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Cisco Rendon | Founder at Infinite Dream Designs

Greater New York City Area |

Michael Samuels | Founder at Infinite Ministries

Aurora, Colorado |

Marcus Slabine | Director/Writer/Producer at Infinite Dreams

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Chadwin Minnaar | at

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Reviews 4,518

  1. penelope courtier
    I am already hopelessly addicted...this game is astonishing in every all of them and buy whatever their selling...bravo dev's...thank you!
  2. Has some bugs
    MojaveMike Esquire
    Physics are often just plain wrong in the basic knockdown game. Also in this game the lighting will suddenly start dimming making it hard to see what's happening. The bullseye targets will cover the score so you don't know what your score was at the end of the game. The flying ones will also be only partially on the screen making it impossible to hit the bullseye. All said, it's a good game.
  3. Hunter Bungay
    Good time killer while in line at Timmies.
  4. C.K.D 2
    Windi Primiadhi
    Fun & entertaining games, great job guys !!!
  5. Kuldeep Singh
    Fuckkk... Had played 3rd version... Thought 2nd will also b grt... So paid it ...BT there is nothing like to paid or play.. Its Hv to b free it advertising the 3rd version.. There shd b d levels to play... Bt unfortunately single games annoying...... Disappointed. ........ Although liked 1st n 3rd version....
  6. Fun, Challenging
    Gay Simpkins
    This is one of my favorite games. Even my 4yo grandson can play because the concept is easy, but challenging enough to keep u interested.
  7. Great app!
    David white
    I have had this app for several years and have never tired of it. Installing it on my new mega.
  8. I'm truly addicted!
    Glynda Morris-Jones
    CK 2 is double the fun of CK 1. I can't stop playing!!
  9. Can knockdown 2
    Martin Bentley
    Totally great game for the whole family to enjoy reminds me of the games at the fairground.go download now.just flick that finger and knock them down.
  10. Great sequel with New Play Modes
    Sachin Shekhar
    Loved new play modes.. Graphics of this game is one of the best in the industry!
  11. One of the best games on Google Play
    James Booher
    This game is one of the most multi-featured for Android. With a 'campaign' mode boasting hundreds of unique levels, a beat-the-clock mode incorporating moving cans and 5 power-ups, a Mode in which you hit targets with baseballs for points, as well as flying cans for extra time. And finally a surprisingly fun minigame in where you hit little running can-people. By far the best have on Google Play. And most importantly, it never gets old.
  12. Addicted!!
    Ginny Putano
    Can stop playing, great game, loads of fun!
  13. can knockdown 2
    björk surrounded
    one of the best games I've played to date, CKD 3 is epic too! and I love CKD 1.
  14. great game
    francisco camacho
    My wife is a beast at these games we love them
  15. Not long
    jose pacheco
    Its an ok game but not too much missions for it being a paid app.
  16. Want a Refund
    Toni Rafter
    I have Can knockdown 1n 3, this is ridiculous only challenge is beating previous score, no levels....NOT HAPPY want my .99¢ back.
  17. A Lot Of Fun !!!!!!!!
    john umstead
    Man this game is soooooo much fun
  18. Love it
    C dubb
    Fun to play after all this time!
  19. Awesome!!
    Shayne Hall
    robert nicoll avatar image
    robert nicoll March 15, 2014
    Brilliant game to play.
  20. Really?
    Derek Hofmann
    This had definitely been one of my favorite games and I was excited for the new achievements, but all I get now is messages saying Play Services have stopped right when I open the app. What's the point? Ready to uninstall...


What`s new

* Improved game stability and performance,
* Native support for x86 devices.

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