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David Papazian | CEO at Mobigame

Région de Paris, France |

Michal Bodek | Project Manager / Mobile Developer / Owner w MobiGame

Tarnobrzeg, woj. podkarpackie, Polska |

Vincent LE GUILLOU | Lead Artist chez Mobigame

Région de Paris, France |

Michal Bodek | Projekt Manager and Mobile Developer and Owner

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  1. All "puzzles" given away in-game
    Alex x
    Slightly annoying game controls. A lot of the issues are related to the delay to move a step. While this control scheme of having to hold a set time to tip over allows for the wall cling to have a balance mechanic to it, moving one step per tap would have been more reliable and allowed for more fast-paced gameplay with less errors during simple moves. (See Zapper, an old console/pc game). Wall cling could have been done with another button or scrapped in favour of a jump mechanic.
  2. Great visual design. Physics lack precision.
    Mike Sweeney
    Beautiful concept and game-play but the physics are somewhat frustrating and limited.
  3. This game is a lot of fun, but…
    Scott Lynn
    The mechanics of the game play are completely frustrating at time making some levels impossibly hard to get past. The mechanics of sticking to walls and or moving blocks is so difficult on some areas of certain levels that it can take over 20 or even as many as 50 tries to be able to get a feel for how to control the cube. A 4 way directional D Pad would have been better with an action button to manipulate a certain points for sticking to walls or moving blocks. At times the controls seem to touchy making you move to swiftly. There are simply too many issues with the controls in this game that need to be corrected. Might I suguest that you put in the game controls that some people are wanting and even adding sensitivity control within an options section and make it so each player can choose the new or the old controls to suit there needs.
  4. It is amazing
    Hailey Blair
    I love this game the way I figured out this game was I want to YouTube and looked top 5 most addictave games and this game popped up!
  5. Great Game
    Charlie Hall
    Very addicting game and worth the money. Only reason I'm not giving five stars is because the bonus levels are pretty glitchy in spots. The edge challenge portion of this game worked flawlessly
  6. Yes.
    Letty Whiterock
    It's just a great game. You can't get much better than this.
  7. Edgy
    NoX iz MaD
    Awesome game, slick and clever. I like that you can rotate the display in game with the regular 2 fingers gesture. Great soundtrack aswell.
  8. Great
    Troy Gray
    I hope you come out with another edge game or more levels for one of the two games already out because l bought the two already out and beat all the levels in both games in 5 days.
  9. Love it!
    Brad Carson
    I played through the 12 demo levels and absolutely loved it. The demo levels gave me a great challenge and loads of fun and a little rage when I couldn't figure them out, but once I did, I found great joy in figuring it out. Now that I purchased the full version, I can enjoy this game way more.
  10. Love it but hard for me!
    Jessica Savage
    So much fun and catchy music! I have to get used to the sensitivity on a galaxy phone (I had it on my Sony Ericsson w580i).
  11. Extremely addictive and...
    Colin Simone
    The music in this game is EXTEMELY WELL WRITTEN, I am a bit biased because I already love electronic music (and compose it myself) so after listening to the tunes in this game as well as Edge EX it makes me wish I could get the soundtrack to this game in mp3 format or on CD. I LOVE the tunes just as much ss I love the game itself!!!!!
  12. Fan-freakin-tabulous!!
    Dakota Thompson
    Greatly designed game!! Its addicting even when you get frustrating!! Its one of those "okay this is the last level I'm doing" *finishes level* "okay this is the last level I'm doing today!" *finishes another level* its amazing! But beware level may vomit =p
  13. too difficult
    Jörg Plate
    either the level is impossible or i'm too stupid for this game. and the controls are wonky (I bought this and edge ex and I regret it).
  14. Rare gem
    Stephen Swartz
    Aesthetically pleasing and engaging visual style. Lots of variety in level design, new mechanics in each. Different input methods available, which is remarkable and rarely seen.
  15. Edge s5 user
    Jayne Williams
    Brilliant game fantastic game play very tricky but very good and grafix brilliantly done totally amazing. J B WILLIAMS.
  16. Brilliant.
    Haven't seen a puzzle game this good in a very long time! Only one thing... This game NEEDS A downloadable soundtrack!! The music's too awesome!
  17. Easy 5 stars.
    A. Lee
    Three different control schemes coupled with excellent play mechanics and zero bugs make this a must-have game for puzzle lovers.
  18. Jill Castroll
    I love this game. The graphics are magnificent, it is challenging from both the perspective of getting the next level, and doing better than you did the previous attempts. I have not been willing to pay for a game in a very long time. But I bought this one! Great job, thanks.
  19. play Trophies please
    Hemi Patu
    Love playing the game but please add play trophies for a little side challenge
  20. Buy!
    Caroline Carotte
    Worth it, I've never gotten tired of it in 4 years. Best game


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