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  1. Very Enjoyable!
    Greg Ellis
    This game is really a lot of fun. It gives you the ability to play three hands at once, which makes this game entertaining, while being challenging and fun, too. Also, it's ad free. I hope the developers of this app keep up the excellent work!
  2. Very accurate to real game play.
    Shaun Mclain
    To the moron that's talking smack about this game. It is just a game for you if you cant get ahead. Do not step foot in a real casino because they make all their money off idiots such as you. When your ready to take this seriously pick up a book, study, and do some research. This app is the best.
  3. I think they cheat
    Mark D
    I NEVER get a face card when I double down! Also, I wish my chips didn't disappear when I put them on the table.
  4. Good
    Thomas Bugg
    Works well with few glitches. Negatives: Small, hard to read numbers, and too lax rules when splitting aces.
    Matt Seeley
    The worst blackjack game I have installed. Completely rigged for you to lose, every time I play the dealer gets multiple blackjack back to back over and over before I even get one.
  6. Blackjack addict
    Bubba Pugh
    The dealer gets alot of 20's, but if I was this lucky at a real tableI could quit my day the app
  7. Dealer Streaks Too Often
    Mike Bogan
    Tired of dealer hitting nothing but 20, 21, Blackjack literally hand after hand. If you turn off the cheats there is no way you get ahead in this game. Uninstalled.
  8. Dealer cheats
    Kripto Nite
    Dealer gets a face card a huge percentage of the time. It does have a few fun settings...overall a good fun waste of time, well done.
  9. Perfect!
    DC12345 Colb
    Great-customizable, no permissions. Complaints about non-randomness seem unfounded. It is a bit small on smartphone, but in landscape mode it's easy to see. I like the table-like setup which seems like good practice for real thing.
  10. Great bj. Pretty realistic in terms of the cards being delt. Plus require nothing in terms of personal info.
    Teenoo Tang
    Great game. Fast. Realistic. A few rules are off such as aces split can get more than one card. Otherwise money. People complaining about it being rigged to when u bet big. Don't know how to play. Like in Vegas when the dealers hot bet low or less or more a hand. Easy to reload to table min 1000. Any time ur funds get low. Even has a cheat (magic) mode. For which I wouldn't use. What's the point if u win by cheating. Best multi bj. Won as much as 11000 w/o cheats
  11. Unrealistic
    Martyn Symons
    i have seen literally millions of hands of Blackjack and the way the cards are dealt in certain circumstances is repeated and unrealistic. What can be so hard about just setting the cards randomly at the beginning of a game. instead, the game has obviously been manipulated to do the same thing in certain situations. If that was sorted out it would be one of the better games. Would also like to see $500 chips too.
  12. Could use some improvements
    Lutz T
    There is no limit to the bets but I need to manually drag 100's from my stack to the betting circle. Needs to drag 100 times for a 10,000 bet
  13. Worthwhile Download
    Erik V
    Fun game. Good mix of hands from the dealer. Seems pretty realistic
  14. Great app!
    Kim Waskom
    Fun game, reliable app. Improving my game play skill.
  15. Fun Fun Fun
    Rhys Stanton
    Typicaly blackjack can get boring. Not this game at all. I love this game, and I hope you will too.
  16. Needs options
    Jacob Kornit
    Can't set it for 1 card after splitting aces. You lose surrender if split is available. Otherwise it's fine.
  17. Sweet
    Diana Riley
    If your like me and enjoy a good game of multi-hand blackjack this is the best I've found outside of an actual casino
  18. Sal Adler
    Best yet. Very realistic table. Play up to 3 hands offline. Has a realistic female dealer voice that talks just like the real deal. Sound effects too. Won and loss about even. Very easy to see and play on phone screen. Great app.
  19. Great game and realistic
    joshua merryman
    If I could suggest one thing it would be a mode to remove all the walk though steps. Most players don't need to be told winner left/center/right.. It really slows down game play.
  20. Great app.
    Tim K
    Originally downloaded because it can be played offline and we had a long flight ahead. Been playing a long time since that. It's got a lot of options, including changing the number of decks in use. The dealer really didn't streak too often, feels less streaky than the casino. If you feel you're in a bind of a"streak," you can always use beans to shuffle. We haven't found a better blackjack app out there, my wife and I both plan on keeping this. We have it on three devices, you cad win if you understand bj.


What`s new

This update: added support for Android Q.

Last Update:
- Added a Magic Hat screen for Magic and other cool items that may aid you in Fun Mode.
- Added a statistics screen that counts cards, to show this game simulates real decks and shuffles randomly.
- Added support to "re-split", allowing infinite splitting on pairs.
- Performance and graphical changes: larger texts, animation speed adjustments, bug fixes.

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