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  1. Holy cow... Controls need MAJOR WORK!
    Jessie Butter
    The game starts, my spaceship move all the way to the right side of the screen, & stays stuck there! No matter how I tilt or turn my device, nothing happens, it will not move! (Nexus 10) I gave it 2 stars, instead of just 1, bcuz I do think it has potential. Btw, I much prefer onscreen controls, at least as an option. Maybe add to ur next update?
  2. Meh
    Kevin Thomas
    I love Galaga. It is definitely my favorite Arcade game. I get that this can't be exactly the same, but the controls are difficult and it is more like Space Invaders, because everything that made Galaga unique really isn't here. However, it is still fun for a couple minutes. It is fast paced, but because you shoot and move faster than them. Also, the enemies shooting shouldn't start becoming a threat in the first level.
  3. Alien bug really know their platform.
    Use of the mobile screen for a vertical scrolling shooter is inspired. However, game would really benefit from sensitivity slider /settings in options. All too often found ship flying off to the side with little to no intentional input. I'm also pretty sure it wouldn't be too difficult to implement in code." (Sensitivity slider value)*(y axis accelerometer state) = ship position on screen."
  4. Pretty cool
    Lisa Jones
    Takes me back to my pinball arcade days! I like the tilt feature. Good job.
  5. Fun
    Rodney Yazzie
    Like the rotating tablet left to right to manuveur ship, can also shoot twice as fast using two fingers.
  6. Memories of a lost youth
    John Lavender
    Addictive fast and furious.... This one's staying on the phone, the tilt to move option and hit the screen could not be more fun....many thanks.
  7. You have to tilt the screen and tap your finger on the screen to dodge and hit your target.
    S Hayes
    It is so much fun to play with it and free! This is less expensive than going to the movie theater every other day!
  8. Jen P
    So fun. No problems yet w my Samsung s3.
  9. Galaxa Game
    Erick Cisneros
    Best game ever luv this game hadn't played it in years wow awesome I found it
  10. Awsome love it
    Robert Frazier
    Great game 5 stars guys and girls.
  11. Boss
    Brings be back to the 90's, best childhood game
  12. From LG G2
    Juan Villarreal
    Exactly what I'M looking for almost like galaga.
  13. Awesome
    brandon gusko
    Its very addictive to play please make other games like this good job guys im definitely looking forward to seeing other games from you
  14. Galaxa game
    Irving Rade
    It is ok but I find it hard to çontrol the spaceship.
  15. U will love it
    BenJen P
    Playing on Samsung tablet pro and loving it. Not sure of any bugs yet, fingers crossed there are none.
  16. Great!
    This is like the old one, except you move it with motion!
  17. Galaga Galaxian mix
    Cole Robbins
    This game has a great retro and challenging feel to it. Very well done!
  18. Great game lot of fun
    Kenneth Hignett
    Whole lot of fun very time occupied
  19. It's fun
    Nathan Summit
    1 am 11 and I like galaga when I go to the arcade . Galaga easily beats this game for me but its actually pretty fun for just 5 thousand downloads. Download!
  20. Good game
    Tobi White
    It fun but the controls are a bit of a problem