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ink pad
دفتر مذكرات
دفتر ملاحظات
دفتر يوميات
مذكره للكتابه
يوميات دفتر يوميات


Monthly active users estimation: 5,000,000

Reviews 33,467

  1. Slow to type
    There (as far as I've come across) an unlimited amount of type space for notes but the type on the page takes a while. You can write a full sentence and wait 15 seconds for it to appear on the screen.
  2. Gianluca Ercolano
    It's not a bad app, but the only problem as is when I'm done writing my note I should be cable of share it in to my email. Fix it if you can thanks
  3. Margaret Burt
    I could not find a way to save entered info. Still looking for a program suitable for notes on things to discus with physician
  4. Great
    Roses Faith
    The note pad is great but the date keeps saying 14/6/2015. The year is right but I don't write on the 6th day and I never knew we had 14 month or else I'll still be in school but other then that, they jus need to fix the date but everything else is great
  5. Good for the most part
    Kara Daswani
    I love it! But its so slow! It won't type fast or at your pace, it takes so long, which also makes it hard to notice any typing errors you made until you finish your entire sentence. Please fix that!!!!!
  6. Amazingly simple!
    Kassandra Simpson
    It's amazing! I've been needing an app that doesn't take up space. I love typing lyrics of songs, poems, short stories, and even letters to my friends. People are complaning about how you can't send them in e-mails, but you can copy and paste. People say that it lags but it does fine for me. Thank you for such an outstanding app!
  7. Very simple and effective app.
    Bhajanpreet Singh
    No ads and no demand on memory. Can we save notes as '.txt'? This will help us to use notes in various applications.
  8. Gr8t app
    ademi adedeji
    This app is brilliant. I love it but plz can u plz work on the fact that it is soooo slow. Apart from that this is a gud app. And i recommend any1 who is into typing to get this app!!!! Xoxo
  9. Notebook
    Rebecca Gliserman
    I love this APP. It is easy to use. List view or text view. Takes minimal space on system and needs No special permissions. None. And I can move pages from the app to facebook, email, anywhere basically. Very pleased. If an app contains complex instructions, I won't use it.Perfect for me.
  10. Notes to remember
    Shorty Smienaim
    I have used this on many of my devices in the past . And what my man and I need it for , it works great :)
  11. wow do fast!
    LPS Makenzie
    took only 5seconds to install! i dont blame other devices i got a tablet with keyboard lol
  12. super easy
    Cory Jackman
    install and write. everything is saved automatically when you backspace. to delete, hold down on the note to delete and it'll say, delete. not sure on cutting and pasting yet:)
  13. Super application.
    Arno Vyvey
    This is a very usefull application for people that are used to Apple's notebook. The only thing they have to update is whenever I want to view one of my notes the keyboard pops up as well. This is the only downside I have found about this application so far. To make things short, I give a rate of 4.5/5. The application isn't perfect, but considering the 30Kb it is by far one of the best Android applications available in this category.
  14. It's ok
    Danielle Burgett
    I don't like that every time you go into an old note that it changes to today's date. But other than that I haven't any issues.
  15. Simple
    John Mark Datingaling
    Like the simple note. It's just notes. If you know what I mean.
  16. Not good for writing stories
    jhon doe
    The note books typing gets slower and slower as I type more until it starts to freeze
  17. Note book
    Robin Sturgill
    Nice app but I like to make lists to be able to check off items as I finish them and you can't do that with this app. I like the page that looks like the legal pad.
  18. App is o.k.
    Michelle Burton
    Had to figure out how to save docs. Hovered over the the doc title and the word notepad (although not sure which one ) and a menu appeared. Clicked on the word DONE and doc was saved.
    Nirizy Mendez
    This app lets me write all my songs and poems without wasting ink or paper.
  20. Cool and useful
    being awesome 24/7
    It works well but I'm wondering when is the next update


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