed my save file. The lack of online saves means I now have to start all over. With the lack of multi-device support I think I'd rather just stop playing.
  9. Crashes right away
    Jake Wolfe
    UPDATE, JUNE 14: Still auto-crashes, even after last update. --------------- Unfortunately, it crashes within about 10-15 seconds on my AT&T Galaxy S4. I'll keep it installed and wait for your fix :)
  10. Trekkie's Delight
    Arthur Armstrong
    I am thoroughly amazed by this game. It puts me inside ST:TOS universe in a way that is unrivaled. LCARS overlay ftw!
  11. earle thompson
    Feels like you're down with the crew. Well it did until I updated the game today. Now it only works when I'm online on of the best features was I could play on the subway, it worked before the update. Fix and I'll give 5 stars again we should not be forced to play online if we don't want to.
  12. For true Trek fans
    Shane Bobane
    Gameplay is really simple, but the art is super fun.
  13. vasper1269
    Awesome. Wish it wasn't a freemuim game
  14. Very cool!!
    Matheau Morgan
    Game play a little rough but it's excellent! Very Happy!
  15. Broken
    Abiezel Rojas
    Kept installed through two updated hoping the crashes would be fixed.. Latest update and it still doesn't work.. Perm.. Uninstalled.
  16. Was borderline...
    John Winningham
    But now it won't load at all. The gameplay is very repetitive if you can even call it gameplay. It is mostly clicking on something and waiting for a timer to complete. Yawn. Getting bored thinking of it. When new update kept it from loading the decision was made for me.
  17. Fun.
    Matthew Plummer
    Great music, sounds, and controls of missions.
  18. Richard Fristoe
    Fun and awesome game for any trekking fan
  19. Cam Hynds
    Crashes, screen won't move when it loads, what a pile.
  20. Great game
    Chris Carver
    Ive been waiting for a game like this for star trek i give 4 stars only for small issues when rooms get upgraded there should be a small change some where in the graphics for that room and if you buy the galaxy cruiser the bridge should look like the one for the galaxy class ship not thw constition class bridge but other than that i love it would recommend to download


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- New and Exciting Live events.
- We heard you! We’ve made extensive changes to the game balance to accelerate your progress. Now experience Trexels like never before and warp through the sectors unfolding all the adventure.
- Get exclusive content with limited time packs.
- Bug Fixes and Performance improvements.

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