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  1. Been looking for an app like this
    Mary Dodge
    Became addicted to Killer Sudoku years ago. Had to download them from English newspapers. This is a simple program, works beautifully. Just like you're doing it with pencil and paper. New version works even better
  2. Cool game
    Jeff Schneider
    I love this game could you add to the [NEW] button Question - are you sure?
  3. Great killer app
    Mobby Griffiths
    Love it. The difficulty levels are different to what I'm used to but useability is great.
  4. JAD
    John Dutton
    Good version of Killer. The only feature I would like to see is the ability to be able to put a single digit in a square as a note (small size). Useful if you know the number appears in that column.
  5. George Dodds
    Still crashes usually if you inadvertently rotate the tablet. Cannot see all of the puzzle when using the menus - would be great if they could be dragged around to see relevant part of puzzle
  6. Geoff Thompson
    Like the game. But app has crashed on me several times and only solution seems to be to reinstall
  7. Addictive
    Peter Norton
    Really into this and setting get myself challenges each game (eg fewer/no hints)
  8. Plenty of choice of level
    Geoff Hutt
    Good range of skill levels, coupled with intuitive method of use.
  9. A fan
    Craig Gilbertson
    App very easy to use, the game is addictive
  10. Denise Hurvitz
    Hours of playtime at my level and enjoying this version as well
  11. DO NOT DOWNLOAD - Force close galore with lost progress
    Johan Norberg
    Force closes ALL THE TIME. Can freeze up your phone, at which point the game could become unplayable. This requires an uninstall and reinstall and/or which erases ALL progress and stats. Update; still erases all progress at severe crashes. Update 2; no change.
  12. No notes
    Rudy van Schoonderwalt
    You can't put notes in with only 1 digit.
  13. Excellent Game
    Alan Wood
    A huge number of puzzles to get stuck into. Very good interface.
  14. les peloe
    Very good. No frills but does the job very well
  15. Good game, poor stability
    yello Tutor
    The game play is good, but it crashes frequently. I've been playing this for several months and have become quite addicted, so I put up with the recent instability issues... UPDATE stability issues not dealt with by author . AVOID all his apps as he obviously doesn't care about the end user!
  16. Great for making the grey cell work hard
    Richard Merrifield
    Good clear screen even on my phone and game works near enough flawlessly. But where has the menu and options gone? I know Ihad them recently 'coz I added the lazy player option, but now can't find notn!
  17. Love it BUT......
    Felicia Luo
    It really force closes way too much. And then all the progress will be lost. Please fix this
  18. NSC nick
    Well laid out. Simple but very usable. Uncluttered and seriously functional - great! Though the algorithm does produce some seriously hard to get started games.
  19. very tired of force closures
    Joanne Macartney
    love the game but can't even complete the game without it getting closed. i lose the whole game. very frustrating
  20. Only problem is won't stay on homepage?
    Maggie Robertson
    After I move to home page and play a game, when I go to play again it is gone from the homepage. I have sony xperia. Any suggestions? Love the game no other problems. Did not do this before last upgrade a few months ago.


What`s new

version 6.5:
[Clear] is now Long-Click
OR Dbl-Click to avoid
accidental clears.

FORCE a digit by Long-Click
the numpad can now also be

Bug fixes.