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ceasers solts 777


Reviews 20,856

  1. Upgrade not working
    Kristy Mayo
    New tournament games don't pay on bonuses. Had to reload app and lost all credits. Use to love this app, not any longer.
  2. April Adams
    Had to start come level 1 after your new upgrade. Tournament won't pay when you win. I really liked this slot. Not now.
  3. Glenda Hinojosa
    For months I played this & almost up to earning 500 stars on the treasure chest extra, along w being able to hit another level, only for my account to freeze up the entire weekend!! I reported it so you know who I am! Here's hoping that you take note of it & give me back my last account! I re-installed and it went back to the very 1st level! I enjoyed this game but I do not enjoy the excitement of ALMOST getting to the highest level only to....... restart! I
  4. Update no good
    Wendy Simpkin
    Can't open this game at all since the update. Please fix. Am at the last level, so if I have to reinstall, I shall be uninstalling. Thank you.
  5. Carol Merkel
    I spent money to buy coins and the app froze and I lost my money
  6. Great
    Linda Steffan
    Tons of fun I love it my #1 fav
  7. Great Game
    Irina Bakman
    It's fun and it pays pretty good .
  8. Great bonuses, fun games,and good payouts.
    Andrew Vlewis
    All the apps are great, you can't go wrong with hourly bonuses. Alot of fun for hours!!!!!!!
  9. frank ordaz
    Noticeable win/lose pattern; does not always give bonus when icons appear; will only give big wins or mega wins when low betting, usually after it takes all your credits and automatically low bets for you. This true for other games by this "creator". The most annoying feature is the constant bombardment of other apps during play. Pretty penguins tho, i let my 1 year old grandson entertain himself with these games because they are not at an adult level. Cheaters.
  10. wrong name
    I have had 1.9 billion tokans on this game and now they are 4.5 billion. Double up the big wins thats how. You must risk to gain
  11. Joyce Dean Odom
    Lots of wins keeps the playing going still lots of big big wins. Won 12,000,000 yes 12,000,000 now I have almost triple that !!! Love this game !!! Thanks !!! Again today I am winning millions of points !!! Never a cent have I spent !!! Still winning !!!! MILLIONS at a time !!! THANKS
  12. Great graphics, but WAY too many pop-ups!
    Vanessa MontesDeOca-Rabb
    This game is all about pop-ups, install it and you'll see what I mean.
  13. Todd Kramer
    Win then lose and advertising would b 5star game if it didn't take back what u win so fast
  14. Slot bonanza
    Lauren Scarborough
    Gives big wins a lot and the bonus games are fun too. Has started showing too many ads even in the middle of your game.
  15. LOVE IT!
    Sam Penn
    What would make this game even better for those of us who play on our cell phones (& there are a lot of us) is to have the ability to close a slot game that we don't play to allow us to go further in the game. Once i get so far, I have to uninstall because i have no room & my phone slows down in all aspects including the game . Ran out of space, just had to delete
  16. Dark Angel
    Gold fish casino slots ad freezes my game everytime it comes up....only ad that does that
  17. Isam Alkhalil
    Great game except for not giving me the winning amount .stole from me my winning the metar kept running put me in a defrent page I lost my winning. Stuped shetting.
  18. Rose Young
    Don't really like slot games.....but this one is kool
  19. Poor win rate
    Al Oram
    Why bother? Win rate sucks. No rewards. To many inaps
  20. Barry Christian
    Love ur games the best have no problems with the game


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