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Steve Gogov | Co-Founder and Vice President at MobiSystems, Inc.

San Diego, California |

Nia Yotova | Business Development Manager at MobiSystems, Inc

Bulgaria area |

David Gill | Vice President of Business Development

Plamen Nachev | Junior iOS Developer

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  1. just what I was looking for
    Kelly Schwartz
    Great app. Best email app around. The ability to add photos in line is what I searched a long time for. Nice customizations. Works perfectly with Gmail. The only thing better could be pro version.
  2. Way better than the others!
    Jerry Ferreira
    What a great app. Better than stock email app and much better than many of the other apps available. Love the way it handles attachments. If you don't have this app, GET IT! ---EDIT--- Update makes it even better!
  3. Don't get it
    t fu
    Says it works with all kinds of servers but can't even set up my outlook account. As soon as I add it it says exchange server can't connect, but makes no sense as it clearly didn't even try. Incompatible with outlook?? Can't find any resolution on the forum either
  4. One of the best Email app in the market
    Shah Hardik
    Using pro version and really the best.. Just one request, in message list, please move "option button" and "delete button" to downside as in big size phones, its difficult to reach that place. After this feature sure will give 5star..
  5. Ina Ferenčić
    Hi. I switched from Huawei Ascend P6 to Huawei Lite P8, and I started having these problems. I have everything set up but my Aqua Mail (PRO VERSION) simply wont refresh in the background on scheduled time, and it does not do instan push for my gmail accounts. On my previous phone it pushed notification to me the second I received e-mail, but now It wont refresh. When I enter my account list I see the refreshing icon going round and round like its refreshing, but it does not actually refresh (since the time of the last refresh stays the same) and I nee to push the refresh button myself for it to load unread mail I hope you can fix this. I need it for my work Thank you
  6. Brilliant but...
    Brett Watson
    Great app, but the last update has moved all the action buttons to the top of the screen. I can't find an option to move them back to the bottom. It's impossible to touch the top of the screen on the bigger smart phones, especially with one handed operation. Please help
  7. New version reappear an old issue whch let the receiver cannot see my reply message
    James Cheung
    I recently found that my message can't be shown and read in my reply email. It is so bad that the receipent only read a blank reply message but I don't know. I recall the email from sent box, and found that the reply message didn't show too (the message just appear in left side as title..) I had reported this issue two years ago and it looked they did a good fix, but now it comes up again. I'll consider to give up using this apps even though I used it for many years.
  8. Darren Brown
    I tried several email apps, and this is by far the best one I've used (Galaxy s4). So simple yet powerful, with endless options to customize to your heart's content. When I've had occasion to ask the developer for help regarding a minor issue or setting, he is always very quick to respond with the needed info. Awesome app. Awesome support. A+
  9. Excellent app
    Wasi Bilgrami
    Just need to add one more option. Suppose I received mail from A with attachment, There should be one button to directly forward the attachment from A mail to B relevant loop mail. Hope you get my point. If not then I can more explain to you. You guys are doing wonderful job. Keep it up. Further there is no option to highlight the text.
  10. This email app...
    *Max Müller*
    Wow. Just wow. I paid for the pro key, and still wow. Wow. Wow. This email client is just awesome. I stopped using it after Inbox came out, but after a while (a pretty long while, half a year) I reinstalled it and it's still awesome!
  11. Nice, But No Resend/Draft Sync!
    Dave Raymond
    No way to "Resend"/"Send Again" a Sent email (to open it again as if it were just written and not yet sent, like when you reopen a Draft). It's a very common to have to resend an email. Forcing you to quote your own email down below your Sig (as it does now) to send it to someone again looks ridiculous and can break links, etc. and the recipient you "resent" an email to may not even look down below. Few people do. Also, doesn't Sync Drafts across devices properly. Dev's response; "working as intended".
  12. Good but
    Sean Kelly
    Tried the lite version on a work exchange account, liked it very much and was about to go Pro and replace my multi-address multi-identity K9. Discovered then that it won't do PGP, and is unlikely to in the near future because it's a one-man project, and that's changed my view entirely. My email app is my most important app, and I'm afraid I can't trust it to a one man band.
  13. Impressive customizability. Serious functionality. App update posted as I was swiping together this review and wiped out the review somehow. What a great reason to have to rewrite!
    Alex Pride
    Loads of options. Longest status bar preview of tested apps. Suggestions: Help tab moved to bottom of Settings. App header/checkboxes/time/date neutral color. Actions in status bar notifs customizable + icon-only-able. Cleaner layout. Email address in Smart Folder + gray separator lines removable. Option to change account color-coding triangles to squares/vertical lines + change colors. Delete+archive toast msg w/undo. UPDATE: "Load more messages" function does nothing.
  14. Fast and efficient
    Ed Brambley
    Having been annoyed with how slow k9 mail is with large IMAP folders, I wish I'd discovered Aqua mail earlier. Searching through old emails is effortless, and mail checks are lightning fast. The interface is clean and simple, too.
  15. Ted Levy
    Thank you Kostya, for such a beautifully designed email app. The unchangeable threaded "conversation view" in my stock Android Gmail was driving me crazy. Your app eliminates that problem and adds good design, ease-of-use, many features and a huge range of options. I don't usually write reviews, but you deserve an award for this one.
  16. Philip Cartledge
    I finally gave up with the Gmail app because of the confusing 'conversation view'. I'd already tried and rejected the Outlook app (though I'm a devotee of the desktop version). I looked for a replacement on here, found this highly recommended, and this is the one! Fantastic! It presents messages clearly and... well, it just works. Setting up accounts was quick and easy, and there are lots of customisations, but again, easy to understand. I quickly forked out the £3.16 for the pro version and now have it up and running on both my phones and on my old Nexus 7. Please check it out. Once you're got it you'll stick with it.
  17. I have a problem! UPDATE!
    Rich Marshall
    Sorry to go but the problem of mail being deleted from my server has been a real problem. I found a new app that does work well and does not auto delete ftom server. Moving to [email protected] Mail Pro. Aqua is great, but I really really want a way to simply stop the app from deleting email from the servers. What is now available seems to be a work around and what we need is a simple on off switch for deleting from the servers.
  18. Best best email app.
    Meir Green
    Just one thing needs to be added (if possible), that's to be able to save attachments to Google Drive.
  19. Works great again
    Steve Ronsen
    Fast recovery, and an actual response. Good job
  20. Perfect, amazingly configurable, bought after 5 mins!
    Craig Veness
    Finally thought to look for a better email client then standard one that came with my Samsung Note 3. Compared K-9, Blue Mail, myMail and this. Am running 4 accounts from here with a single Smart Folder that does what I need it to do. Very happy new customer here :)


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