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Roberto Simonetto | Founder & CEO at RORTOS srl

Verona, Italia |

Simona Maiorano | QA Tester at RORTOS S.R.L.

Bari, Puglia, Italia |

Alessandro Maroldi | Game Developer / Mobile Developer presso RORTOS S.R.L.

Verona, Italia |

Reviews 5,712

    Brian Foote
    After my latest update the app crashes immediately as I try opening it. I paid "REAL MONEY" for this app, so now I & thousands just like myself demand a "REAL FIX" of this app. If app is not fixed immediately, can your company afford to refund thousands upon thousands of purchasers.... not too sure, but just in case, repeat after me, "B*A*N*K*R*U*P*T*C*Y"
  2. Best game
    Edward Cotterhill
    Superb game best on playstore, but pls make the update Erm work mabye, just crashes all the time, n pls put a typhoon on here them this game will be complete ;-)
  3. F18 Carrier Landing pro II
    JASON J Ross
    Okay, this game is awesome with the new update. Have kyacera brigadere and it is flawless. Just had a 3 wire trap but after the stop, the arresting wire broke and i went into the drink. Sim is great. Love the pedal controls for yaw, wish i could move them to the bottom center........... Wish there was another plane like an A10 or even donin a SR71/take off and refuel in a time limit long enough to recreate heat for fuel tank seal, the head to tanker. How bout of picking weapon store on external pts.
  4. Best Mobile Flight Sim! (Update: game persistently crashes on level startup--please fix)
    Daniel Perlin
    This flight sim is not only really fun to play, it has has an amazing smooth, realistic feel (especially inside the cockpit), which gives an amazing sense of momentum, along with amazing graphics and realism! I have never seen a mobile simulator that has supported such realistic physics and felt so immersive. One thing that RORTOS really hit perfect on was the sense of actually sitting inside the cockpit, unlike Infinite Flight and Microsoft Flight Simulator X. Keep up the incredible work!
  5. Bad
    Steve Martin
    Don't waste your time. Flight characteristics are all off try to land at a hundred ninety miles an hour first time it will give it to you the second time you'll crash. You can make hard landings on a regular carrier this one will not allow you to make anything than a feather light landing bad game
  6. Best set of flying apps I've found!
    Caleb Binford
    Great job with all the upgrades! Keep adding planes! Can you fix the landings pro to reflect more/less points for specific acft and their available speed? And add helicopters and missions for them too?!?
  7. Crashes while trying to open GalixyS3
    Brit McKee
    I bought this back on (4-24-15) without reading reviews. It still doesn't work today (5-16-15). I bought Air Fighters Pro and loved it. I'm assuming I'll enjoy this too once you guys fix it. Haven't even been able to try it even though you have my money. I can't open it at all. Crashes immediately. Please fix. Samsung Galaxy S3
  8. No longer working
    Greg Farrow
    This was one of my favorite apps until the last update that won't even go pass the loading screen.
  9. Unbelievable.
    Brian Martin
    Paid for this game and I go through the training, once I get to the 1st canyon mission, it keeps force closing. Seriously, fix this please or give me my money back. I loved the demo version but this is bullshit
  10. omer biyikoglu
    I cant believe that there are no fligt controls such as rudders, flaps with most of the aircrafts. I have every Rortos game, this is by far the least fun out of all. You downgraded your own game!!! Free version of this game is more fun, there u can actually feel you are in charge of the aircraft...
    D3AD ALI3N
    What's the deal Rortos? After selecting a campaign,pro-landing..etc it CRASHES. I played a few games and the graphics looked great. But now this. Please help!!!! OK LOOK AT MY DATE. ...DAM THIS IS SAD. NO ONE HAS HELPED YET. Always a catch.!!!
  12. Brilliant!
    Hunter Anderson
    This is an amazing game, I have never spent money on an app before but this was a purchase worth it. If you are a lover of military jets and flying, this is for you. Graphics, controls, gameplay are all 5 stars.SINCE UPDATE: 4* It has been force closing a bit and lagging during gameplay. Hope to see this fixed.
  13. 2015 May 4th - buggy game
    Neil Cerullo
    planes keep doing summersaults when flying aggressively. aircraft carrier takeoff doesnt work -mig 29- juat crashes into the water. the more i keep trying to play the more bugs i find. planes cant rake off on runways. what happened to this game??? the missions are so buggy now :/
  14. Robert Rusev
    Please, optimize your graphics. My phone is strong, but even tough after the last update I had to set my graphics to minimum.
  15. Fix the game
    Gursimran Singh Bedi
    While it's an awesome game, the last update needs me to download 104 mbs everytime I want to play. I PAID MONEY FOR THIS GAME. Fix it please.
  16. alan oransky
    It's OK but you have to pay up front then if you want more, open your wallet. I paid for the "better" game but it's the same as the free with a little better graphics. Controls are lost when approaching the carrier.
  17. Fa18pro
    David Larry
    It's a good game it's an excellent game the only problem is if you upgrade your phone they make you rebut the game again I think that's a rip off
  18. Flight path marker
    Frank James
    Ok this is very poor, I would expect a reply by now, re the shakiness of the flight path marker, especially landing on the carrier, I can't believe you are still ignoring me... Oh well, its a shame because it would have warranted a five star... Listen guys all you need do, is make sure the flight path marker, goes up or down, not left or right... Please find it for me guys...
  19. Good game
    robbie pate
    The game is ok. Can't do screen shots like the first one and can't save video like it advertised before it was available. Would like to see an F22 raptor on there.
  20. Amazing!=-O
    Nathaniel Smith
    Amazing game, beautiful graphics ,and very realistic rotos is my favorite flight Sim engine only thing how can play multiplayer tried it and there's no one there also please add F-22 raptor, A-10 warthog,V-22 osprey, or B2 spirit stealth bomber


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