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  1. First 15 minutes
    Though the menus don't all have easily understood buttons, this game has great replay value and even a better system if challenges. I haven't unlocked any of the alt characters but it's not a bother. As a note, items bought during the game do not stack.
  2. Jennifer Pham
    Great game, but i don't like how using the dragon scale takes away my fame points ingame...then again i cant seem to use it anymore because the game keeps suggesting a free life if i watch/install a random game and if i don't, its game over :/
  3. Cool game
    Nick Gore
    I like that you can unlock different characters, haven't noticed any glitches yet
  4. Slayin is slayin! Or at least close to being it.
    tres conaway
    Everything about this game is great! The only thing keeping me from giving this 5 stars was the fact that you have to buy characters to play them. What would have been a better choice on how to unlock characters would been that you'd have to complete a certain amount of quests to unlock a certain character. But that aside it is still a great game, nay, a(close to)slayin game!
  5. Unique/exciting gameplay
    Riley Bowen
    This game is an RPG, but it is in the format of an arcade game/beat em up game. This game has entertained me for hours! My only nit pick is, is that the wizard SUCKS!
  6. Almost...
    This is a really nifty game for sure. My only complaint is that the rewards for harder quests stay as low as the beginner rewards.
  7. Very addictive
    Marcellus Wakefield
    Gave it a chance because it was 8-bit.was not disappointed. Lost track of time on this beauty. Even made an IAP. Always willing to support great work.
  8. Parker Pike
    This game is so awesome. I have been addicted to it all week long. This game has a amazing sound track. I recommend this game for everyone.
  9. Fantastic
    Stop Google
    Little micro transactions, everything's earnable, no ads, fun and engaging gameplay. 10/10 Keep up the good work guys!
  10. It is a fun game!
    Gavin Gallagher
    This is a great game, very simple game. When I played it for the first time I thought it was going to be disappointing, but as I kept play I started to enjoy it more and have more fun with it. I think it is a simple game to catch on to, but it will be hard to master.
  11. Must have
    Daven Bezotte
    Addictive time killing and super fun progress is a little show other items in the gem shop than 1 time use only items
  12. Yeah man
    The Flying Spaghetti Monster
    This game is straight up b-ballin swag blasting slamin bars straight up like Michael Jordan slim slamin those dunks.
  13. Evan Johnson
    Can't play it because it never turned on it just turned black and shut of. Please fix my brother has it and it rocks! I will change my rating to5star if fixed
  14. Tons of fun for free
    Hector Jimenez
    Mindless yet controlled! it's fun to play for a few min when waiting for time to pass by. Would definitely recommend to a friend
  15. Gets better with each hero.
    Tanguy Gauvrit
    Each hero is more fun and just unique enough compared to the last, a perfect brew for wasting hours or passing minutes. ^^
  16. Fun but it has problems
    Kyubi Kid
    So like im playing and it seems almost impossible to progress because the blue slime enemies always spawn under you, that wouldn't be too much of a problem if they weren't so quick.
  17. Decent mobile game
    Tanner Franklin
    Fast action, nice difficulty. Other characters take a lot of grinding to unlock, which adds to the difficulty, but might not appeal to the impatient audiences.
  18. Cool
    Spencer Mines
    The gameplay is great and I love the retro perspective, but the only thing I wish is that you can have checkpoints where you can save the weapons you had the previous game.
  19. Excellent, with one flaw.
    Gabriel Kokan
    The game is nearly perfect. Coins need to stay on the ground longer. Every time I've played, I was a few coins from an upgrade, because they disappear so quickly. Fix this, and you get 5 stars! Good job!
  20. In app purchases trick you
    Don Griner
    I made an in app purchase not knowing it was a one time use only. I feel tricked into buying it. Fun game, but uninstalling because of unethical developers trying to trick us all into as many transactions as possible


What`s new

-fixed wizard crash
-fixed character unlock achievements
-several minor big fixes

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