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Veyis Dincer | Managing Partner - Mobilecraft

İstanbul, Türkiye |

Cumhur Onat | Serial Entrepreneur

İstanbul, Türkiye |

Okan Düngel | Senior UI Designer

David Joseph | Chief Marketing Officer

Reviews 1,607,463

  1. Jaylon Zenon
    Suck why do you have to use your finger to go the direction that you wanna go and what's up with the money thing not every one is rich and level 16 at a 250 game with a elcrtic ball you suck to go agasint a level 7 and blow the out what the hell
  2. Amazing
    Jerome Chisom
    This game is so fun it give you endless turn's. It has different levels. You get to win awards. You get to buy jersey and basketball. And play online. The game is just amazing. Who ever think it's bad they need some help. And anyone who don't know about this game get it.
  3. Needs better options
    Victoria Brown
    It needs more ways to earn MP cause if u run low and can't afford to play any more games to win more or u can't beat that achievement that can actually earn u MP, ur stuck....forever lol other than that when u r loaded, the game is very enjoyable
  4. definitely addictive
    sir folsom
    besides the lame looking ads, this game is solid and doesn't require money,blood, or semen to "actually play" , which is awesome. Not too many game apps out there that doesn't try to rip you off ,after you actually get into game and have to wait days before playing
  5. Great game but
    Vernon Jones
    This game is pretty fun. I have no problems with it except one thing. When i bought the first gymnasium, the net would literally fall off through the ground before i started. I'm a true basketball player and without a net, it throws me off. Please fix this and I'll definitely rate it 5 stars
  6. Cool game
    Brandon Farrell
    The only thing is that its hard to earn any mp back once u lose it.
  7. Omg Awesome
    Alexis Chapman
    The game is so cool that I can make every basket so easy suckers who think its broken cause they can't make any baskets at all
  8. Awsome till...
    Jacob Kazen
    It's an awsome game but when you buy the actual practice and,professional gym the Nets come off get that fixed and this game would be great
  9. Cool But Needs Improvement
    Robert Gaines
    Everyone I play online, when I make consistent baskets the camera always stays on the basket for 5 seconds and causes me to lose. That's ridiculous!
  10. Its fun but too hard
    Jensen Stephens
    Tournaments are impossible to reach up to level 5 or 6... And the school court after the update glitches as the net to the hoop seems to fall through the floor before you can even get a shot off..
  11. Good
    Michael Wharton
    This game is the most funnest basketball game I have played I used to play something like this when the Wii first came out but I hate how when ur playing against someone and u shoot and the camera follows the ball it sits at the hoop for a little while while the other person is shooting
  12. Good but not there yet
    Kably Ryan
    There seems to be a lag of some sort in mp as I am stuck looking at the hoop when my opponent is still shooting. Other than this pretty good app.
  13. Big time bug
    Nicholas Her
    Need to fix having real issue. Eveytime I exit comes back and my mp decreased and my name would be someone else. Also everything would be unlocked but no mp to play wtf. Need to fix this bss
  14. Cool but need improvement
    Celine Abrehan
    Everyone I play online, when I make consistent baskets the camera always stay on the basket for 5 seconds and causes me to lose. That's ridiculous
  15. Stalls
    Keith Sugiyama
    Game freezes/stalls in the middle of an Online Match and continues on even after the time.. My network and wifi have no issues so must be game.. fix!!
  16. Like the game but one little issue...
    Summer Scott
    Love this game. It's addicting and it makes me want to go out and shoot hoops. The one issue I have is everyone I use the practice gym stage the net falls through the ground. It doesn't do that with the first two free levels but for some reason it doesn't it to that one. Please fix when convenient.
  17. Malik Foster
    The game is good in every aspect except for small things such as if you want to challenge soneone after an online game and they are in another game or offline you have to go to the game menu and then pick the game you want again nothing big though just nitpicking stuff.
  18. Keeping It Real!!!!
    Cary Prust
    Real Basketball is the real deal. If real is what you are looking for? Than look no further because this is the best of the very best of real 3D basketball hoop shooting anywhere to be found. AWESOME!!!!!
  19. BUNK!!!!
    David Ruiz Jr.
    This game sucks!! lags and half of the m*therf#ckers CHEAT...I don't care what any of these lames say about it being a good game...Do Not waste your time on this bush league crap
  20. Great Game!
    Manny Francisco
    But....the net disappears before the game begins. What happened to the net?


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