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Artemis Kyrri | Medical Doctor

Cyprus |

Philippos Leandrou | CIO at Bank of Cyprus

Cyprus |

Elli Leonti Hadjiyianni | CRO at Bank of Cyprus Factoring Division

Cyprus |

Irene Constantinou | Manager Deputy CEO & COO's office at Bank of Cyprus

Cyprus |

Reviews 3,125

  1. Not bad but needs a lot of improvements
    Leantros K.
    I try to login nothing happens, when i m navigating while logged in I get disconnected with no reason. Many bugs - unstable version.
  2. Kamil Strapko
    Slow, doesn't fit perfectly on all types of phone. Looks like app for window 98.... Not like for year 2015
  3. It ok BUT
    Antonis Theodorides
    It could be better, more advance ,more friendly user.
  4. Needs Improvements
    Yiannis Tsoutsoukis
    The Graphic User Interface must be improved
  5. Apoel
    Christos Eliadis
    Afou tha iparxei kai episima sponarisma me APOEL valte enimerosi kai epiprostheta ofelimata gia tis kartes ....
  6. Συγχαριτηρια
    Nikos Demetriou
    Μια ευχαριστη αναβαθμηση. Για πρωτη φορα η εφαρμογη ειναι προσβασιμη και στους τυφλους που χρησιμοποιουν τον αναγνωστη οθονης talkback.
  7. Γίνεται καλύτερο, αλλά...
    Alkis Palamas
    Υπάρχουν μικρές λεπτομέρειες που κάνουν την εφαρμογή πιο λειτουργική, Π.χ. το πληκτρολόγιο να πηγαίνει αυτοματα στους αριθμούς όταν βάζουμε κωδικούς.
  8. Simos Katsiaris
    it's slow, uses a bad paradigm since it's a webkit instance calling a mobile view for the site, this need to rewritten from scratch and use native forms that will be filled by json over an encrypted and secure connection, until then don't expect more than 2 stars
  9. Need improvement
    Roni Soren
    The app is very slow and it suppose to be better quality to represent the biggest bank in cyprus. The please wait page is useless because it take 1 min to load and if I don't want to wait simply I can touch the screen!!!!!
  10. Html5
    Demetris Antoniou
    Πολυ φτηνιαρικο αππ. Δεν το θεωρω ασφαλες ειδικα επειδη μονο αριθμους δεχεται σαν username και password. Security fail.
  11. Not working on LG G3
    Christina Procopiou
    After the latest update the application is not working on LG G3
  12. Ужасно
    Ярослав Нечепоренко
    Кривой дизайн, долгая загрузка. Не интуитивный интерфейс
  13. Rubbish!
    Gordon Frank
    Even less functionality than the website, which itself is pathetic. Also practically unusable unless you only have one account or can remember which account numbers correspond to which accounts. As soon as I finish this review I'm going to uninstall it - I don't hold much hope of improvement as it's been around two years and is still useless.
  14. non practical
    Kypros Chryasnthis
    needs a pin security system implied, using ur personal info not very secure if in public places, slow start up, opens in a non useful part of it needs alot of work
  15. Great APP easy work flow !!
    Gunti Killerpoker
    if somebody doesn't like this app is an idiot... this app has all important features to make payments... control ur account... and lots of more stuff... !!! so far 5 out of 5...
  16. Terrible app
    Rebecca Menelaou Kassapi
    Even worse than the web version if that is possible! Laiki had a great site version and you guys opted for mediocrity once again!
  17. Ioanna Macridou
    The best applic 4 m. I lv it vr much.
  18. Ioannis Ioannou
    Needs to be native android app and not HTML
  19. Excellent
    Paul Allery
    Gives access to all accounts and the ATM finder is very useful.
  20. Need some work
    Giorgos Christodoulou
    Need some work . Better UI and more convenient for the users.


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