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Monthly active users estimation: 225,000

Reviews 44,735

  1. Crap
    eanej nagrom
    Though the games are entertaining & somewhat fun, don't be fooled by the little incentives that are used to lure you in. The winnings are minimal, the bonuses are a joke & the the popups are annoying as hell! I won't even get into the price for coins, if you're bored, this will give you about 10 minutes of fun!
  2. Betty Morton
    Lucky win casino this has great diversity & I enjoy it immensely, however 1 problem continues to arise.. It at times will not stop spinning and then you have to turn it off and/or delete it and begin again..lose a lot of chips because of this and when an advertisement shows up just as you are about to collect coins..otherwise would recommend to anyone..lots of fun for hours....
  3. Liz cordier
    Liz Cordier
    Despite the lack of moons and payouts not what they are supposed to be..i thoroughly enjoy this game. Lost almost all my chips when i did the new update. Come on guys...whatsup with that. Not cool. Also game freezes or kicks one out. Please fix these problems. Please ZENTERTAIN can you atleast address these issues...or get back to longer a joke...feel like uninstalling game. I have come down from 350M chips to 40M in few days because of no winnings at all. No good combos or moons. Thankyou.
  4. WTF
    Lars Nyström
    1 star so far if it gets better l'll rate again.
  5. Gina Anderson
    I love the new slot games you keep adding. It's addicting! I like the fact that you are given enough chips to start with that you can actually keep playing instead of waiting 2 hours or more for the bonus.
  6. Lucky Win Casino
    Romeo Amistoso
    The apps is outstanding many games are in store for players, but , too much of repetition of commercials,showing of the game to be played.and most of the time we looses the money w/o cause and can no longer recover that me makes irritated. Thanks anyway and were hoping for change!!
  7. Mary Judy Quinto
    I luv it very colorful n more fun. Only too much interruption of share.
  8. karen jesser
    Loving it..The graphics are fantastic and I can't wait to see this slots app to be up there with the major ones...Look forward to the future
  9. Win but does not add....
    daniel craig
    By my estimate while tracking payouts not adding to my total, this app owes me millions. Took me a bit to realize it but when i did and started adding to my total when your app did hundreds of players not getting payouts and not realizing it. My last big win of 200k with the whole show of Mega last straw in totals not being added to. Crazy this app still here for being so dirty.
  10. Robin Wood
    Sorry can't give a good rating. Not able to get chips from app page on tablet 9rpc. I get abut 10 seconds an hour of play time.
  11. Chanelle Cooper
    I love this casino. I just wish the connection wouldn't keep dropping out and losing money. Also if I write a report to help I never get a response
  12. Lucky casino
    Rredriderrr Rredriderrr
    Fantastic game, spectalure graphics. Love this game. rredriderrr
  13. Gareth Crooks
    Not getting the daily bonus so it's a one star
  14. Galaxy s4
    Terrence Watson
    I can't raise or lower my bet. Please fix
  15. Ok casino
    Aud Martin
    Keeps freezing on the adds not playable was fine until last update.
  16. So far so good
    David Steele
    Has good wins and the games are fun, hopefully it stay's like this
  17. Terrible Customer Service
    Jennifer Thurmond
    This app was something to do when waiting in line or at a doctor's office but it starting crashing before it would even log in. I've reported it approximately 8 times but customer service never got back to me. Deleting this app now
  18. not bad at all
    bit of fun, cool graphics and a fair few machines
  19. Gr8
    Carol Odgaard
    Very enjoyable and so far problem free. Thankyou
  20. Retired ad a serious player.
    Barbara Palacios
    Couldn't ask for anything bettet. Hourly bonuses and have a great variety of slots to fit just about anyone. Very dependable for hours of enjoyment without commercials interrupting your game.


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