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David Papazian | CEO at Mobigame

Région de Paris, France |

Michal Bodek | Project Manager / Mobile Developer / Owner w MobiGame

Tarnobrzeg, woj. podkarpackie, Polska |

Vincent LE GUILLOU | Lead Artist chez Mobigame

Région de Paris, France |

Michal Bodek | Projekt Manager and Mobile Developer and Owner

Reviews 2,915

  1. Highly addictive...
    Colin Simone
    And as I said in my review of the original Edge: the musical soundtrack in this game is not your run of the mill 8-bit digital crap... the tunes in both of these games is extremely well written. Each piece has a very catchey melody that I find myself humming long after I've ceased playing. I can't express enough how much I LOVE the music in these two games. Would love to have them in mp3 format or on CD! I'm quite tempted to plug an 1/8" phono cable into my phone or tablet and start recording!!
  2. Excellent
    Jordan Bailey
    Edge is one of the best mobile games I have ever played. Creative levels, catchy tracks, and interesting visuals add up to a great package.
  3. Still not as good as original
    Yusuke Aoyama
    I pulled this game up to try again, see if this is anything fun. To me, it really wasn't fun. At least compare to the original. The level designs are not creative enough, and mostly you'll repeat the similar levels over and over again, remembering what to do everytime you die. I don't mind the "blind death" but all levels are so similar, it gets boring. If there were online ranking score board or something it could be little more instereting, but... until then, just grab the original and stick with it.
  4. Complex and Interesting
    John Cornelius
    This is an amazing puzzle game that's unique and messes with your brain, in all the right ways, without insulting your intelligence by holding your hand throughout the game. I look forward to more levels and more puzzles from the developer.
  5. A must have!
    Tyler Travers
    Simple, fun, addicting. I first played this game on my pc. It's just as good on my phone. Also, if you're like me and prefer to use the arrow keys on your slide out physical keyboard (if you have one) just set the screen orientation and you're good to go. Love the game! I highly reccomend it. If you aren't sure, try the demo. You'll be addicted. :)
  6. Here's the thing about EDGE...
    Jordan Smith
    Great game. Great soundtrack. Great everything. BUT it does have its gripes. Sometimes the controls are a bit clumsy and awkward, and the display orientation settings aren't the best. BUT these are very minor gripes, and its still an amazing game.
  7. Uninspired and pointless
    Vidar Holen
    I don't understand these reviews. This game is severely uninspired. The style is somewhat reminiscent of Marble Madness, but the gameplay has no finesse or challenge. You just trudge your cube along from one side of a board to the other, sometimes stopping to push a button or waiting for a platform. It's about as much fun as walking to the store and waiting at crosswalks, except there's no candy isle when you get there. I kept playing, hoping that the first levels were just to get used to controls and gameplay elements, but by level 12 I realized that this was just the full extent of the game. This game should have stayed in the sophomore computer class where it undoubtedly started.
  8. Love this game!
    Sarah Petersen
    It's like a cross between CUBE for PSP and Bloxorz (which you can find & play on the internet), which are two of my absolute favorite games ever! The "dark cube" also adds a really fun element. I think it'd be a nice touch if we could make our own levels, but definitely, definitely 5 stars!
  9. Still very good and entertaining but not nearly as challenging
    Scott Mckay
    It's much easier to get high scores on this version then the 1st Edge. And the puzzles are much less simple and less challenging. But the game is still excellent.
  10. Great.
    A. Lee
    Fun. Innovative. Well-executed. 5 stars all day. The ability to choose from multiple control schemes alone in a game of this quality is 5 stars, Try it, you'll see.
  11. One of the best puzzle/arcade games for Android.
    Krishan Bhattacharya
    One of the best puzzle/arcade games for Android. Probably best on a tablet. Fun and addictive. Worth the price
  12. Challenging and exhilarating
    Mark Robins
    Race against your ghost to get the best time. Sound lags a little on gs4, but this is an intelligent game that is easy to pick up and hard to put down. Try the demo and aim for S+ for each level then you will be hooked!
  13. Challenging
    Ryan Hagedorn
    Not as easy as I thought it was going to be. Makes it less difficult if you turn it on to button controls in the options menu
  14. Very good
    Caleb Wilkins
    Very good graphics, game play, and story line for an indie type game. Fantastic work, I love the original one along with this amazing work
  15. SUPER!
    Stephen Garofalo
    I got the game on my 3DS and it was awesome. So then I got it on my tablet... TRIPLE awesome! I really recommend this game for anyone who likes a good challenge. I mean... who doesn't like that?
  16. Incredible!
    Cheng Fox
    I brought it on sale, it really worth 3 dollars for funny music and gameplay ^ω^
  17. Mega Manny
    This game is really good. If you like long action puzzle games get it!
  18. Edge rocks
    Peter Miller
    Great soundtrack awesome gameplay get this game. I have it on console as well looking forward to the next game.
  19. WOW!
    Alen Galindo
    Excellent app! Very much recommend! It's got awesome polished graphics! Great music, goes along with the gameplay itself! Very addictive and great for passing time! Great purchase indeed!
  20. Fantastic!
    Trevor Beckett
    Love this game - great gameplay, excellent graphics - pretty much faultless!


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