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Maxime Capron | Global Publishing at Ateam Inc.

日本 |

Brady Mehagan | Global Business Lead, Entertainment Division General Manager, & Ateam Inc. Corporate Officer

Nagoya, Aichi, Japan |

Reviews 14,058

  1. Miranda Waits
    Great game. Kind of confused though when it comes to the leagion. I didn't really choose it I wanted the other. How is it possible to change that?
  2. Expansive
    Ernest Casey
    Well designed with more all the time! Currently 5 different aspects to the game that make for more than I can usually get to in a day. Free items all the time! It just doesn't get any better!
  3. Nice game
    Otis Andrews
    Nice game takes a little bit to get the hang of it... . UPDATE : The game has started to get very laggy. If they would fix the issue it would be a good game again.
  4. Fun but limited unless you pay
    Steve Fialko
    This is a fun game but very hard to be competitive without paying a lot of money. Also horrible trading functionality.
  5. Return player
    Tony DeChristopher
    I came back to WOL after not playing since the Pegasus event quite some time ago. At that time I wrote a review suggesting a way to earn jewel through in game activity or gold conversion. I'm happy that the changes has been added. I unfortunately had to start a new account do to inactivity for so long but now I can reap the full benefits of the changes made.
  6. Mike Tisevich
    Absolutely love this game but am still displeased with A Team for abandoning Dark Rebirth showing the only thing they care about is cash. Disheartening coming from a company based in Japan that should be honorable...
  7. It's a good game
    Brittany Ludwig
    It's pretty great it keeps you wanting to play. I like how the missions you can interact with them instead of just pushing a button. And I like the concept of the warriors being matched up with a monster. Only thing I dislike is that it sometimes takes more than one click for things to respond.
  8. War of legions
    juvenal gomez
    It's a good game like the challenges it has and I like the monsters and worries it has to offer how cool they look it can get addictive if you like this kind of games
  9. Major bug
    I am Warship
    Running a Samsung Note 4. In game buttons are not working making battles and everything else impossible. Please fix.
  10. Ateam ignores..
    Koreen Mohi
    I've played this game on Samsung s4, s5 and s6, also iPad mini and iPhone 5s. Ateam definitely favours Apple devices... Wtf am I on about? CHRONIC LAG... for players who have immense high tolerance, patience and an i-Something, with deep pockets, then this game is for you. I've played this game for 2 years and fairly established, but the lag, freezing, booting and unresponsive touch screen, will not keep me here for much longer. Ateam doesn't respond to numerous inquiries and if they do, you'll get bot.mail
  11. Keeping up with the Joneses
    Patrick Van Laere
    Fun game, but being able to keep up with all the new warriors and monsters that come out weekly is hard work, not to mention EXPENSIVE.
  12. War of legions
    Carl Awe II
    The graphics are awesome game is very entertaining but when in events and guild battles lately the lag of game play is very bad too much time wasted trying to get potions or cures in such a small window of time in fever time and guild battles all just lags so much and I play on a note 4
  13. games slow
    Darren Johnson
    I love this game but all the lag makes u late for battle if theyd fix the lag to any phone friendly i would give higher ratings
  14. Pretty good
    Julius Jackson
    This game is pretty good. There is way too much going on on the screen. The set up is a little odd and confusing to figure out formations. The game itself is fun. A change from Dark Summoner but along similar lines. Not bad overall. . My first post was 2 years ago. Never played an app game that long. Give it a try. Its fun. Spending help in here but u can make it as a free player.
  15. Mary Myers
    You can make life long friends from this and the clans are awesome. Only complaint is it crashes on you phone guarantee. Just opt for the wifi I duel on my tablet and been great so far. To do well you will spend $ tho
  16. I've said it before, still no change
    Murphey Bowers
    Ever since the major update to gb ios users have a major advantage due to touch delay and general lag. This game does not use 3d heavy graphics and should run better on the very well built and very powerful HTC One M7/M8 but it doesn't. I will give a better review when this ongoing issue is resolved. Fix your app Ateam! Ok update. Updated to lollipop and gb is unbearable. At this point I'm wondering if they even have someone on staff that can program. If I could give negative stars I would. Fix it already!!
  17. Pretty good could be better
    Patrick McKenna
    Love the app just needs to make it easier for non paying players. Plus the lag is very very bad. Needs to be corrected
  18. War of legions
    Pablo Trevino
    Great game over all but need to purchase to get far in the game
  19. Omg how do Ateam?
    jack wong
    I don't get this. How does Ateam stay in business? With so much error in this game. Lag city took over , that's the number one. The only good thing is I stop spending my hard earn money on this game until/maybe Ateam start fixing or would they?
  20. Good game with a few problems
    Victor Nunez
    I have a lot of fun killing time with this, but it's really irritating when the game crashes. Never watch a PVP battle, they always mess it up.


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