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  1. Doesnt work all the time
    Achraf Soltani
    Love notes do not seem to be validated, no way to check or get stats, and deja-vu is stuck for a week now and I didnt disable internet or gps
  2. Alright
    Christopher Solok
    Like tinder with some extra stuff. 5 star if it catches on like tinder did
  3. Buggy?
    Oliver Svenstrøm
    How is the Deja Vu section filtered? Because so far i found 4 girls in all those men and also 3 male friends who i know are not looking for men...
  4. Cool idea but
    Anas Er-rady
    It's a wonderful idea but some punks using it to kiss ass and laughing at others.
  5. I used to love it not anymore
    soukaina elhamrani
    Je poste des FM mais ça se publient pas c'est quoi ce délire si je peux pas publier des FM alors à quoi sert cette application
  6. Nice b8 m8 I r8 8?
    Lex Prettymood
    They told me to r8 5.. Nice b8 m8 I r8 8? Nice app tough!
  7. Cemtexify
    You have to have 25 characters just to message someone
  8. HTC one m8
    Won't let me sign up through Facebook or email.
  9. einfach nein, liebe spotted-app-macher
    Christoph Rackwitz
    und hoert auf, die FB gruppen zu belaestigen
  10. Great App
    Handre Cronje
    This is a great app but please allow us to view both men and women at the same time.
  11. Sausage festival
    Callum Cain
    Sausage festival. You really want money for this?? Its too expensive
  12. Its good
    Spart yao
    Well its full of deffirent people and taste
  13. Dave Mayot-Gagné
    It would be nice if it was in real-time syncing. You write a post and it's like if you posted it 6hrs ago.... There's some other bugs too on refreshs. Needs power improvement too....the app drains the batt very fast.
  14. Battery sucker
    Bex Whisky
    The app is cool and the people you meet here are nice too. The only problem I have is how much energy this app needs. It gets also quite irritating when you post a flirt message and you get so many replies.
  15. Doesn't work
    Callum Jones
    Had it for a week and despite being out and about every day hasn't matched up once
  16. Drains battery
    Maximus Vladmir
    This app is one of the worst battery guzzlers I've ever had.
  17. Cool App
    Naveen Thakur
    App is Nyc but very less people are on this app. Comeon folks join and show your talent :D
  18. Really good
    Paulo Cesar Sotelo Camposeco
    Nice application for meeting people around you
  19. At first it work
    Drew Mcpherson.
    The first couple days it worked and lots of people showed up on it, I even met one of them but now even when everything is on no new people have showed up in like a week and it has not updated the fact that the people who do show up or a week and a half ago not 20 hours. not sure what is wrong but something isn't working right.
  20. Wow, one of the best apps for singles
    Raffael S. Haberland
    I love this app, you can find people you passed by and can chat with them.