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Cisco Rendon | Founder at Infinite Dream Designs

Greater New York City Area |

Michael Samuels | Founder at Infinite Ministries

Aurora, Colorado |

Marcus Slabine | Director/Writer/Producer at Infinite Dreams

Greater New York City Area |

Chadwin Minnaar | at

Johannesburg Area, South Africa |

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  1. At least there are no IAP
    Brian Hockenmaier
    I bought this game because it didn't have in app purchases. I would be one of my favorite android games if it weren't for all the random elements that take the fun out of it. There are multiple paths for the enemies to go down, and they are chosen at random making this a guessing and memorization game. Sometimes there are thick paths and the enemies will walk on random sides of it, rendering your carefully chosen tower locations useless for no good reason. Oh well.
  2. Fighting Heroe
    schizophre nick
    Pls add some Hero who can fight the monsters for a period of time..
  3. Андрей Соколов
    This game is really amazing. You just have to play it.
  4. Great game.
    Anne Appler
    Awesome graphics and fun to play. Definitely recommend.
  5. Excellent
    Ian Saint
    I've had this game for a few years now and it's still one of the best tower games out there.
  6. Yeah!!
    Stephen Allen
    I've beat this game meny times but find myself starting over and over again!!!!!
  7. ---~~~* A Mataeus Review *~~~---
    Mat Cooper
    A great TD game with a cute vibe and fun animations. The music and effects are wonderful. The game is HARD, however! Finding an ideal tower combo and building it at the right time to get those perfect scores gets your thinking cap on, and as such this is a tower defense game where strategy and timing are all important - there are no cheap heroes or power moves here, you have to work at your victory, and it's all the better for it!
  8. One of the best
    Katie Rose
    This is one of the best games on android. The game play is challenging; it's not an easy game. ( I have no idea what some of these other reviewers are complaining about.) I've played this game for months and I'd gladly pay for more levels or a Jelly Defense 2. I like that there are many female characters, without patronizing or stereotypes. I've never had crashing problems. The music and graphics are wonderful.
  9. G+ solved
    Károly Stollár
    Thank you for the new update. The game is starting now normally and the progress is saved fine to the cloud.
  10. Great App
    Matt Arnesen
    This is a very fun app. Great game play. Love the colors. Like that it is a little different than other TD games. Also need to mention the great customer service! I had an issue with it not working on one of my tablets. I emailed the developer and they had a fix within 2 weeks of sending the email. Working great now on all my devices. Also love that with the update they added saving game progress to the cloud.
  11. Worst $3 I ever spent!
    anthony anderson
    I would of rather bought a bum a 40 at 7/11 for $3!!!!! Terrible game!!! Not quite as bad as candy crush but if you strive for perfection and want to keep all 10 gems on every level this is not the game for you. There is no consistency in the game play. Granted the aliens attack the same way everytime, but I have recorded myself playing certain level and made the exact same defensive set up within a second or 2 of each other and the results are never the same!
  12. No IAP! Fantastic game!
    Ryan Moody
    This is a very well designed tower defense game that's only made better by the LACK of IAP! This is the way games were meant to be played. You pay once and all of the game is available to you. No pay walls, no time delays, just pure unadulterated fun. I'd buy it twice if I could, just to show my support.
  13. Jelly love
    Richard Savill
    I always come back to Jelly Defence! Been playing this on and off for years.
  14. Fun, then boom - too hard
    Robert Ralls
    Cruising along getting 10 stars every map after some work, then Frosting Immensity. Repeatedly watched video of someone beating it. Still can't get even one star. Ridiculous. Rage-quitting.
  15. Crashes when signing into G+
    John Schmid
    The title says it all. HTC One M8 with Lollipop.
  16. Great game
    Grey Tilley
    Had this game forever and reinstalled it today. Lots of bugs have been fixed. As always, the game is fun and challenging! Worth every penny.
  17. Lasse Elsbak
    Can't find an option to turn off game sound. Otherwise a great game
  18. Thank you
    Weerasak Kosem
    For store game progress in the cloud.
  19. Wonderful Game
    Mandey Tara
    Game play is challenging and the graphics are purely fun. LOVE THIS GAME!
  20. BeAwesome
    Michelle Rivas
    Just epically awesome ;) what Mat Cooper said


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