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  1. Amazing!
    Darryl Lin
    Much better than its competitors... Also the material design is well executed.
  2. Great!
    Kacie Young
    Easy to use. Open the left tab, pick your character, and manually adjust points as the game goes. After the haunt is revealed, chose the skull, room and number. Everything written. Highly recommended!
  3. Jonathan Adams
    Haunts don't seem to be working. :/
  4. Great!
    David Roden
    Fantastic app! Easy to use, lots of info, and makes the game flow much smoother. One suggestion: add a dice roller! Then this app would be perfect.
  5. Good app
    Brandy Switzer
    Overall great app. Love the character Stat trackers. But found one of the horrors was off. Both the wording was different and requirements were different on how to win. May be that this is based on the original as we were playing the 2nd edition of the game. All in all great app for a great game.
  6. It's great.
    Jon-Paul Berexa
    Handles haunt and character cards. Super useful and easy to use. Must have for Betrayal Players.
  7. Really useful
    David Vo
    Great app, a must have for anyone who plays this game. The best part is not having to pass the haunt book around to each player.
  8. Weirdly good.
    Jaysun Duran
    It is pretty rare to find a helpful app like this that doesn't run in the background eating up your battery or want permission to copy your phones whole memory. Thanks a bunch for the great work.
  9. Good for character stats but incorrect Haunt values
    Cindy Parks
    I'm not sure if it is just outdated or something but the values of demons from at least 1 of the haunts (and the number of demons that can be in it) are wrong,and significantly so \u003d/ May want to update it all to v2
  10. Helpful, but keep your rule books.
    Christopher Zehr
    It's definitely a great way to quickly reference haunts and track your health, but the actual wording for the haunts is butchered like crazy.
  11. Wow!
    Roman Maximilian
    Very impressed! A lot of information and features for a free app! We forgot the rule book and this app helped!
  12. Great App
    Eric Gibbins
    Very helpful app since the clips that come with the game are terrible. Maybe add a way to mark which characters are playing without having to change their stats. That is the only thing I see missing so far, unless I'm missing how to mark them.
  13. John Profane
    Awesome best app for this great game!
  14. Great!
    Joel Pedraza
    All that's missing is a die roller and it would be the perfect companion to the game.
  15. Really helpfull
    Kenneth Maglio
    Tried all the others, this is the best app for betrayal out there!
  16. This is just fantastic
    Hector Rosario
    All games should have apps like this
  17. Character sheets OK, but the haunt...
    Vicenzo Naves
    The haunt unveil is probably from the first edition, I just tried to use this app haunt yesterday. Gym + Spear should be a different haunt all together
  18. Great
    joe lauritson
    I so glad they have this for android
  19. Great for Stat Keeping, Haunts Need A Little Work
    Ace Johns
    Being able to track my stats from my phone is so much easier than the card. My one complaint is that certain haunts don't match up with our haunt book word for word. The app description says it is updated to the newest edition. But I have the 2nd edition and it simply doesn't. This should be fixed. Other than that this is an awesome app.


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