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gmx network | GMX NETWORK

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  1. Writing e-mails is slow
    Simone Drose-Schneider
    I think since 3.0.7 writing e-mails is really slow (my mails are a couple hundred words long) and line breaks are not saved (no matter what size the mail), when saving all text is one solid block.
  2. Great Email App.
    Andrew Brennan
    Doesn't hog resources or slow down the phone. Very efficient and simple to use.
  3. ..... outstanding as always.
    Chickov A
    Always loved this gmx mail app, hoping that gets better to give similar options as desktop version.
  4. Contact Sync Doesn't Seem to Work
    Jason Grover
    Contact Sync Doesn't Seem to work. Should be pretty straight forward but for whatever reason it is not. Other then that, the email part of the app works great.
  5. Super genial
    Might Sousen
    Maravilloso, aùn no le encuntro ningun fallo... Muchas gracias por esta estupenda aplicación.
  6. Adds
    Mark Bowers
    People don't want to pay to upgrade am email account. Please remove all the adds and promos
  7. n1
    Ulap Gubat
    but please make a material design version too, pleeeeeaaase :)
  8. Can't send emails!
    chris foster
    Reinstalled app and no longer able to send emails & no way of manual setting up servers, just get the message use login button for this acct! In settings there is no outgoing server options???
  9. What has happened to this app?!!
    Ra Hsay
    This app used to worke great, I really liked it, but now last few months the updates have totally messed it up!!! Its slow, doesn't delete emails right away & keeps showing my recently deleted email as new mail, even though I keep deleting them over and over again!! its just not smooth at all, very disappointed!! Why try to fix something that is not broken?!! Leave the app alone when it was working great!
  10. Good
    Paul D Troy
    Better than Samsung email app, which is dodgy at sync. Yours is fast simple and effective. Sync is good.
  11. Does not work any more
    Gan Ainm
    Since updating my Nexus 7 to Lollipop I cannot log into GMX with this app any more. Using the browser with the same credentials works, however. There is no way to to any configuration because you're always redirected to the login button, which does not work! What a crappy app!
  12. GMX Mail app is Not Compatible With All MY Devices
    O. Lee Brandhagen
    GMX Mail app works fine on my Nexus 5 and Nexus 6 phones. It also works great on my Nexus 7 tablet. However, I cannot get it installed on my Nexus 9 tablet or my Samsung Note 3 phone. Google Play says the GMX Mail app is not compatible with those two devices. What's up with that? Please take care of this issue so I can install this app on all my devices. Thanks.
  13. Can't send mails
    Ingmar K.
    Can't send mails since weeks. And this in a dedicated mail app. Seriously?
  14. What Happened?
    Ashley Crane
    I've had this app for a while and lately I haven't been able to delete my emails. I've tried to delete the same emails like 5 times today. They keep reappearing the next time I go to fetch new emails. So annoying.
  15. Felicia Charles
    Great app! Very easy to use, i will recommend it this to everyone
  16. Getting worse
    Vaiva B.
    With each update the app gets slower and slower. Now it takes forever to update/sync the folder, and the sync itself doesn't work correctly - emails that are displayed in the web version are not displayed in the app.
  17. Nice App but high battery consumption...
    It's draining the battery while running in the background...
  18. Good app but
    cosaj mine
    It always asks for a password and even if enter the password it asks for the password again
  19. Jayjoe
    Jayjoe Shoo
    Founder Of Eyesees Pictures C.E.O VFX Producer Music Director Editor TV Producer Sound Engineer Graphics Designer Entrepreneur
  20. Update funktioniert nicht!!!
    Stanley Walter
    War sonst eigentlich immer voll zufrieden mit, aber seit dem letzten Update funktioniert die Anwendung jedesmal nicht mehr. Zeigt mir dann immer nur noch einen weißen Bildschirm und oben die Taskleiste. So dass ich die App jetzt schon zum Dritten mal De- und wieder installieren musste. Das nervt schon ganz schön! Also bitte reparieren!!! Ich bin Nutzer eines Mororola Atrix Smartphones.


What`s new

✔ Mail: Fixed crash which occurred while replying to encrypted mails
✔ Performance and stability improvements



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