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  1. finished
    christian santiago
    i already defeated the final take me a day to figure out how to deal with there any other way to gain much exp and gold??
  2. Okay but buggy.
    Gameplay is pretty fine, simple yet able to still give a decent challenge. However there are a few bugs that needs fixing. First off The Lost Hammer and Piko-piko hammer do not benefit from the Attack stat. Secondly the game will several times randomly auto-select buttons, sending you to screens you don't wanna go. This is very irritating when you are trying to do a particular mission but end up doing another by accident or keep ending up at the first screen.
  3. Not too shabby
    Stefan Kincaid
    Quite fun an addicting. The stamina i.e. life system needs to be takes or removed. And for the life of me I cannot figure out how to use the damage limit break. Aside from that though definitely worth playing.
  4. Not bad
    kyle dube
    Starts off pretty easy but the difficulty really ramps up later on. Overall a pretty fun game but the energy requirement is stupid. The max should go up a bit as the game progress because it really becomes a grind and things take too long.
  5. Simple and fun
    Cody Roan
    If you like a quick time killer then this game is for you. Life system is kinda pointless but they gotta make some kind of money gimmick
  6. So amazing
    Frank Klokocka
    I cant wait for the expansion into a new story and to perhaps see a new master hammer like the ragnarok (sealed hammer upgraded at 125 atk) and like the concept of a pika-pika hammer that dont stop upgrading
  7. Victor Orrostieta
    It's a really nice way to pass the time seeing as each fame takes almost 30 seconds, the only things I don't like about the game are the limited lives, the amount of time it takes to recover them and the ads, other than that the game's great
  8. It's ok
    James McDowell
    It's simple and effective but you can only play so many times until you run out of life and have to recharge.
  9. Simple Fun Addictive
    Rey Goldknight
    A decent retro addictive RPG, I'm sick with tap/clicker RPG. This one have a shot of my attention. Good job Dev (thumb).
  10. Energy is pointless
    moises rosalez
    Love the game, very simple, but you have energy(only 5). This game would be perfect without the energy, I have to wait 5 minutes for one energy, and keep in mind only 5 energy. Love the game, but the energy doesn't need to be in this game.
  11. Amazing
    Brandon Chan
    It seemed a little lame at first, then all of the opportunities opened up! Continuing for Stars, or play for Gold? I appreciate a game with high replay value. 5/5
  12. Epic game
    The Shwarma Bros
    Fun game and for us who have all hammers new exp lvls are too beast, the only thing that i would like more would be even more levels and hammers! Cant wait to get the new hammer!
  13. Scam - tapjoy rewards are a scam
    Andrew Zhen
    watched some videos, not all the rewards were awarded, submitted a ticket, and this is what the customer service team emailed me back with: Thanks so much for contacting Tapjoy Customer Service! I’ve looked into your support request, and unfortunately, this offer is only an opportunity for you to engage with our advertisers - there is no currency reward for doing so. >>> What a crock of rubbish. Instead of admitting there was an error and fixing it, they tried to argue
  14. Simple single button game
    Kenny G
    That somehow gets difficult. Great 8 bit retro look, music is a bit repetitive, but it is extremely satisfying to play.
  15. Fun, simple, don't expect an epic quest
    Brendan Sullivan
    Fun simple little time waster. Once you play one level you've played them all. It gets better as it gets a little more challenging but the real challenge is how much time you're willing to go back to previous levels to get more gold and stars to buy new skills and hammers. Once it's over, the ending leaves you unsatisfied. Would have liked a more robust story to keep me plodding through, bad English didn't help. Attack system was cool, would have liked to see it utilized better for obstacles, puzzles, etc.
  16. Great time passer!
    Jennie Mc
    Really cute game. Loved beating the story mode!! Give it a try!
  17. Boring.
    Jamie Bainbridge
    I can imagine there's a sort of person who likes this game, but that person isn't me. If you like JRPGs give this a go.
  18. Great Game
    Justin Asaro
    This is my first time rating any game. I was looking for a rpg that I can play short games and I found this. Infinite passage is nice but every 5th and 10th boss is the same. Could of use skins of bosses through out game but developers got lazy. At level 70 and trying to get 100 for the lost hammer. Going to max out both hammers that get stronger after every level you beat.
  19. I liked it very much
    Gabriel Monteiro Fernandes
    Good game and very fun. I just don't understand what's the point of the LIFE that forces you wait for a while before continuing to play. That's ridiculous for God sake.
  20. Was addictive til the life system showed up.
    Dwayne Bowe
    Asus Nexus 7 - Started dull as hell. Got addictive when it got more challenging. Then on comes a life system to completely mess things up. I'm not waiting to play a game I own, makes zero sense. Uninstalled.


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