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Xavier Liard | CEO at Playdigious

Paris und Umgebung, Frankreich |

Xavier Liard | CEO at Playdigious

Région de Paris, France |

Romain Tisserand | Co-Founder, CTO at Playdigious

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Nicolas Lejeune | Product Manager at Playdigious

Région de Paris, France |

Reviews 5,017

  1. Adorable!
    Polar Black
    Very charming little game that's great for burning some free time.
  2. OMG What a game
    Jay the Dewott
    Very unique game animation is very sweet and artistic storyline is not bad but could use work
  3. Carol Reed
    Its a very fun game. Ever since you changed it. Great game.
  4. Love it!!!
    Gaby Bunch
    Rakoo is so cute!!! But its kinda hard to control it and please make more hats otherwise its great and so cute!!
  5. Raheel shah
    Make somr more power ups or updrade of power up....
  6. Cutest game evvvvvver!!!
    a sells
    Find your true love and cute animations so you can say...AWWWWWW!
  7. Oh my what a game!!!
    Andre Patterson Jesus89
    I love everything about this game so unique so fresh! Please add outfits for karoo!!!
  8. Not bad
    Chayn Oni
    Not bad of a game, I'm not fund of running games usually but I do enjoy it.
  9. It's good
    Ashes Rivera
    This is a fun and cool game. I recommend it to kids, and adults!
  10. M Gunawan
    cute! though control is a bit difficult. rooted s4 mini 4.4.2 stock TMZ XXUCNK5.
  11. Tiarra Shields
    I love this game rakoo is so cute
  12. An Enjoyable Adventure
    It has wonderful gameplay and good looking graphics. Its simple yet entertaining plot helped me guide the little guy on his adventure. The only gripe I have it the unlocks ( hats). The were not that impressive but besides that it's a great running game!
  13. Fun and charming.
    Woodwolves Games
    Entertaining with mild to modertaly challenging game play and light hearted graphics. There are a couple issues: 1. Three black lines run along the borders of the fore, mid, and back layers of the background in each and every stage. Annoying and unkempt. 2. There is a glitch in the stages that introduce a new pet. If you hit the replay button and continue onto playing the stage, you won't get the pet or even the option to have any pet during the session. You have to exit the stage, reenter, and suffer the tutorial again. Though, the good news is once you beat the stage the glitch will not bother again until the next new pet.
  14. Beautiful, great gameplay...In short: a very good game.
    Tony Tiger
    Rakoo is a lovely heroe and the game is fun ans well balanced I just would have love to see more animated sequences because the art is just amazing.
  15. Rakoos adventure
    Kris Leonard
    Great game. One of the only games i play.
  16. Unable to play.
    Derek Paraniak
    It loads the loading screen. Although, it just stays like that for 15 minutes.
  17. It's quite enjoyable.
    Melinda Yeh
    I haven't gotten too far into the game but it's fairly relaxing up to this point
  18. Won't let me play
    Liah Shanae
    It just sits and loads it won't let me actually do anything
  19. Whyyyy
    Sniper Arellano
    My rakoos adv. Only stuck on hello world its not moving. How. Long will i wait this fcking hello world.....curse this game promise
  20. What can I say
    Andrew Dean
    This is a perfect game perfect well made runing game there is just one bug I saw throughout the intire game and its that Rakoo turns invisible sometime but it does not hinder the game at all. It is very challenging later in game and the extra lives really help. 15 lives for just 5000 flowers can get you out of a bind like the final boss


What`s new

- Android TV
- Controller support
- Diamonds balancing
- Bug fixes