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Cisco Rendon | Founder at Infinite Dream Designs

Greater New York City Area |

Michael Samuels | Founder at Infinite Ministries

Aurora, Colorado |

Marcus Slabine | Director/Writer/Producer at Infinite Dreams

Greater New York City Area |

Chadwin Minnaar | at

Johannesburg Area, South Africa |

Reviews 435,895

  1. Best top down shooter
    Andrew Pierson
    The only thing I could wish for in the game, is more levels. I also wish I got the upgrade cards when I still had upgrades to do.
  2. Great game
    Shawn B
    This game is so fun and has lots of upgrades that are easily obtained with a few rounds on level 3 on the hardest setting. ALSO I HIGHLY SUGGEST A 0.99$ CENT PURCHASE ON DOUBLE STARS!! TOTALY A STEAL AT THAT PRICE!!
  3. Retro!
    Zeeshan Yousafzai
    A great game, gameplay seems slow at first but wait till you upgrade your ship just a little bit and the game becomes explosive!
  4. SUPERB!
    Feras Italia Al Balushi
    Smooth with many weapon and defensive upgraded to be added. Four different difficulties. Forth will be available once winning level 8 boss!
  5. Currently my favorite mobile game!
    Krasimir Ivanov
    Gameplay, music and visuals... What else do you want? Oh, no bugs and playing without paying! Maybe the progress is a bit slow, but I don't really mind repeating levels!
  6. Great game
    Cory Stancavage
    I love that the in app purchases are cheap and effective. Doubling the stars is a must if you plan to get deep in to it. I wish they'd include a 3x stars also, Bc the upgrades take forever. Maybe add other ship parts that change to different ammo (spread shot, charged ball, lightning, etc). The game play is catchy and I love having upgrades. That's a must. No bugs so far... and the controls are very smooth. Overall I like this game much more than others in this category. My fav waiting room time killer.
  7. As close to gradius or r-type as you're going to get on a mobile device.
    TubeO Laughes
    Genuine challenge. A great range of useful powerups and upgrade system. And a very balanced "coin" system that actually makes you feel like purchasing stars just for real personal convenience than a forced pay to win system. Easily one of the best games on the play store. If you are a SHMUP fan pick this one up. It's very worth it.
  8. Fantastic shoot em up
    Janne Hämäläinen
    Very very well done vertically scrolling shoot 'em up game. Has all the excitement as those legendary 80s games with incredible graphics and smooth animations.
  9. Avast says this gave me a Trojan
    Blake Richards
    This is one of my favorite games on the app store i seriously love this game, but after the last update my avast antivirus says this game is malware and gave me a trojan. I hope this is a mistake and can be fixed
  10. Great game
    Nick Socha
    Awesome game and reasonable ads so wanted to support so purchased an item from the store but didn't receive it and restore purchases does nothing. Lame
  11. Samsung Galaxy Note III
    Stace Elkin
    Good game but annoying because everything is too small on Note 3, last update crashed my note 3 ui and had to r3start note. ALSO APP KEEPS MOVING TO EXT SD ON UPDATE, STOP THAT PLEASE OR I WILL UNINSTAL AND LEAVE BAD REVIEW! I don't want apps on ext sd because it causes issues on 4.4. Sick repeating myself, don't devs listen to the players
  12. I was looking for a game like this
    dilan shone
    Simple, yet elegant... Awesome HD graphics. superb gameplay. I spend hours on this thing and i recommend this and I'm sure you will be hooked during the first few minutes in.. Enjoy
  13. Best arcade game I've played on a phone.
    jonathan abdou
    Amazing graphics and very challenging gameplay. Only downside is it gets repetitive and there's no major reason to try and get your friends to play besides high-score competition. Wish there was a co-op feature of some sorts. Still a very addictive game.
  14. Awesome game
    Nick Ducklinsky
    Fun and challenging, wish the enemy fire was a little more visible and the clouds get in the way no matter which option u choose and if u could pick your planes color would be cool.
  15. Great fun
    Eivind Hansen
    Fantastic graphics, simple but quite challenging gameplay, good replayability. Definitely a must play.
  16. Great game
    carl lawrence
    Would give 5 stars if I could access it on 2 devices. Have got some progress on my second device but don't want to have to grind through the levels again.
  17. Time consuming
    Peter Larson
    The upgrades are too expensive. Especially the wing guns. It takes hours to upgrade enough to beat the next level. It doesn't flow at all, you are stuck at one point forever until you upgrade your plane. The quests help some but there are not enough I finished one quickly and the next quest isn't for a few days :( .but the graphics are wonderful and it runs smoothly. I am having trouble with all the permissions. I know this app isn't bad but avast thinks so and reports it! Lessen the permissions please.
  18. Damien O'Brien
    Was expecting hardcore SHUMP game, but instead got a wonderful, creative and beautiful table top shooter instead. Not even disappointed. This game is worth the money and your time. I would like to see an Arcade mode, where it adds more enemies, fully upgraded ships and longer levels to give us a bullet hell! experience. I would like to see a slider to reduce the delay when controlling your ship as-well. All in All 4/5 Stars
  19. ash jones
    I loved playing the game until Avast! virus scanner kept flagging this as being infected with a Trojan - Android: Agent - IPL [Trj]. Basically the dev can access your Identity, deets and other sensitive info phone info. I'm playing it safe and deleting app.
  20. Sky Force
    Ali Hasnain
    Very good game really graphics are owesome. But problem is i am stuck on level 5 the EMP generated by submarine i cannot do anything for it it is annoying me very much any one having some idea how to deal with it please let me know. Thanks


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