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Shari Jongbloed | Coördinator Property Manager

Samet Kaymak | Financial Controller SRE

Ferry van der Ent | Director Business Development

Paul Schüren | Process Developer

Reviews 4,806

  1. Sound off
    Rutger van Gennep
    This app is great, delivers what is promises and it is very accurate IMHO. Only thing that bothers me is the fact that I can't disable the sound for the app specifically. I have to turn off my system sounds to make it quiet. Why isn't there a settings tab where I can set a default notification to vibrate for example
  2. Not informative.
    Wyatt Wong
    Apart from the flight itinerary, it offers no other information.
  3. It's late
    Kees Jan Hermans
    Information about flights rarely makes it to my phone on time. I've got the feeling that either schiphol does this on purpose (to get you hoarded near the gate) or that they themselves simply don't know what's going on on their own premises. I've yet to had a message from this app that actually helped me. Mind you, I fly a little bit so try to make the experience as efficient as possible. This app doesn't help with that.
  4. Never used it...
    Simon Ellis
    Airport WiFi is so slow, it took too long download, so gave up and checked departure boards.
  5. Very good
    Pedro Baptista
    Practical and very well implemented. Essential for those that like me use Schiphol often
  6. Excellent
    Dubravka Savic
    All needed details about flights, as well as notifications! The other details are also very good. I love it ☺.
  7. Useless
    Tony Koesoema
    It has become an useless app on all of my devices. Doesn't load info anymore after requesting more details on flights arriving and departing. Fix it!!!!
  8. BUGS
    Php Dev
    Go checking the calendar if you want to have a look for a flight at a later date: it doesn't work. Stuck on Oct 18 1964 wow... the developer did a great job though!! Make sure the app works before making it available for the download. I'm happy l did not download your new useless update on all the devices of mine. People do not download this last update and stay with the old one.
  9. Incorrect information
    Wim Rijksen
    I can find flights leaving today and tomorrow but I'm flying the day after tomorrow. Trying to find my flight the app takes a lot of time, then says there is no internet connection, which is obviously not true. So I can't get push information for a flight leaving in 42 hours. Not very useful.
  10. Willem-Jan Boogerd
    Krijg na laatste update in eens weer oude versie te zien? Nieuwe versie terug gedraaid?
  11. Doesn't work
    Ioannis Panagiotopoulos
    Only black screen after the splash screen
  12. Server is too slow
    John van der Linde
    Needed to find the terminal while in the car and it was easier and faster to follow the signs. Other information is good if you time to wait.
  13. Amazing app.
    Essam H
    Im from iraq and i love it this app because its helpe me at all times in the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and I work in iraqi ministry of transportation and I hope to have the same this app in my country (Iraq) in Baghdad Airlines.
  14. Practical app
    Kiaco m
    Use the push info, its handy before going to the airport
  15. Good
    Ink Wijn
    Would be even better if there was a lock screen widget to show notifications. Then it would be 5 stars
  16. Usefull
    Robert Terlaak
    Good information for gate and walking time. Push notifications good. Coupon for discounts ok. Nice layout. Good app.
  17. Crashes when network is gone
    Bart-Jan Vrielink
    Application force closes when network is gone. Schiphol's own Wi-Fi only works for 30 minutes at a time. Design flaw?
  18. shutdown
    why shutdown again and again, for my phone NEXUS 4??? why
  19. Airport map
    Gary Price
    How about being able to zoom in more on the airport arrivals/departure maps. Too small currently on smart phone to view. Flight arrivals/departures needs to be simplified far too much information currently.
  20. Not working well...
    Nuno Rodrigues
    Always used the app without an account and so had a good flight history. Once I created an account all my flights were gone.. the old ones and the upcoming ones... :-( but still provides almost accurate information (refresh does not work in some cases). Tried once more... Flight does not even show...


What`s new

The shops and other points of interest on the map are now filtered and sorted based on your location and flight. This makes it even easier to find a cup of coffee, a sandwich or a new pair of sunglasses when you're at Schiphol.

On top of this new feature we fixed two issues:
- One where people encountered incorrect "can't connect to server" alerts.
- Another where a location permission popup would prevent you from saving a flight.


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