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Roberto Simonetto | Founder & CEO at RORTOS srl

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Simona Maiorano | QA Tester at RORTOS S.R.L.

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Alessandro Maroldi | Game Developer / Mobile Developer presso RORTOS S.R.L.

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  1. Soooo these new updates
    Josh Jaynes
    I'm sure they're already aware but there are graphic glitches that look like "static" and the F14 wing control needs to come back. Most importantly I think, what's up with the pan camera? How does that work??
  2. Waste of money
    Jonathan Ward
    All the downloadable senarios feature worst plane. A little descrip in title would help instead of wasti g time downloading good senarios with garbage plane
  3. Miami, FL. galaxy note 2
    Dennis Haughton
    I enjoy playing this game very much. My problem with game is the limitations with the number of airplanes, graphics, airports and functionality of the aitplanes. Would love to see more planes, more functions like altitude stabilization, light switch to turn the lights on @ night, and markers for when u r approaching the landing strip u know when u r in line with it. Air to air battle as well, get those upgrades & this game willl be the best flight game.
  4. Graphics issues
    Sameh Riad
    Come on the free version does not have the glitches this has. We r paying customers, plz pay attention
  5. Best Air force&Navy game
    David Ng
    I really like this game afterall and the graphics is very nice. But the problem is if it is a navy game add some helicopter such as MH60, seahawk or seaking. and maybe put a replay ao we can watch replay we died or killed. that all i have to said gd game afterall.
  6. Addicted!
    Mark Gibson
    I play this game every day. I love it! Great sounds and graphics! Works just fine on my Samsung 7.0 tablet.
  7. Nice Game
    Ashlin Francis
    This is one of the best jet simulator game I can find on Android. However after purchasing it also I'm unable to download scenarios. Everytime it throws error 'server unavailable. Please try later'. Developers..please let me know how to fix this.
  8. Jose Arreola
    Not really worth buying, its almost all the same levels as the lite version only difference is u can use the 2 other planes :/ dont get screwed for 3 bucks not worth it.
  9. Wow
    Matthew Racki
    Longest wait time for thos game. Forgot I got it and 3days later it said installed. Was wondering why battery liged sucked! XD
  10. I'm Upset
    Richard Hoeg
    I bought all your sims and they are fantastic!!! BUT this one is stuck on the C-2A Greyhound!!! I cannot get to the other aircraft I bought!!! I started off with this as a free version and loved it so much that I bought everything ( carrier landings, 1 & 2, historical landings, extreme landings, air fighters, even the ship one with the Bofors guns!) I spent the money so fix the glitch!!! Please!!!
  11. Greatest app out of all on market
    Pat Dis
    Love the game. I enjoy the landing version better, it has better graphics. Please update version similar to "landing version." Maybe a helicopter, air to air combat,
  12. Very Good But Need Improvement
    Renaldi Kamaluddin
    LOVE IT, tried lite & bought full version. But really need improve on font use in both lite & full versions. The Light Green Font+Indicators use are NOT easy to read esp. when background is light colour e.g. cloud, haze, snow, etc etc. Pls change fonts & indicators to bold with thin black shadow (outline), it'll helps readability for day, night, hazy & foggy missions. BTW, love the fact that U can reload of ammo & missiles by landing on airbase.
  13. Excellent Game
    Rakesh Kumbhoje
    The game is almost perfect tht any simulation game has to be... But i recommend to put two small parrelal lines to depicts airstrip or carrier landing direction on the radar. This small triangle is very confusing. I hope new updates will address this. ...
  14. Above and beyond!!
    Chris Beardsley
    This is the best flight simulator you'll find out there! The full version is totally worth it and the New updates are awesome! The only thing I would like to see in the next update is to be able to change the color of the in flight display... I don't have anything against green but it's difficult to read at times. Red would be kinda cool. Other than that, this game is perfect!
  15. Love it
    Ron Galbraith
    Got Historic Landings a while ago and liked that but this a while new level of fun. Great game.
  16. 10/10 would recommend
    Ryan Bogatek
    Very fun, addictive game even for an android. Where most other flight apps have failed, I believe this game blasts through em all. Custom maps means you can create or download whatever you want, so you can always try something new. I only suggest to add more planes and ground objects, it gets a little boring blowing up the same 4 objects all the time.
  17. Great game
    Ese Blese
    Great fun! Missing some dog fights.. But still very good.
  18. Alex Spadafora
    Still a great game.......but before the latest update it seemed to have better control on the f14..... also a few new email planes would be niceStill a great game.......but before the latest update it seemed to have better control on the f14..... also a few new email planes would be nice
  19. Pure awesomeness
    Chad Turina
    Game runs smooth as silk. There are no problems or glitches whatsoever. Best jet fighter sim on the play store. Controls are spot on. Only thing that I can say is needed to improve the game is aerial dog fights and the ability to land and re-arm. Other than that this game is a must have and hands down worthy of the 5 stars.
  20. Brian Lo
    Not bad, but not much better after Paying 3 bks! 4 a game that hasnt been updated since 2013! Every Scenario is pretty much the same thing Over and Over and Over! And PleaSe Shut that-Alpha Romeo fkr uP-


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