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Reviews 27,459

  1. Best Air force game free,works like
    gopala krishnan.r
    Real war.Once again thanks to software developers.Please update,Don't play more than 30 minutes,also freely gives Vertigo,Vomiting and uneasiness
  2. All this in 7 megabytes?
    Joshua Morales
    All this amazing gameplay in 7 megabytes? This is great! Perfect for my phone, and this game is addicting! The gameplay is great, and the graphics are good for the first P.N.F.
  3. 6 stars if I could!
    Michael Person
    Incredibly realistic and it has a "not too easy, not too hard" difficulty. I recommend a sandbox mode, where you can make battles and stuff. A beautiful creation in one tiny and free app. Well made!
  4. Guy Cudak
    This game is all the time . No problems with the playing or function's easy to get started and easy to get hooked.. wish you could have different aircraft maybe a p38 or a p40 ???
  5. Too difficult
    Wen Long Wu
    Good but too difficult in Hard mode for TWO missions. The Guardian and Blazing Glory missions are IMPOSSIBLE to win. Too many Jap tankers that dont sink easily. Defending carrier is exercise in failure because it gets attacked by enemy waves that endlessly RESPAWN, and thus NO time to attack the well defended enemy. No save game option. WASTE of time to almost do it but carrier sinks in the end. Developer thinks Hard =Impossible. All those giving 5 stars are CASUAL players who don't bother about winning...
  6. Surprisingly fun
    Nick Glotzbach
    The simple controls and flying are not very realistic but make for a fun little time killer. War thunder is fun but this is fun and unique in its own way. I love the battles. It even reminds me a bit of battleship craft *sigh*
  7. Make it online
    Cj Kamikaze
    This game is cool, and addictive. I love using the sero to kamikaze the ships! :-D But I wish we had more missions, better air maneuvers, (like loops, and barrel roles) and an online multiplayer! PLEASE MAKE IT AN ONLINE MULTIPLAYER!!!! =)
  8. Amazing
    sanjaya kanishka
    Didn't thought it would be this much enjoyable. Love the cockpit view. Believe me it gives the same fun of a graphic intensive game. everything is simple yet gives a good time pass fun. Hard to imagine all these inside a 7MB, cool if more updates come.
  9. Loved it! Simple but so fun!!!
    S Handley
    Had this game on my last two tablets and it is easy enough and I have beaten the mission long ago but still play it a lot. Would love for there to be a European theater game too because I enjoy this one.
  10. Really needs update..
    Brandon Gibson
    Really needs an update with new missions, and also a fix on audio to be able to turn music off. Turning the music and sound off would be nice when I am in public and have earbuds in listening to music and don't want to go deaf from the music and gunfire.
  11. Cool
    Rohan Pise
    Its graphic control is perfect planes are nice when i was angry i play this game it makes my mood better . This game is very very excellent i think the world toppest game in the world it would be a hander of five stars
  12. P N F
    Rick Stewart
    Besides the great graphics and all the action,I'am really Hot at Flying this phone. Ace
  13. Open new mission
    Rishi Jindal
    Sar your game is very good but please open more mission without any golds and money
  14. Pacific navy fighter
    Gunther88krupp Panther
    Best game. I always come back to. App has been on 3 phones of mine. For some reason i cant control plane anymore. I can launch and shoot but no control. Is this the app or my phone orientation.
  15. Sound issue
    Matt Schaffer
    Love the game, but recently got an S5 and the machine gun sound doesn't stop once you shoot for the first time. I have to turn the sound off:(
  16. PNF
    Its a really enjoyable game and takes up very little space but would be better if there were more missions you could also add in the TBF Avenger for use
  17. Kamikaze
    chryminschi soyeze
    That is what I love to do. The fact that you can do a successful kamikaze attack and do damage is really cool!!!
  18. Pls add this:
    Jordyn Mendola
    Add this: Can be a Battleship, aircraft carrier, And a destroyer those r some ideas...& add missions to be a boat or a tank I hate just flying a warplane & I play on the side IJN.
  19. Love it
    Ivory Warren
    It would be a lot better if it was stats,like how many plane and boat kills you have in total. And ranks like private to five star generals. Please make the changes i request.thank you
  20. Hey i love your game dude
    rahib tangkli
    Plzz make another game like this and can you update the pnf can you add online and planes and mission


What`s new

- Fix most common crashes
- Support for 64bit and mips/x86 devices
- Preparations for future gfx improvements

- Fix settings having no effect
- Enable android 4.x+ sound engine workaround by default
- The above changes should fix the looping sound issues

Fix compatibility issues with some devices

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