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Bill Lucarelli | Vice President Global Sales and Marketing at Zepp Labs, Inc.

Greater Denver Area |

Zheng Han | Founder & CEO, Zepp Labs

San Jose, California |

李栋 (lidong) | Zepp Labs, Inc. - Hardware Developer

北京 海淀区 |

Patrick Shea | Product Manager/ Evangelist for Zepp Golf

San Francisco Bay Area |

Reviews 2,238

  1. Good app
    brad Landau
    Takes some getting used to but bear with it. Make sure you listen to the videos to get a better understanding. For this of you who are scepticle. It does work. Be patient and learn it first
  2. glenn cote
    This device has been very informative and helpful. It has help my swing improve and my handicap drop 7 stroke in one year... I intend to keep using the zepp and improving my golf swing.
  3. Good takes a little getting used to.
    Mike Virley
    Great way to analyse your swing but need to update club manufacturer selection.
  4. Great app
    Sajjad Dewji
    Goes great with zepp golf device. Really improved my game, & shows me my errors.
  5. Great App.
    Jason Attfield
    Great for swing analysis. Can see your mistakes and work on correcting them. Great video tutorials. This app is a must for any level golfer.
  6. The First Tee Coach
    John Griston
    The Zepp Golf App has allowed me to show my advanced students the correct swing path and hand positions at an earlier stage in forming their golf swings. Great training tool !!
  7. Lost Sensor
    Stuart Birkinbine
    Love the app. Use this for baseball and golf. If using for golf I would suggest taping the sensor to your glove. Lost mine on the golf course after a swing.
  8. Some unexpected navigation
    Tee REX
    Many times the back icons will close the app instead of going to the next screen. Otherwise,an excellent learning tool. Try it you'll like it.
  9. Rick O'Shea
    What every golfer needs in an easy to use will fit your needs to a "tee"!
  10. Nate Webster
    Love it just wish i knew why i am still slicing with an in to out club path now
  11. Great Golf Gizmo
    C MAC
    Was bought this little yellow box of tricks for my birthday, although I was looking at Swingbyte 2 I'm more than happy with Zepp, it records my swings very consistenly and only drops connection when the battery gets low, not sure how accurate the device is on trackman my 6 iron speed is around 87 on Zepp it's 90 Mph.
  12. Awesome tech toy
    Anthony Chu
    Bought this toy for a week now been tinkering my swing plane a lot.1 week I've already swung 3381 my handi drop from 20 to 16 under bogey player now. Very happy with result. I suggest using before course for warm up getting your golf mojo sync.
  13. Amazing
    Andrew Knight
    One week in and I'm already seeing the improvements to my swing
  14. Kraiwin Chaiyanajit
    good app and drill to practice after learning how your swing look like
  15. Zepp Golf
    Robert Gibbs
    Particularly liked the insights sent by Zepp that tell you about swing aspects not shown in the app data
  16. Wireless Zone Lincroft
    Great tool to self evaluate your swing while practicing or playing
  17. Please panoramic view for tablets
    Carlos Villanueva
    Could be possible to upgrade this app with the capability to allow us to see it in our tablet devices in a panoramic view? Mine is Galaxy S (android sistem). Thanks
  18. Excellent instantaneous feedback
    John Emron Tripp
    Gives great feedback on each swing. Super valuable. Perfect coach.
  19. Great app
    Jason Nichols
    It's great at showing you your swing flaws and helping you correct them. You must have the zepp device to get the most out of it.
  20. Great app
    Alex Becker
    This app has helped me so much


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