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idf 2016
rortos flight simulator


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Roberto Simonetto | Founder & CEO at RORTOS srl

Verona, Italia |

Simona Maiorano | QA Tester at RORTOS S.R.L.

Bari, Puglia, Italia |

Alessandro Maroldi | Game Developer / Mobile Developer presso RORTOS S.R.L.

Verona, Italia |

Reviews 8,354

  1. Some advise for your perfection
    joe chin
    There is some suggestion for your app which is you can add more advance jetfighter n more modern air force simulates; if whoever purchase your apps, by using your apps they can also learn how to start up and people will able to know how to control an aircraft.
    Mykola Vekhbi
    Full version has so much fun. It is all has huge choice and custom plus randomly generated missions for you which never repeat. Nothing can be better than games like this one. It is also my most game favorite like Extreme Landings (pro) and Carrier Landings (pro). Do not think! Just buy it and get to virtual paradise! Rortos games worth more than they cost according the quality!
  3. Awesome
    Jordan Wormuth
    Ive said this about a few other rortos engine games, but anyway. I play a lot of flying Sims using my phone as a controller and my tablet as a screen it would make this app perfect if it had a remote/screen option
  4. Addictive!
    Anthony Stout
    I think I need to get some sleep. Well done!
  5. Good
    Aarohan Balasubramanian
    If you guys add aerial bombing it will be way better please add in the next update
  6. PVP
    Jen Swihart
    I like it but I would like dog fighting PVP in the game
  7. Awesome
    Reef Hamilton
    Put a-10s in and it will be amazing
  8. Great
    Joel Colyer
    Best plane game on the play store
  9. brandon simmons
    Great game wrothevery penny you should add missions with submarine the you have to destroy and the F-35B and please add the A and C variants does not need ski jump to take off from carrier so please get rid of the ski jump and the F-22 needs a boom system to refuel u should add planes like the B-52H B-1B B-2 A-10 AC-130 and maybe some drones
  10. Well...
    Samuel Adamu
    I bought the game but when I bought a new phone it said I had to purchase again. I exchanged emails with so called customer service but dead end. Thanks for making me buy it again. Bravo!
  11. Best of all simulation apps
    Nancy Skinner
    Could use some fixes for the occasional loop performed without any control input. Also barrel rolls but they usually don't result in a crash and burn. Otherwise a great app! True perfection...but would like to see a helicopter gunship or an A-10 Warthog for those pesky tanks.
  12. The entire planet :-D
    Jevon B
    Great game with lots of room for improvement. Can't wait to see what future updates will bring. Can you please incorporate blackout red out option for high g maneuvering realism. Is there anyway to improve the cloud effects blue black sky above actual clouds below. Needs more planes and better detail overall. google maps terrain??
  13. New aircraft and new missions
    Derrian Holliday
    I think you should add more aircraft like the A-10 and attack helicopters . I think that you should add more missions because the missions go by pretty fast and your left with the world campaign and online scenarios.
  14. AIT Fighters Pro
    Gary Thiessen
    This the most amazing flight Sim I have ever tried. It runs amazing on my Acer Tab a310. Can't believe how good it is. If I could rate it at a 10 stars I would
  15. F18 super hornet
    james ott
    Make more realistic, the f18 should have at least 8 hardpoints for weapons and droptanks it does have short legs so that is right but as far as the payload it's all wrong. It is one of the best all-around fighters in the air and should be given the respect it deserves I mean come on even the av8 Harrier carries a larger loadout on the game that's just a shame
  16. Nexus 9 Screen Ratio
    Steve Varrier
    Game needs updating to identify 4:3 screen ratio. Unable to see half the aircraft controls on the Nexus 9.
  17. Surprisingly good
    Ethan Shewchuk
    Much better than any other mobile flight sim I have tried. Great physics, great graphics, great aircraft. As other people have already said, it could use a helicopter or two as well as an A-10, but other than that I can't find much to complain about. Some more missions might be nice too.
  18. I need more ..........
    Habib Alorij
    Hello! Video games have beautiful but I wish amendment is important in this game is that is Repair plane after harmed, as in the case of the use of ammunition and fuel, while I go back to the runway is provide me with ammunition and fuel Vmalk helps to complete the operations on the wider and bigger and if possible that there will be a plane Help my promotion and that is also in the ranks that amazing game I exaggerate far from the computer to the best of my ability take warplanes and civilian alike to go anywhere request a last resort if it is possible that there will be a game of specialized Hlekpetr
  19. Rortos listens to it's customers. Update is working great!
    Danny Wood
    The new update works very well! The new aircraft are typical of Rortos quality, with very accurate modeling. Highly recommend if you are a Flight Sim fan. My ONLY gripe with Rortos Sims are the differences in views and replays across the titles, they vary too much or are non-existent in one title. Five stars if this one aspect was mirrored on each Sim. Thanks for updating in a reasonable amount of time.
  20. Best flight game there is.
    Robert S
    Good graphics, physics, and controllability. Only thing I would suggest in an update might the addition of a few more planes such as an A-10, F-15, F-117, B-2, etc...


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